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Posted July 7, 2017: A new "Unsilent Truth" column by Ronn Neff.

Posted July 21, 2017.

Remaking. There are actually people who think it would be cool if the next "James Bond" is played by a woman. I assume that she'd be called "Jane Bond." Taking the bait, others have suggested a gay James Bond.

I think they're great ideas. And they have inspired me to offer my own ideas to Hollywood. With any luck, I'll even collect some money if one of them is used.

How about a white female in the lead role of the remake of "Gandhi"? She can be called "Candi."

Or maybe an all-white cast in a remake of "Roots."

How about a gay remake of "The Queen and I"?

Or a gay white female impersonator in the lead for "Miss Saigon"?

Or a remake of "South Pacific" in which the universally hated Lieutenant Cable is played by a black rapper who calls Liat a bitch?

They're all swell ideas, and I know TLD readers can do even better.

The idea of course is that lefties always take existing institutions and change them into something they were never intended to be. (Just look at the Episcopal Church.) It's a lesson-in-action of the Randian insight that evil is incapable of creation, and can only destroy. [Ronn Neff]  Ω

Posted July 19, 2017.

Are we to be spared nothing? I've noted before that the elites despise ordinary Americans, especially ordinary white Americans. It's the kind of class hatred and prejudice that calls to mind the stereotypes of the old Russian or French aristocracies' arrogant disdain for the peasant. I think part of the reason is that Middle Americans don't fit the elites' notion of what the workers and peasants should be: oppressed, downtrodden, and looking to their betters for support and guidance. Instead, they tend to be too independent and ornery, with ideas of their own about how to live, what to drive, what to think, etc. That many of them still cling to religion and guns, as a contemptuous former Emperor put it, only makes it worse.

So, what's to be done? Well, besides destroying their capacity for critical thinking through the public day-prison system for children, one can destroy whatever small towns and neighborhoods that remain as cohesive communities. The first effective attempt at this was apparently the forced integration of the Boston public "schools" in South Boston, beginning in 1974. South Boston was just the kind of community that sticks in the craw of the Progressives: lower working class, ethnically homogeneous, with a strong sense of community. The fact that they resented having their children forced across town to associate with violent blacks just proved that they were racists who deserved to be forced to accept it.

Since then the forced introduction of aliens into communities has become a favored weapon of the elites against the white masses. Inviting people from south of the border not only dilutes and negates native culture, it provides cheap domestic help to the elites. The problem is that Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Guatemalans stay away from some places for one reason or another.

So the answer is to parachute the aliens in: "Romanian immigrants are 'defecating in the streets and cutting off the heads of chickens,' complain outraged residents of a Pennsylvania town," by Daniel Roth, Daily Mail, July 14, 2017.

Of course, these aren't really ethnic Romanians. They're Gypsies, who seem to be proliferating in Trantor, also. I kicked one out of a McDonald's a few months ago when he tried to run a scam on Ronn Neff and me. Apparently Romanian Gypsies are really bad news: primitive, uncivilized, and vicious. But it's okay, because:

According to borough administrator Dr. Richard Martin, they are part of a program called Alternative to Detention set up by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Part of the program is to give local residents orientation "about who these folks (the Romanian immigrants) are, why they're here," said Martin.

"Basically, we need to come together as a community and work through the issues," he added.

You need to "work through the issues" because you have no say about who gets foisted on you as your neighbor. Especially someone who has been introduced into your community as an "alternative to detention." And, of course, it goes without saying that if you complain about it, you're a racist.

It also goes without saying that the people who perpetrated this outrage will never have to deal with feral aliens introduced into their own neighborhoods. No, such blessings are only for those without power and influence. [David T. Wright]  Ω

Posted July 18, 2017.

Post hoc ergo propter hoc? We can't tell for sure just how effective the TLD Prayer Group's efforts with respect to Senator McCain have been. We do know that "Prayerful wishes for John McCain" was published before his recent visit to the hospital.

Moreover ... it must be admitted that no libertarian, non-violent strategy has ever yielded such suggestive results in so short a time. We can repeat what liberals often say in a case like this: There's more to be done.

Pray on, my friends! Pray on! [Paul LeMoyne]  Ω

Posted July 9, 2017.

Your representatives at work. In the House of Representatives, a suspension bill is one that the leadership considers so uncontroversial that it by-passes normal rules and procedures, which are suspended. From Cato's Letter (a publication of the Cato Institute), Fall 2016, Rep. Justin Amash writing:

"House leaders often pass suspension bills with only a few members present. [They] typically voice vote suspension bills [on the first voting day of the week] in the late afternoon before most members are even back in town. How do they do that without a quorum? Well, if no one is on the floor to object to the lack of quorum, they simply ignore the quorum requirement!"

Keep in mind: the leaders know that they do not have a quorum, which means that they know that what they are doing is illegal, but they pretend that they may take this vote merely because no one objects. Why do they need an objection if they know there is no quorum?

I find myself wondering: When did all you constitutionalists consent to be represented in that way? [Ronn Neff]  Ω

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