Thinking Out Loud
That our eyesight is so limited that we cannot with our eyes alone see the bacteria and germs that surround us is surely evidence of God’s mercy toward us.
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Suppose I ask you what 11 x 12 equals, and you say to me, "123." I then ask you, "Do you believe that?" You think a moment, and you answer, "Yes." Even though you are wrong, I shall be inclined to believe that you believe it.

Now suppose I ask a computer what 11 x 12 equals, and it gives me "123." Does it make sense for me to ask it, "Do you believe that?" And if I ask it, and it gives me the answer, "Yes," does it believe it? Does it believe anything? Can any AI object believe at all?
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I was asked what I think of the current pontiff. I can reply only that apparently it has pleased God that for a short time in the 21st century his Church should be ruled by a fool, a fool, moreover, who cannot claim the distinction of being the first, and probably not that of being the last. Perhaps we may harbor the hope of Wagner’s Knights of the Holy Grail: “Durch Mitleid wissend, der reine Tor.”
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