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October 3, 2016


Calais and the destruction of Western womanhood



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Traditionally, an important step in the subjugation of a nation has been the seduction and rape of its women, and the resulting humiliation and demoralization of their men. We see a modern example of that classic model in the behavior of ISIS in its conquered territories, where its warriors openly take the women of defeated enemies as their sex slaves. Another was 70 years ago: the Soviet mass rape of German women at the end of World War II.

Our own conquerors, however, are a little more subtle. They are not a foreign army; they are our own ruling elites. And instead of using force, they have used indoctrination to persuade Western women to collaborate in their own debasement. I need hardly give examples: the evidence is all around you in the popular culture.

Even so, it was a bit of a shock to learn that female "charity volunteers" are going from Britain over to Calais to copulate with the Muslim invaders camped out in the "refugee jungles" there.

The existence of those "jungles" has to be perplexing to anyone who believes that governments exist to maintain order. The French regime allows a huge crowd of "refugees," most of whom aren't anything of the sort, and almost all of whom are young men, to just camp out while they try to stow away on trucks headed for the Channel Tunnel and Britain, where liberal "benefits" await. They besiege truckers, attack them, throw rocks at them. The French cops seem unable to control them, and the regime does nothing to move them elsewhere.

I can't imagine their allowing anything like that when I was there in the 1970s. French police, especially the gendarmes, were tough then: you didn't mess with them, because they had an air of barely restrained violence. Being beaten up in a police barracks was considered par for the course if one was arrested. And a "refugee jungle" simply wouldn't have been tolerated. Hell, they didn't tolerate scruffy young tourists who didn't toe the line.

Of course, back then Calais was a sleepy little town, too.

Meanwhile, in Britain, a bunch of Somalis are on trial in yet another case of Muslims sexually abusing underage English girls. And the travails of German and Swedish women and children terrorized and raped by Muslim immigrants are also well known, as is the indifference of their rulers to their suffering. Given that this has become a cliché, it seems clear that coitus with swarthy half-wild foreigners in a squalid camp is often some kind of rape-fantasy fulfillment for depraved Western women — which nowadays means most Western women.

How did we get to such a pass?

Middle-class attitudes about morality, especially their adherence to the precepts of Christianity, put a crimp in the ambitions of those who seek absolute rule. Along with the traditions of individuality and self-responsibility — especially strong in the United States and Britain — they informed a people who were not docile enough to be ruled easily.

In Britain, the rise of a middle class that valued morality and order resulted in the reform of the aristocracy (and royalty) from open depravity to at least a pose as paragons of rectitude. Thus the Industrial Revolution, one of the greatest social upheavals in history, resulted in the uptight and repressive Victorian era, if you accept the interpretation of our social betters. Another way of looking at it is that middle-class morality tied with new political power prevented the ruling classes from ruling the way they wished.

Thus, it was inevitable that numerous "scientific thinkers" looked for ways to destroy those troublesome traditions. At the turn of the last century, John Childs and John Dewey, part of a cabal of progressive American social engineers, saw those traditions to be barriers to a new managerial state. "[We] reject completely the hypothesis of choice. We consider the traditional doctrine of 'free-will' to be both intellectually untenable and practically undesirable," said Childs. A new state-run system of day prisons for children was the answer, and Dewey, with the help of "progressives," technocrats, and the elites, convinced the state and national regimes to implement it: the modern "education system."

Similar reformers did similar work in other Western countries. Their tools, like those of the Deweyites, were usually stealth and deception, hidden behind a façade of "science" and disinterested public service. Their achievements, assisted by thoroughly corrupt popular media, are now bearing fruit in populations that are in large part incapable of critical thinking, have little to no sense of responsibility, and live from one moment to the next thinking only about satisfying their current wants. In other words, they are much easier to lead than their ancestors, and have fewer resources to resist tyranny. We have, in effect, collaborated in our own subjugation.

And for our rulers, sexual abuse of Western women by Muslims is a feature, not a bug. Ω

October 3, 2016

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