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Special update notices for donors

In return for a donation of at least $20, I'll send you special notices via e-mail whenever I update the site.

The notices contain all the new "Stop and think" installments and upcoming-article promos. I also include direct links to the off-site articles of interest that I've added to our list, along with my commentary. In addition, I pass along any news about TLD or TLDers that I think is worth imparting and won't get us into trouble with the Secret Police. Of course donors also get the latest news about the posting of articles on our site.

After approximately one year I'll start wheedling you for a new donation of at least $20 to re-up.

If you are a donor but do not wish to receive the notices, or if you'd like me to send them to another e-address less exposed to snooping eyes, please tell me immediately.

When I was originally compiling the update list, I noticed that a pretty impressive proportion of all the people on my general e-mail list were donors of record. Excellent! But the thing is, the entire TLD list is just too small. We continue to labor in relative obscurity. If you are a donor, I implore you — as a TLD reader who has shown intense interest in our project — to aggressively try to recruit new visitors to our site. Tell them all the high-hat bosses and jumped-up authorities don't want them to visit. That ought to work. The URL to pass along is www.thornwalker.com/ditch — accompanied by a rave review, of course.

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