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The left and right wings of the party establishment — two great pinions of an ancient bird of prey.

Liberty under Siege, p. 100


























Many millions of roadside stoppages ... habituate a free people to highway roadblocks, highway police threats, to constant fear of arrest, to the sight and smell of the Police power cracking its whip at random....

Liberty under Siege, p. 217


























Professors of American history erect Gothic cathedrals of erudition on political axioms acquired from their fifth-grade "social studies" readers.

Buried Alive, p. 63


























Today American children are taught in our schools that Wilson was one of our greatest presidents. That is proof in itself that the American Republic has never recovered from the blow he inflicted upon it.

The Politics of War, p. 340


























Party organizations cannot afford to take chances. They will even try to defeat a party hack if his victory would prove inconvenient. In 1956, Richard Daley, Democratic boss of Cook County, was still consolidating his hold over the Illinois party, and he feared that any Democratic governor might stand in the way. Unfortunately for Daley, open scandal in the Republican administration made the election of a Democratic governor highly likely. To help ensure defeat, Daley gave the nomination to a machine hack with proven lack of statewide appeal, namely the former Cook County treasurer. By mid-September, however, when it became clear that the Democratic candidate was faring well, the newspapers were mysteriously provided with proof that the former Cook County treasurer had been fiddling with public funds. Having supplied the proof, Daley now indignantly demanded that the guilty man step out of the race. In his place Daley put up an even more obscure figure, who averted danger to the Democratic organization by narrowly losing. Not winning elections is not always easy.

Indispensable Enemies, p. 24


























The whole purpose of party organizations at every political level is to sift out, sidetrack and eliminate men of independent political ambition, men whom the party bosses cannot trust.

Indispensable Enemies, p. 73


























"Compassion" — the rulers' pity for their subjects.

Indispensable Enemies, p. 85

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