Duke O. Erle is the nom de plume of an Indianapolis-area writer and observer. He was one of the original contributing editors of the print version of TLD, and his cutting wit and unfailing perspicacity were long missed here in our electronic incarnation. Though he is no longer an active TLD writer (as of 2004), he wrote some pieces for us in 2002, and they deserve to remain on the site forever.


• Mr. Erle declares that "we are already in the age of the TeePees," and he's not talking about a recrudescence of Red Indian residential design: "Philadelphia story." (September 19, 2002)

• Mr. Erle has lovingly come up with "Ten reasons to hate TLD" — or, in Orwellian terms, the "Ten Reasons Hate." You may want to clip this one and carry it around. Many of the reasons no doubt apply to you, too. This is also an entry in our Department of Hate. (August 26)

• What are the prospects for an American network of Stasi-like informers? Mr. Erle thinks it over and decides that at Duke's Diner, there will be "No TIPS accepted." (August 23)

• Mr. Erle and his company are developing some advanced new products designed to Keep Us All Safe from the Wicked Ayrabs, and here's a preview: "Lock me up, Scottie!" (August 23)

• This article marked Erle's return to TLD, and that made us all happy, though his conclusions were downright scary: "Step right up — your stealth national ID card is waiting." (August 16, 2002)