The Department of Hate

Now that The Last Ditch has been listed as a "hate group," I thought it was appropriate to establish a Hate Department on the site. As you see, we have already begun receiving comments from readers; I hope they keep coming in: Strakon, here's what I think. Naturally, I also urge all TLD writers to chime in.

Nicholas Strakon
Editor-in-chief, TLD
August 25, 2002


• Whatever one can say about the Thought Police and their cheerblock, it's hard to call them a loving and charitable bunch, as Andy Nowicki recognizes in his latest unapologetic venture into crimethink: "The hate experts." Posted June 24, 2006.

• In this installment of "Notes from Underground" Andy Nowicki recounts some ugly experiences in the blogosphere involving what I think of as one of our era's defining habits of mind: "Thrice banished, twice shy." The tale is disturbing — but funny withal. (February 3, 2006)

• Dr. Stephen J. Sniegoski's one-way trip to Guantanamo may be postponed, at least as far as South African authorities are concerned, for he has been "Absolved of crimethink!" (And even promoted to "Professor" in the bargain.) (December 29, 2003)

• Let's call this the "P.C. libertarian" package:

Henry Gallagher Fields: "P.C. libertarianism and the Jewish taboo." (August 28)

Letters to the editor on Fields's piece, beginning with an important one from TLD's senior editor and including an exchange between Fields and a Mr. John Kent.

Fields: "Anti-Semitism, truth, and skepticism," a response to another reader's concerns. (September 19)

• An anonymous caller has phoned Ronn Neff at home to impart a peculiar characterization or two, along with some travel advice, and we've posted the transcript along with some commentary by both Mr. Neff and Nicholas Strakon: "Brave men." (April 7)

• Some time ago a reader took us to task for loving and defending the white West. Nicholas Strakon and David T. Wright have elected to reply. Here is that exchange, posted March 24.

• A reader accuses Dr. Stephen Sniegoski of committing hate speech. Here's their exchange. (March 19, 2003)

• A visitor to TLD declines to donate to The Cause after spotting our link to the Institute for Historical Review, and commentary ensues from both Henry Gallagher Fields and Nicholas Strakon. (September 2, 2002; updated September 5, 2002.)

• Duke O. Erle has lovingly come up with "Ten reasons to hate TLD" — or, in Orwellian terms, the "Ten Reasons Hate." You may want to clip this one and carry it around. Many of the reasons no doubt apply to you, too. (August 26)

Comment from readers on the hatefulness of TLD. (August 26)

An exchange of correspondence with the generator of the hate smear. (August 25)

• Strakon announces that TLD has been designated a "hate group." (August 17, 2002)

• Strakon responds to instructions from the Party in "The Libertarian Party: New frontiers in free expression." (December 3, 2001)