To the editor ...

Regarding the passage I have copied here, to wit:

What is my solution? To encourage lovers of liberty and Western culture wherever I find them to stop looking in the wrong direction toward the murk, and to clear their minds of tyranny-expanding, tyranny-friendly activities and naught-iness. Once they are looking in the right direction, looking in the general direction of what is true and real, they will see things they didn't see before, and they will see things I do not and cannot see.
One must ask the following: How does a libertarian society defend itself from those who are not "lovers of liberty and Western culture"?

To use an example currently in the news, should Mexican and/or Muslim would-be immigrants to the U.S. be allowed in? The Lew Rockwell solution, which is just to pretend that nothing is happening, just isn't acceptable.

What are Mr. Neff's thoughts?

Steve Edmiston
July 11, 2007

Mr. Neff's reply:
"Think globally, act individually"