Paul LeMoyne

Paul LeMoyne is a free-lance writer who lives in the Aleutian Islands. His articles of political and social commentary have not appeared in the New Republic and The Nation because they are too right-wing; in National Review because they are too left-wing; or in libertarian publications and think-tank journals because they are too libertarian. Because he lacks academic credentials (he dropped out of school after eighth grade) his many contributions to number theory appear in professional journals under a pseudonym. He tries to find the time to read one novel by Anthony Trollope every month and is working on a translation of the letters and speeches of Thomas Macaulay into Kazakh.

Despite what Mr. LeMoyne told me to write in his intro, above, I really believe that there must be a hundred leading journals that would love to publish his work, but for some reason he prefers to see his caring, compassionate, humanitarian proposals appear right here in The Ditch! I think his latest effort is just about the ultimate in terms of serving the public good, the national interest, the general welfare, the public interest ... OK, I'm running out of phrases. Here it is!

"Reminder: Prayer changes things." (May 16, 2020)

Reviewing a book by conservative Mark Levin, Mr. LeMoyne plumbs the possibilities of a constitutional convention and the challenges inherent in it:

"Mark Levin's Liberty Amendments" (January 18, 2018)

Recent progress in the free, voluntary, market-driven suppression of dissent has provoked Mr. LeMoyne to perpetrate a new essay:

"Libertarianism 101 and the 'Twitter purge'"

Should partisans of liberty really just shrug in the face of such developments? (December 21, 2017)

We at TLD continue to be history-minded, despite the ruling of the Zeitgeist that it's all irrelevant, so here comes Mr. LeMoyne with an essay referring to a time in the past and to past events. They don't seem so ancient to me, but then I'm pretty ancient myself.

" 'Barry Goldwater wants to take your Social Security away' "

Mr. LeMoyne writes also of the present, and even a little about a possible future. History-minded folk sometimes do that, because we imagine that human actions are connected in time. (September 12, 2017)

Paul LeMoyne returns! Unlike last time, he doesn't have a modest proposal; instead, just some modest observations. If you will. To start with, there's been yet another untoward brouhaha having to do with airline passengers — actually, would-be airline passengers.

"What's the problem with leggings?" (July 25, 2017)

I welcome a gifted new writer to TLD, one whom I hope we will be seeing much more of: Paul LeMoyne. I'm an old non-believer, as is well known, but Mr. LeMoyne's appeal touches even my heart. I'm betting it will touch yours, too.

"Prayerful wishes for John McCain"

You may even be inspired to propose others in public life for whose benefit we might send up entreaties. (June 21, 2017)

Note. The essay above was published before a certain matter concerning Sen. McCain began appearing in the news. Some have derived encouragement from the order of those events. We in the editorial suite, of course, could not possibly comment.

Write Mr. LeMoyne.