An encounter with a reader
on war and empire


In April 2003 one of my observations in the "Stop and think" department — concerning the loss of the Iraqi antiquities on the Empire's watch, and the general barbarism of modern warfare in general — ignited a firestorm with one of our readers. It may be that I let the discussion grow beyond reasonable dimensions, but it did afford our TLD writers, and some friends of TLD as well, a chance to try and hammer home a few salient points.

Nicholas Strakon
April 30, 2003


Initial provocation
by Strakon
Our critic's
first blast
David T. Wright
Ronn Neff
Nicholas Strakon
Friends of TLD
Our critic replies
to David T. Wright
Mr. Wright replies Mr. Neff
comments again
Our critic replies
to Strakon again
Strakon replies
at length
Reader response
— next wave

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