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Editor's note

All of our writings about Walter Karp from Whole Number 13 of The Last Ditch (May 3, 1996) have now been posted. And it's about time.

The issue was devoted to answering the question, "Who was Walter Karp?" Thanks to the workings of our informal Ministry of Truth, sedulous and remorseless, the man and his achievements have slipped into utter obscurity, and most of our countrymen, never having heard of Karp, are incapable of even framing our emblematic question. There is an irony in that: if the dimming of our mind and the extinguishing of our best traditions were not so far advanced, the work of Walter Karp would not have been so necessary.

My advice for visitors to our Walter Karp department is to begin with Ronn Neff's introductory essay. His abbreviated citations of Karp's works ("IE+," "BA," and so on) are explained in the bibliographical guide he wrote, and they are all linked to that guide.

TLD 13 was one of only two "themed" issues we ever published, the other being devoted to the work of George Orwell: Verbum sat sapienti.

— Nicholas Strakon,
Editor-in-chief, The Last Ditch
June 17, 2002

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