Strakon Lights Up, No. 36

Little Elian, happy at last!

"Juan Miguel Gonzalez"

Just as a kidnapper surrenders his right to walk around free, so Juan Miguel Gonzalez today surrendered his right of custody over his son Elian.

That is the case if we accept that there is a choosing entity named Juan Miguel Gonzalez who allowed paramilitary brutes to commit a terrifying criminal act in his name. If there is such an entity, and he did make that despicable choice, he still has a chance to redeem his paternal rights: by fleeing or trying to flee the U.S. regime's military base with his son, or, at the very least, by openly renouncing the authority of the two criminal regimes — Clinton's and Castro's — over him and his family. But failing that, we must conclude that at best he is not a free agent — that "Juan Miguel Gonzalez" is just an artifact, a cover name for the Clinton and Castro regimes — or at worst that he positively endorses this morning's kidnapping in Miami.

The polite touch abandoned?

Some time ago I commented to a like-minded friend that we should watch the U.S. regime's conduct closely and evaluate it carefully. If it wanted to winkle Elian out of his Miami house without igniting a public-relations and political wildfire, I reckoned, it would have to pioneer some clever new Polite Totalitarian techniques. And we might be able to learn something from that. I figured it was starting to happen when the appeals court forbade Elian's removal from American soil — for the time being — and. as if some button had been pushed, all the Clintonistas and state-pimps started raising the chorus that now there was no conceivable reason at all for the Miami relatives not to turn Elian over to leviathan.

Now it's clear how Janet Reno understands the subtle techniques of modern rulership. You qualify as a Polite Totalitarian when you send your Spetznatz commandos into a Catholic neighborhood to seize a little boy, not on Good Friday or Easter, but only on Holy Saturday. And, under an American sky, not on the anniversary of Waco itself, but three days later. And you qualify as a Polite Totalitarian when your lead commando keeps his finger off the trigger of his subgun and doesn't point it directly at the child.

Fox News's Chris Matthews says that that picture of Elian facing the commando-gun in terror will be an "iconic" image that will haunt the regime. I'm afraid he misses the forest for the trees, just as I did. This morning's exercise in Impolite Totalitarianism occurred in an overall climate of Polite Totalitarianism. True enough, if there is a race between Reno and Hillary for Most Intensely Hated Woman, Reno has now taken a four-length lead. And, true, some Democrats may be punished this fall by Florida voters. But assuming the regime can succeed in returning the boy to Castro quickly enough, I won't be surprised to discover that come Election Day most Americans outside of Florida barely remember who Elian was.

Recall that the majority were indifferent to Elian's fate — and the implications of that fate for their own liberty — from the start. Recall also that Waco itself didn't prevent the Clinton regime from being returned to power in 1996. The time line is much shorter in this case, but, on the other hand, at Waco a lot of kids were actually murdered. We freedom-lovers like to say that our rulers learned a lesson from Waco — they'd better be more careful in the future. But it's likely that they learned another lesson, too — that even if they weren't so careful, most people couldn't care less. They learned that they could engage in direct and thuggish Impolite Totalitarianism against selected, unpopular targets, so long as they continued to operate in a Polite Totalitarian environment, overall, where most of their subjects remained dazed, degraded, and indifferent.

Happy at last

In the latest photo of Elian I've seen, he is in the arms of his father and grinning. This afternoon an MSNBC reporter noted that, although in the photo and films taken during his kidnapping it "looked like" Elian was crying, he certainly was happy in that later photo. Let us stipulate for the moment that the photo at Andrews Air Force Base is not a fake or the result of lying manipulation of Elian. Media psychiatrists are pointing out that 6-year-olds are well known for shrieking with unhappiness one moment and burbling with joy the next, and these shrinks are using that observation as a basis for wholly discounting a child's emotional life and the moment-by-moment evaluations that give rise to those emotions. I have heard laughter at every wake I've attended; from that, the media shrinks would no doubt conclude that there is no such thing as grief.

Since I am not a media shrink but just an ordinary yokel, when I try to imagine Elian's thinking at the moment he saw his father, here's what I come up with: It's Daddy! He'll keep these strange monsters with guns from shooting me! Or throwing me back into the ocean! I think that if I were a little kid who had been terrorized for several hours, I'd look happy, too, when I made it into my father's arms. Come to think of it, taking a picture of a child in such circumstances probably qualifies quite nicely as lying manipulation.

I want to see how happy Elian looks when he's back in Castro's arms.


Mr. Gonzalez never went to Miami. He never even got as close as Jacksonville. In fact he has barely touched American soil, spending most of his time in one enclave or another of the two criminal regimes.

Walking through that hot-headed crowd in Little Havana to pick up his son would have demanded a lot of physical and moral courage from Mr. Gonzalez. But we already know that such courage is in short supply. Even police agents are such miserable, contemptible cowards nowadays that they carry submachine guns and wear military-style body armor and helmets — as well as masks, revealing moral cowardice — when sent out to pick up a 6-year-old boy.

I note for the record that some of the agents just wore windbreakers and left their masks at home. I "salute them across the gulf of war" for showing that modicum of courage, and as a humanitarian I hope they may find that courage again if they are ever called to account for their crimes by an outraged people. Of course, it is in the nature of the case that, while they may show courage equal to his, they will differ from Nathan Hale in having nothing noble to say.

Pray for rain

Clintonistas and other state-lovers are reminding us that it's absolutely routine for cops to dress up like soldiers and conduct military-style raids when they have to enter a residence where they're not welcome. Surely that will comfort lovers of freedom.

Why is it routine? What laws, or "laws" as the case may be, were paramilitary police first sent out to enforce? Some may think in terms of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and skyjackings; but cops really became accustomed to tricking themselves out like a modern version of the Waffen SS when they started to wage a certain large-scale, permanent war: the Drug War. Now they're coming on like the Einsatzgruppen in child-custody cases. I suppose that is what is meant by "progressive" government.

Any police agent who walks under an American sky masked, dressed like a commando, and armed like a commando deserves ... I must be careful here, what with those NSA satellites hovering above us all ... to be struck by lightning on sight.

April 22, 2000

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