January 10, 2022

Short takes


(Yet another obviously counterfeit) editor’s note: This new column by Mr. Morley does not refer to his height — in his stocking feet, he is a robust 6’3” and approximately the same circumference — but to the attention span of the average American these days, which has now dropped from that proverbial ten seconds, clocking in at eight seconds ... Whoops! Lost you there, didn’t we. We are going to assume that the average TLD reader’s attention span is somewhat longer, but we’ll keep these short so you can at least communicate their essence to the sheeple you come in contact with. Mr. Morley is currently writing a book using only words of one syllable or less. — NOT Nicholas Strakon

1. “India Bars Gifts to Mother Teresa Group,” Wall Street Journal, December 28, 2021. India’s Hindoo (preferred TLD spelling) government is barring donations from foreign sources to the late Mother Teresa’s missionary group. Greenpeace in 2019 and Amnesty International in 2020 shut their Indian operations because the Hindoo gummint cut off their foreign donations. The Mother Teresa case seems to be related to a surge of anti-Christian outrages (burning of churches with worshippers inside, harsh penalties for insulting Hinduism, wiping out of Christian villages by neighboring Hindoo villages, discrimination against Christians in employment, etc.). Next on the Hindoo regime’s agenda: banning Christmas, Easter, and other Christian holidays, and prohibiting Bambi movies.

2. “Covid Shots Cause Botox Wrinkles,” WSJ, December 28, 2021. No wonder Aaron Rodgers, Kyrie Irving, Novak Djokovic, and Strakon are avoiding COVID shots. Caveat emptor. (BTW, might be a nice name for a bookstore.)

3. “The Woke Target Metaphors, Leaving No Scone Unturned,” WSJ, December 28, 2021. Lance Morrow reveals that the IT office of the University of California Irvine has an “Inclusive Language Guide,” which not only exhorts students and staff to avoid “ableist” language, but counsels them to “Avoid metaphors, which can introduce unneeded baggage.” Morrow wonders what “baggage” is here, if not a metaphor, and goes on to consider an example cited by the guide: Don’t use “killing two birds with one stone,” a hurtful image or trigger phrase that might upset college students. Proposed alternative? “Feed two birds with one scone.” Morrow is not making this up. The Irvine document provides minutes of fun for your idle moments.

4. “Beijing Accuses Walmart of ‘Stupidity,’” WSJ, January 3, 2022. Not only “stupidity,” but also “shortsightedness,” for allegedly no longer stocking products made in Xinjiang province where China is accused of genocide against its Muslim Uyghur ethnic minority. Meanwhile, Tesla has opened a showroom in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang (WSJ, January 4, 2022). Unstupid and unshortsighted? Stay tuned.

5. “Europe Climate Chaos Goes Global,” WSJ, January 5, 2022. In addition to pointing out that 2022 will be a reality check for Europe’s climate and energy policies, Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., notes that Europe’s claim of having reduced emissions by 20 percent since 1990 is only true because they have shifted “emissions-heavy processes to places outside the European Union.” Such as China. Meanwhile (WSJ, January 6, 2022), Bjørn Lomborg (see https://www.lomborg.com) opines that current net-zero plans will cost trillions and do little to affect global warming. Maybe the EU is realizing this and will back off. And maybe Strakon is the rightful King of Bosnia-Hercegovina.

6. “Cuomo Won’t Be Charged in Incident,” WSJ, December 28, 2021. Allegations against former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are “credible, deeply troubling but not criminal under New York law,” prosecutors said. They did not specify what Cuomo would have had to do for the allegations to be criminal or prosecutable. Possibly sexual harassers will wend their way to New York since at least some forms of sexual harassment are “troubling but not criminal.” Maybe Jeffrey Epstein shouldn’t have allowed himself to be murdered. Ω

January 10, 2022

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