To Strakon's column.

To the editor ...

While I greatly appreciate the racial realism in TLD, I think Mr. Strakon has made a bad mistake with this column.

I know nothing about the musician "Seal" except some things my son told me about him years ago. I think he was raised in a white family. I think he is British. I also think he is much more than a mere "singer."

I listened to his music (nearly a decade ago) and was entranced. Frankly, what he does in arranging and orchestrating music far surpasses any of his wife's accomplishments. Furthermore, he may be a loving husband and a good father. Does Mr. Strakon know that he isn't?

If someone read Mr. Strakon's column without a considerable amount of exposure to his other material, he would conclude that Mr. Strakon is perhaps an even more unrealistic racist than the fellow who claimed that Isaac Stern couldn't be a good violinist because he was Jewish.

Name withheld by request
May 18, 2007

Nicholas Strakon replies

My correspondent is a longtime supporter of TLD, and we have cordially exchanged views over the years, so I will venture to refer to him as my friend here, though we have never met other than electronically.

It appears that he has had more exposure to the work of Mr. "Seal" than I have had. I am interested to hear that the man may possess some musical talent; on the two occasions I have heard him perform (on the telescreen, I hasten to add), what I heard was degraded, simple-minded, noisy, tuneless pop wailing performed in a degraded context. (At least it wasn't Rap.) Actually, I ought not to have been watching those programs; but both of them, you see, also featured the (outwardly) splendid Mrs. "Seal," whose beauty I have long admired. In any case I am always eager to be educated. It is quite possible that I fried up Mr. "Seal" extra crispy because of those revolting photos I was sent; yet one's writing should be able to stand on its own, especially when readers don't have access to the visual aids the writer has seen. (As you'll discover if you hit the link, I have now figured out how to show the photos without violating anyone's copyright.)

My friend reports that Mr. "Seal" may be British and may have been raised in a white family — white except for Mr. "Seal" himself, of course. I must respectfully disagree with the first proposition. He may hold a British passport — and I am aware that they have Negroes over on Airstrip One now who talk in English, rather than Caribbean, accents — but British people are white folk of British ancestry. I don't accuse my friend of this, but some Americans fall into error on this point because our own country is much more artificial in its DNA than most. While I still insist on distinguishing between America and the United State, a case could be made that an "American" is whoever some state authority says he is. We must accept, for example, that American Negroes are indeed American. But these are deep waters for a letters page, so I now climb back onto the pier.

As for the possibility that Mr. "Seal" was raised by whites, well, there seems to be a lot of that going around; and if it is true in this man's case, we must take it as evidence that the adoption by whites of members of alien races risks establishing a family culture of miscegenation. One always allows for free will, but I am convinced that Heidi Klum's white daughter is now more at risk than she otherwise would be of marrying (or mating) outside her race.

As a painful irony, that disaster will be more likely than ever if Mr. "Seal" is, indeed, a "loving husband and a good father," as my friend proposes he may be. However, I am hesitant to accept that formulation on face value. Only whites can pass along white civilization; and only whites can properly raise white children. The mere presence of Mr. "Seal" as the man of the family endangers the racial sanity of his white stepdaughter, as I have suggested. Moreover, whether or not Mr. "Seal" strives to become some kind of African saint, his acculturation cannot reach to his genes. Allowing again for the interposition of free will, within its naturally limited scope, we are permitted to predict that his racial temperament and other racially based characteristics relevant to behavior will express themselves. It would be remarkable if they did not! And it is even more likely that they will express themselves if Mr. "Seal" is as purebred as his appearance suggests. Traditionally, and reasonably enough, self-respecting whites have found some of those biologically conditioned characteristics to be problematic and have found it advisable to steer well clear of them.

Let me now begin to home in on the question of Isaac Stern, as formulated by my friend. In my column I stipulated that I found certain Negro actors to be talented. I also find Duke Ellington to have been immensely talented; und so weiter. But I would not look so kindly on Messrs. Freeman, Washington, Jackson, and Ellington if it transpired that they had married into the white race. I might have to trundle out my extra-crispy frying machine if I were so informed; and I might even begin to see their talent in a different perspective, and in a darker shade. (Actually, if memory serves, Mr. Washington and Mr. Jackson have each appeared in at least one movie promoting interracial sex.)

A moment's Googling suggests that the last of Mr. Stern's three wives may have been non-Jewish; but even if he married outside his folk, he did not marry outside his race. In any event, genius earns a man some latitude. Mr. Stern was one of the most assiduous and effective promoters and fund-raisers for the State of Israel whom America has ever seen. I cut him considerable slack for that, especially in view of the fact that he employed the same talents and the same network to save Carnegie Hall from the Forces of Urban Ruination. If I can be persuaded that Mr. "Seal" is a genius of Mr. Stern's magnitude — or even of Mr. Ellington's — it is possible that some similar slack will have to be cut, though not on the race-mixing front. (Palestinians, understandably, would not be inclined to engage in slack-cutting where Mr. Stern was concerned.)

So much for the egregious Mr. "Seal." I hope my delving into some of the more marginal issues here does not distract the reader from recognizing that Heidi Klum, my "Nordic goddess," has committed a racial/civilizational crime of terrible proportions. It is made the more terrible by the fact that she is so famous and so widely admired. The "aesthetic prop" is shivering into splinters, thanks in part to the efforts of people such as Heidi and her African.

I am grateful to my friend for encouraging me to expand on my views and clarify my expression of them.

May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

This exchange reminds me of a conversation that Mr. Strakon and I had some years ago, when I told him about a cousin of mine who had married a Negro. By all accounts he is a fine fellow and treats her right, and I thought that to be a superior state of affairs to her marrying a white man who beat her up (as seemed a likely possibility, given the kind of boyfriends I understood she had had).

Mr. Strakon replied simply by asking, very civilly, Would it not have been an even better outcome had she looked for and found a white man who was also a fine fellow and treated her right?

In the case of Mr. "Seal," perhaps it is true that he is a good father and a loving husband. Let us even allow that the little girl is completely safe under his care.

Still, are we to believe that Miss Klum could not have found in all the world a white man to be a good father and a loving husband? It is not, after all, as if there were no decent white men who might have been attracted to her. Could it be that there were none whom she was attracted to? How could that be possible?

James Marshall
May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

I too find the mating of Heidi Klum with "Seal" to be somewhat sickening. Is it mostly a "political" statement. Who is making this statement? Klum? I don't know whether the African's music is any worse that the norm these day. I hate all of it. It is godawful.

Something is going on. The norm has moved. Periodically, I watch interviews with Dick Cavett on Turner Classic Movies. Compare him, or Cavett's guests, to today's talk shows. Western culture is under attack. Maybe it's payback for centuries of Western domination. Who is paying us back?

The source of all this is the "mass media." I wonder who controls that? Oh, those people.

There are over a billion Chinese and almost as many Indians. In both countries, male babies have always been somewhat preferred to female babies. When it came down to a choice recently, as promoted by the "one-child" policy of the PRC, parents chose baby boys. Today, according to a CBC documentary I saw recently called "China Rising," young men in China are resigned to the sad fact that they will never marry and have a family because they will never meet a marriageable young woman. If true, we can expect the Indian and Chinese populations to be reduced, if they don't collapse. They won't continue to grow exponentially, at least.

"Things that can't go on forever, don't."

In the 1980s, I met a past-middle-age woman from Singapore. She was the dean of the faculty of business administration at the University of Saskatchewan. She told me that for decades women in Singapore had been favored. They were educated at universities, and they graduated to take the top jobs. She was typical, she told me. Like most young women in Singapore, she was not interested in any of the young men there. They belonged to a lower class. She never married; she had no children; she emigrated, looking for something she would never find anywhere.

The powerful have been failing to remake societies for a long time. The powerful always think their fellow humans are clay in their mighty hands. But social engineering creates surprising results. The current project in Iraq is just one more example.

Morley Evans
May 18,2007


Nicholas Strakon replies

What our masters cannot create, or preserve, they can most certainly destroy.

May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

It seems that "the politically correct" universities have achieved what they set out to do. Gut American society! Problem is that a multicultural society never has leadership with which to anchor itself. Most of the women, Negroes, etc., do not have leadership capabilities and were never intended to. As to women getting MBA's they will soon realize it's a worthless piece of paper; their male counterparts already know this. Even the ruling "elites" whom Mr. Strakon calls the "Dark Suits" don't lead — they manage. When you realize that Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, and Franklin educated themselves, their vocations were not their jobs! Even in the South, Randolph, Calhoun, and the Lees could read and write and THINK! The period before the War of Northern Aggression was our Golden Age. It has been downhill ever since. Democratic minds are inferior minds; they run the way of process, political machinations, and equality of political result.

Stewart White
May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

Everyone seems to have his Favorite Negro — the brilliant guy at the office with the terrific sense of humor, the genial neighbor who'd give you the shirt off his back ... I get tired of it, mighty tired. Those are EXCEPTIONS, people, not the NORM. And you're just crazy if you expect to encounter the exception instead of the norm.

All right, for all I know, Mr. Strakon may have underestimated this "Seal" character's musical ability. So what. It sounds as though I've seen the same pictures he's seen — similar ones, anyhow — and I'll tell you, this bruiser's supposed skill at orchestration or whatever pales in comparison (pun INTENDED).

This isn't a racial point, but I'll make it anyway: I hear Hillary makes a dynamite cheese omelet.

But so what.

Jake DeWolf
Paris, Texas
May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

At least it probably won't last. I don't know anything about the Negro, but Klum is a goof-celebrity in good standing. I'd bet the farm that in a couple of years, she'll prance off to hook up with some Mexican, or maybe a Chinaman. Small improvement, of course. And that poor little daughter is going to be screwed up no matter what happens. It was a miracle that Klum ever married someone of her own race in the first place — but as miracles go, it might have been an unfortunate one.

Madeleine Burdette
Richmond, Virginia
May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

Heidi Klum has destroyed herself and made a horrible mess for her daughter. It will soon be not very glamorous at all to even be seen with her "husband." When that happens, I doubt that Seal will make any attempt to be a "good husband."

Shari Lemon
May 18, 2007

To the editor ...

Has anyone stopped to consider that both Seal and Frau Klum are celebrities in a post-identity culture, which regards race, class, tradition, faith — and generally everything that makes a people civilized — with utter disdain? The reason I'm not outraged by Frau Klum's marriage is that I simply don't care for her as a "role model" of any kind. She gets paid to look pretty. Big deal. If more people remained true to their cultural values (be they white, black, or any shade in between) instead of letting the telescreen shape their minds, these kinds of match-ups would be a harmless curiosity, nothing more. And certainly none of anyone else's business. The fact that her choice of mate becomes important on account of her celebrity is the real issue in my mind.

Malcolm Reynolds
May 19, 2007

A closing note from Strakon

A correspondent and friend of TLD has now referred me to the Wikipedia article on Klum, which reveals that her "hook-up history" is much more complicated than I'd thought. Oddly enough, the article makes no mention of the German lad whose marriage to Klum was televised some years ago. Instead, Wikipedia credits some ex-boyfriend of Klum's in the world of auto-racing as the father of her white child. To delve deeper into this morass might suggest an unhealthy obsession on my part, especially in Mr. Reynolds's eyes, so I'm stopping here. In any event, who can follow the peregrinations of such people? In future I may restrict myself to writing about such men as Alcuin of York, Alfred the Great, and Attila the Hun, about whom much more is known that is definitive and dependable.

May 22, 2007

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