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Nicholas Strakon, Publisher & Editor-in-chiefRonald Neff, Managing editor

Posted February 25, 2021.

NS: Boys Are Girls: America’s Great Struggle Session, by Vasko Kohlmayer.

This collective enforcement of insanity is by design. It is part of the Great Struggle Session that the left is inflicting upon the American people. The objective of this effort is to weaken our hold on reality. If they can make us concede that boys are girls and men are women then they can make us believe and agree to anything no matter how delusional or untrue it may be. And this is what the left is after – they want to subvert our sense of what is true and false, of what is right and wrong. Why would they want to do that? Because they want to rampage and destroy. They want to tear down, profane and ruin everything that is good, holy, sublime and worth preserving in human life: everything from God, love, beauty and decency through great literature and art to life itself. But to accomplish this, they must first counteract those who would instinctively rise and defend those worthy and wonderful things. And what a better way of incapacitating them than by pulling out by the roots their sense of reality. The transsexual movement is part of this assault. [My emphasis, of course.]
Unanswered is the question of how a large proportion of the genpop became so cognitively vulnerable in the first place — or at least willing to pretend that they, too, were crazy.

Ronn Neff comments: I can’t say that I lament the demise of women’s sports (except for figure skating) that “gender” confusion is certain to bring about, but I am sorry to see that girls who anchored their future to athletic competition and dedicated hours and years to excellence in it, and withal their hopes for an academic scholarship, will suffer most unjustly from this madness. Not only are they expected to lower their heads and accept it, but they must even — in school, at work, and in public statements — pretend to believe it is all just and ennobling. While we knew that feminism was never really meant to advance or protect all women, it is somewhat surprising that it was not meant to advance or protect those women, either. They, too, must learn to love Big Brother. (See Joe Sobran’s article “Near-Victims” for further thoughts.)

By the way ... have you read (re-read) Nineteen Eighty-Four yet this year?

Posted February 25, 2021.

NS: The Greatest Thing the Roman Empire Ever Did Wa Go Away

Jason Morgan reviews Walter Scheidel’s Escape from Rome (2019).

>> Rome’s greatest gift to posterity, Scheidel says, is not that it made the West, but that, in disappearing, it made room for the West to rise. <<
Ralph Raico touched on some of these matters in his series of lectures on the history of liberty. As I recall, he mentioned the subversive importance, for the rise of the decentralized West, of St. Augustine’s distinction between the City of Man and the City of God.

As a youngster I always rooted for Rome in my reading and regretted the fall of the western empire. Never occurred to me how Western Civilization would have arisen and what would have become of all those Germanic and Celtic contributions if the western empire hadn’t fallen.

I still have a sentimental attachment to the eastern empire, in view of the explosive and catastrophic plague of Mohammedanism. The first book I read that made a fundamental distinction between Classical civilization and Western civilization was Lawrence Brown’s Might of the West.

I’m pretty sure that in his opening paragraph Morgan meant to write, “... the Western political imagery,” not “imaginary.”

Posted February 23, 2021.

NS: An Indiana restaurant near the northern state line sees a boost in revenue, thanks to restrictions imposed by Michigan

Dee-lightful! The FBers among you may have seen this there.

Caruso’s in Angola is mentioned — where some of us used to meet in better days.

You will note the de rigueur, contextless, Bastiat-ignorant, nanny-leftist statistical claim appended at the end.

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