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Big new essay by Ronn Neff posted October 17, 2017!
Posted October 5, 2017.

The true face of the State. Emma Goldman, the American anarcho-communist who lived around the turn of the last century, once remarked famously, "If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." Recent events in Spain show that she was exactly right.

Many of the people of Catalonia, a province in Spain, do not want to be a part of that country. They want to be independent. So the provincial government decided to hold a referendum, to let the people vote on whether Catalonia should be independent or not.

That's Democracy, right? The People vote, and their voice is heard?

Well, no. The central government of Spain declared that the vote could not be held. It was "unconstitutional" because they had not given permission for it. Think about that for a minute. A "democracy" that doesn't allow people to vote!

The Spanish king explained why in almost perfect Orwellian terms:

"All this means is that they [the Catalan regime] have attempted to appropriate the historical institutions of Catalonia and these authorities in a clear and definitive way and they have put themselves outside the rule of law and democracy.

"They have tried to break the unity of Spain and national sovereignty which is the right of all the Spanish people to decide democratically."

So, Catalans can't vote democratically to be independent unless the rest of Spain allows them. That's Democracy.

When the Catalan regime went ahead and held the referendum on October 1, the Spanish authorities did what the State always does when faced with a threat to its power: it used force to try to shut it down. They bused in Guardia Civil thugs from other parts of Spain. The Guardia are Spain's version of France's Gendarmes and Italy's Carabinieri: militarized cops.

Here is the real face behind the mask of the benevolent modern "democracy."

More than 900 people were injured by the brutal riot cops, who fired rubber bullets at peaceful would-be voters, stomped them, and beat them with yard-long billy clubs.

The enthusiastic brutality of the Spanish police against law-abiding civilians contrasts starkly with the lackadaisical treatment by the French Gendarmes of the thousands of Third World invaders still infesting Calais. It's almost as if both forces were concerned with something other than keeping peace and order. [David T. Wright]  Ω

American collectivism runs deep. Interviewed October 5 on Fox News about Donald Trump's visit to Las Vegas, Mike Huckabee stated that the president represents all of us, and more than that: he is the repository of all our feelings, which he is carrying with him.

Strikes me as not just a collectivistic sentiment but one verging on the theological.

Are those activities enumerated in the Constitution among the president's duties? Joe Sobran might have something to say about that, if he were still with us.

In any case, I can't remember communicating my feelings to Mr. Trump, or telling Mr. Huckabee anything about whom I might have assigned to carry them various places.

Imperial presidency? This goes well beyond that. [Nicholas Strakon]  Ω

Independence NOW for oppressed colonial Puerto Rico! [NS]  Ω

Posted September 30, 2017.

This should scare the hell out of everyone. You may be familiar with the ridiculous rent-seeking by Boeing in getting a 220 percent tariff imposed on Bombardier airliners. Because Bombardier (based in Canada) is being "subsidized." As if Boeing itself were not getting massive subsidies from the United State. I ask you.

Anyway, here's the scary part. Apparently Boeing can "turn off" the aircraft it sells to you. That has raised the possibility that Boeing might "brick" the military helicopters it has sold to Britain if Britain, which has a Bombardier factory in Ulster, retaliates against the tariff. The Daily Mail reports:

A former four-star officer told The Times: "Boeing owns the data. You buy the data.

"You rely on the original equipment manufacturer for the key to the data, servicing and upgrades. They can turn the fleet off."

The Ministry of Defence is planning on purchasing 50 Apache AH-64E helicopters and nine P-8 maritime patrol aircraft — which are built by Boeing — from the US government.

The department already uses around 60 Chinook helicopters.

Okay, so what if a bunch of British military helicopters don't fly? What's it to me? Well, one possibility it raises is that hostile hackers could ground an entire air force, which is interesting and actually rather appealing. [Continued.]

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