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Editor's note

Though I think it is important that letters to the editor normally be cast in the third person, in order to preserve at least the appearance of civil discourse, I am letting the first one here (dated October 6, 2004) run in its original second person, mostly because correcting it would ruin its tone.

Nicholas Strakon

To the editor ...

Mr. Gilgert Poynter Blythe,

in response to your online article "We Are All Jews Now" which is poorly excused closet anti-Semitism and pro-Islamic terrorist apologia at best, you apparently need a brief history lesson in light of the citings you put forth in your attempt to justify anti-Semitism and anti-American views. You claim that the U.S. is wrong to support Israel and doing so is asking for Islamic backlash and terrorism. You also claim anti-Semitism from Gentiles is the result of Jewish clannishness and shrewd business practices whereby Gentiles were often victimised and cheated by the Jews. That opinion assumes that all Gentiles are victims of Jewry in some way. Nothing could be further from the truth. If your article is the result of being ignorant of history, I hope you will be edified in the following enlightment so you do not make the same errors in the future.

Fact 1: The nation of Israel did not cause anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism has been prolific since the time of Moses 5,000 years ago when the Hebrews, travel- weary during their Exodus, were attacked without provocation from an evil, nomadic tribe known as the Amalekites, long before there was a nation of Israel. The nation of Israel was also not around when Hitler and his Nazi regime began their invasions of neighboring European countries and implemented pogroms against all European Jews, resulting in what is now known as the Holocaust. During Hitler's pogrom which began in 1933, Jews were dispossessed of their money, property. and the right to participate in any level in society. They were not forced to sit in the back of buses — they were denied the right to even use the bus! Nazi sympathisers benefited from the stolen property of the Jews, which they (Nazi supporters) did not earn in any fair or free enterprise. After depriving the Jews of any and all human rights, including citizenship, the Nazis targeted them for annihilation — long after they benefited from their ill-begotten stolen wealth and blood money.

Fact 2: Jewish clannishness and alleged despising of their Gentile neighbors enacted through unfair business practices since the middle ages in Europe is a fallacy. The Jews were socially and economically segregated by their Gentile host countries. Jews were denied admittance to guilds and most professions, except for agriculture and money-lending. They were socially shunned by their Gentile neighbors. Thus, the Jews found little comraderie or support in the larger Gentile communities. If the Jews were sharp ruthless business people, which is desputable since many Gentile businesses and fuedal systems were more ruthless and greedy, it was out of necessity caused by the social and economic restrictions placed on them by the Gentiles and in order for the Jews to survive, they had to excel in the few professions that admitted them.

Fact 3: Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. Arab countries that are Moslem theocracies and totalitarian dictatorships have a long history for having little regard for human life, let alone human rights. They also have a long record for enacting jihads against infidels when invading eastern European countries in their Islamic land grab. Countries under Islamic rule do not allow anyone to be openly Jewish, Christian or other. They also have the worst world record in their inhumane treatment and abuse of women who enjoy less rights and endure worse treatment and health conditions than the livestock. There are no freedoms and liberties there. Civilized reasoning is beyond nations that harbor Islamic terrorists like Iraq, who seek to get their way by shocking and terrorizing the rest of the world with their publicized torture and beheadings of helpless civillians who volunteered their time at the cost of their lives to help these monsters rebuild their infrastructure in their country.

Please get your facts straight before publishing anti-Semitic and anti-American apologia. All the oil in the Moslem world is not worth pandering to monsters. If we invest in alternate technology and alternate fuel power, we won't need their oil anyway. And lastly, no I am not Jewish. I am an American Gentile who values democracy and human rights, and as such, supports Israel's right to defend her citizens and democracy amidst the sea of insanity and terrorism. But be aware that some of my best friends are Jewish and I will defend them from the likes of Hitler's Nazis, Yasser Arafat, and bigots like you.

Jacqueline Homan
October 6, 2004

No, no. Mr. Blythe should say: "We are all Zionists now," please. Zionists are, of course, the "Jews" who have maintained for one hundred years that they represent and protect all Jews everywhere. They speak for all Jews too. They can do that because they control the agenda of what is known as "mainstream" American media. That's what millions of Americans watch every night to have their brains washed. (Goebbels never had it so good. He may have learned his craft from them!) Zionists have also managed to take over Congress in recent decades (say, the last five). They have arranged for American taxpayers to pay for their amusement park in Palestine. Zionists have managed to make their one and only creation, "anti-Semitism," today's only unquestionable doctrine. "Anti-Semitism" permits their crime wave to go unchallenged, even unnoticed. Having taken over Judaism, Zionists have now taken over the United States with the election of George W. Bush. (His brain only required a light rinse. It didn't need to go through the full wash cycle.) There are Jews who speak out against Zionism, lots of them. But they are a silent majority. We never get to hear a word they say: They are not billionaires; their synagogues are not plated in gold; somebody else speaks for them. Now somebody else speaks for us! If you say Zionists are Jews, you concede the game to Zionists. They do not need your help. Don't give it to them.

Morley Evans
October 21, 2003

Mr. Blythe's article is well-reasoned and well-presented. The point that the Arabs hate the "occupation by foreigners, ruled by infidels, daily humiliation, and the steady stream of Iraqi casualties" deserves serious consideration and discussion. Also deserving of attention is his point that "Jews have been disliked because of their clannishness, contempt for non-Jews, disrespect for national institutions, disloyalty, sharp business practices, and many other things people do not like." I wonder whether Mr. Blythe could be more specific about those criticisms. The points need full discussion and consideration if we are to take seriously his argument that America is becoming like the Jews. In Mr. Blythe's opinion, is America disliked because it shares the traits that Jews have been disliked for or because America is acting unilaterally and supports Israel in the bargain?

Elizabeth Ornstein
October 28, 2003

Mr. Blythe's article is full of lies and prejudice. He states that there was "persistent hostility" by ancient Greeks against Jews. That is an absolute lie. The Jews and Greeks had good relations. Then the author states the same thing about the Romans. It is true that the Jews fought the Romans for independence in their land of Israel. But prior to those wars of independence there was not persistent hostility between the two peoples.

The outrageous statements that Jews display disrespect for national institutions, disloyalty, and contempt for non-Jews is sickening. The Jews are obligated to follow the laws of the land. They are invariably loyal to their countries. The Jewish religion is far more tolerant of other religions than Islam or Christianity. Any follower of another religion will get into heaven, according to Judaism, if they follow the Ten Commandments. Compare that with the Christian perspective! The non-Jewish world had restricted the Jews to certain occupations, hence the "sharp business practices" canard.

You should all be ashamed of the sickening racism you further with the garbage in this article. Blaming the victim is an old tool of the racists. We can see through you.

Steven Grimes
November 24, 2003

Nicholas Strakon comments

"We," eh?

November 28, 2003

It's all in the word: most Europeans are simply not anti-Semites. They are anti-Zionist, and that's what every mentally sane human being should be. Europe doesn't want to be insulted by a racist, fascist mob of war-mongering criminals; there is an axis of evil: draw a line from Washington to Tel Aviv. Greetings from Belgium, part of "Old Europe" and proud of it.

P. Ramaekers
November 24, 2003

Fine article by Mr. Blythe. When Bush floated the idea of invasion of Iraq, I could see only disaster. Aside from the truth of Mr. Blythe's analysis, I consider waging a war in the absence of palpable aggression against us as aggression itself.

A foreign policy that can simply decide to make war against other states whenever it wishes is a carte blanche for picking fights at any time. We all know that many, many places on the globe are menaced by strongmen, by internal chaos, by famine, and by unending strife. To have selected a target far from the worst of these places made no sense to me. I had heard with little plausible rebuttal that thousands of Iraqi children were dying because of our 1990s embargo. That should have created a moral swamp for us, but it didn't. Instead, we blamed our former ally. What business did we have making Saddam an ally? Shame. Of course I know we went into Iraq because Israel would be more secure without the monster of Baghdad in office.

Sudan, with strongman rule and a fairly well-documented history of slave trade, would on moral grounds have been a more worthy target for U.S. aggression. But it is in the middle of Africa and no immediate threat to our geopolitical interests. Please note, though, that just talking about grounds for aggression helps justify the administration's imperial arrogance. Sad was the day when the U.S. State began to fool with the battles and wars of distant countries. Because now most Americans probably do not know that there was a time (long ago, I admit) when we were disposed to mind our own business. Then came Woodrow Wilson and abstractions such as "Make the world safe for democracy."

The takeover of Palestine by Zionist guerrillas in 1946-48 opened a gaping hole in the moral consciousness of the West. Remember, Palestine was prostrate, a non-state, simply overlorded by the British. And their mandate was part of a secret deal to create spheres of influence with the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after the World War. I wager most Americans wonder why the Palestinians remain in constant, burning passion against the State of Israel. And yet their terror is matched day by day by the passive terror of putting innocent Israeli men, women and children into settlements on the West Bank. That is a prescription for perpetual conflagration, and our government — say what it will — supports it.

Bring the boys and girls home and wish the Sunnis, Shiites, and Iranians well.

What a mess.

Francis Lawrence
October 19, 2003;
posted November 28, 2003

Someday soon, the rath of God will fall upon you and those who support you. May your death be slow and painful.

Name withheld
December 15, 2003

Nicholas Strakon comments

Well, this changes everything! I don't think I've ever seen such an impressive, devastating, and concise refutation. (Forgive me for not saying just what it refutes.)

I must congratulate Mr. Blythe for his well written article. I however believe that his claim that we are all Jews now stems from less than adulatory feelings towards the Jews, and their practices which he enumerates for being the cause of the hatred has an undeniable smell. We are all Jews now because the values we cherish are the same that the Bible of the Jews has tried to propagate to the rest of the world, not by force but rather by the example. We are Jews today, and why not Christians, is because we finally realize that the source to which the Chuch lead the believers is nothing more than Judaism dressed in the emperor new clothes. Today we can see that after thousands of years of progroms and countless near annihilations attempts, the Jews are reborn from their ashes and in such short time they take back the place God Himself has placed them: at the head of nations. Not to do what those that hate us say we do, rather to be a living example of the greatness of God and His immense Powers. Why the Incas never recovered from their ashes, why the Greeks, the Romans, and the rest of the many great civilizations that adorn our museums walls, could never rebuild?I tend to believe it is because of the message they had for us. None have had the eternal message that the Bible of the Jews has. And without going too far I shall say that I rather think and believe like a Jew than any other man on earth.

Josef B. Zuares,
a Jew who knows why we are hated
February 5, 2005

Nicholas Strakon comments

Kudos to Mr. Zuares for standing up for the honor, dignity, and accomplishments of his people — even if some of his comments may strike us as less than adulatory about Christianity and Christendom. Less than adulatory is, after all, an evaluation that traditionally has been within the permissible range of public discourse.

I hope we Westerners of Christian heritage may be accorded the same kudos when we stand up for the honor, dignity, and accomplishments of our people and civilization. We may, of course, wish to be somewhat cautious in assuming that God has placed us at "the head of nations."

I hate to close on a critical note, but I find it disappointing that, though Mr. Zuares knows why Jews are hated, he fails to tell us.

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