Letters from Sally Druthers



Miss Sally Druthers

We first made the acquaintance of Miss Sally Druthers back in the old days when TLD was a print publication. It took her a while to catch up with us on line, and we still don't hear from her often enough. I think you'll agree that our old friend has a unique way of looking at matters of moment.

We've been wondering and worrying for almost a year, but now all of us here at The Last Ditch Tower are breathing a sigh of relief! Yes, Nicholas Strakon, the big boss, has received a new missive from none other than our much-too-infrequent correspondent, Miss Druthers. And there's news! She is now working diligently in service to the national interest, the public good, the general welfare, and homeland security, and, you know, whatever else.

Strakon, of course, replies in his usual positive and encouraging manner.

"On the 'Daily lease' and rectifying the ministry's information about Strakon"

(June 21, 2018)

Splendid news! A fresh dispatch from Miss Druthers has dropped into our mailbox, wending its way to us from our old friend's mostly undisclosed location. Sally goes deep in this one — she's a deep thinker! — and, as always, Strakon strives to provide a meaningful and encouraging reply.

"The total workplace; plus the sun and the planets"

(July 28, 2017)

We've received another letter from our old friend Sally! She has developed a new interest, as only she can, and it has generated heaps and bushels of questions in her busy mind, as usual. This time she has elicited a response that is ... well ... perhaps "cautionary" is the right word:

"Questions about robots are permitted at present."

(February 21, 2017)

I was so excited! And relieved! We hadn't heard from TLD's very special friend since 2011, and we were all worried up here in the editorial suite, when lo and behold a new missive plopped into our inbox! As always, I have prepared a reply, striving to be helpful.

As you read the letter, you will see that, as a progressive activist — and, really, as a human being — Sally is more committed than ever before.

"A patient query: Where are the celebrities?"

(October 24, 2016)

Facing ever more life-challenges, Miss Druthers reports on what Strakon ventures to call "Holes, as it were, on the road to Fulfillmentville." The current troubles of the Post Office do not escape her eagle-eyed gaze and needle-sharp intellect. (December 12, 2011)

Miss Druthers expatiates upon the sheer brilliance of Mr. Obama in embarrassing the terrorist bombers in Africa. (July 17, 2010)

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