Guest articles by Samuel Francis (1947-2005)

Dr. Samuel Francis was a nationally syndicated columnist whose writings we were delighted and honored to be able to post here.

The five columns from March and April 2003 were posted by permission of Dr. Francis and at his invitation. They are © 2003 Creators Syndicate.

Critically ill from an aneurysm, our friend Sam died February 15, 2005. Sarah Knox Taylor, who attended Sam's funeral, penned an eloquent and moving tribute for TLD:

"Death of a pilgrim"

As of July 2005, Sam's Website was still posted, at www.samfrancis.net. It contained a tribute by Jerry Woodruff, editor of Middle American News, as well as links to other tributes and links to some of Sam's writings.

Comments on a letter from a TLD reader treating matters of race.
   Posted December 3, 2003.

April 15, 2003"What did the war accomplish?"
   Posted April 15, 2003.

April 1, 2003"War's realities shatter lies and illusions"
   Posted April 5, 2003.

March 28, 2003"Phony conservatives wage war on the real ones"
   Posted April 5, 2003.

March 21, 2003"Neo-cons seek to start 'World War IV'"
   Posted April 5, 2003.

March 18, 2003"The crimes of Jim Moran"
   Posted April 5, 2003.