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Table of Contents

A Penrose Stairway

Why the Free Market
and Limited Government Are Incompatible

Part I



On December 3, 2016, I was pleased and proud to begin posting Part I of Ronald N. Neff’s A Penrose Stairway: Why the Free Market and Limited Government Are Incompatible here at The Last Ditch.

I have posted the eight chapters of Part I on a serial basis, with a new chapter appearing every weekend.

Today I have posted the final chapter of Part I.

The complete work (consisting of two parts) will be published as an e-book by Croatoan Books, a division of WTM Enterprises — its first title. Mr. Neff’s powerful critique of minarchism, from a free-market anarchist point of view, will be an impressive debut for our e-publishing effort.

Mr. Neff is senior editor of The Last Ditch.

Nicholas Strakon
January 21, 2017




Prologue to Part I

Jacob Hornberger
and the Case for Limited Government


Chapter One

The Sirens’ Song —
Why We Cannot Let This Matter Rest


Chapter Two



Chapter Three

Free-Market Defense, Crime,
and Procedural Guarantees


Chapter Four

Minimizing the State


Chapter Five

Financing a Limited Government


Chapter Six

Arguments from History and Fiction


Chapter Seven

Somalia: Grasping at Straws


Chapter Eight

The Survival of Limited Government


A Penrose Stairway, Part I, © 2016, 2017 Ronald N. Neff. All rights reserved.
Published in 2016 and 2017 at The Last Ditch by Croatoan Books, a division of WTM Enterprises.

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