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Anarchism vs. Limited Government: A Debate
R. A. Childs vs. Jeffrey St. John
(Audio Forum, November 1971)
This debate was part of the SIL Spring Conference of 1971 (March 13 and 14) held at the Columbia University Law School (NYC). The conference was sponsored by the Society for Individual Liberty, the New York Libertarian Association, and The Freedom Conspiracy (Columbia). Because of their age and because they were not recorded under studio conditions the following recordings do not exhibit the high quality Internet users have come to expect from modern on-line audio files.

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  • R. A. Childs vs. Jeffrey St. John: Anarchism vs. Limited Government, Part 1 (audio)


  • R. A. Childs vs. Jeffrey St. John: Anarchism vs. Limited Government, Part 2 (audio) 

November 16, 2015

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