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Nicholas Strakon
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• Posted April 27, 2021

Three pointed paragraphs by Steve Sailer.

It is a good question, in light of all we see about the Nazi KKK Insurrectionist Bad Whites who are such a numerous and dangerous threat in this country..

• Posted April 26, 2021

A lot fewer than last year:

Viewership of the leftist-controlled professional sports has also declined, as you probably know.

CNBC apparently felt obliged to insert a little something that's not so very politically correct:

The drop in both metrics is not entirely surprising, as award shows, in general, have faced declining viewership in recent years. After a year with movie theaters shuttered due to the pandemic, and with so few mainstream films nominated, this outcome was very much expected. [My emphasis.]

• Posted April 26, 2021

A samizdat site is reporting that Facebook is now suspending people’s accounts for posting reports critical of Maskism:

I wonder whether the comrades will go on to suspend users for posting reports about the initial ban.

• Posted April 22, 2021

The cops are being criticized for calling Knife Girl a “young woman.” She was only 16! Or maybe 15! It’s racist “adultification”! And thus does yet another word win admission to the New Newspeak Dictionary.

Here I’d thought that modern feminism had lowered the age at which females were supposed to be referred to as women. Come to find out, it apparently doesn’t apply to black girls, at least not when they’re trying to knife someone.

RN comments: It looks as though, in the clash created by the Inner Contradictions of Intersectionalism, feminism loses to the advantage of charging “racism” — again.

It’s of a piece with calling 22-year-old Central American immigrants “unaccompanied minors.”

“Adultification” must give way to infantilization.

• Posted April 20, 2021

I enjoy David Cole’s fearless observations about the demographic changes in L.A.

In the L.A. race war, Soros Jews are losing their berserkers.

Now you’ve just got to read the piece, right?

[Now] blacks have made themselves irrelevant and Jews have imported a new population that might not be as malleable or hateful as the one it replaced.

For Soros Jews, the fact that Hispanics make up 50% (and growing) of L.A. law enforcement is a nightmare. A worst-case scenario.

• Posted April 18, 2021

First I’ve heard about this. It didn’t even make it into my Facebook feed.

[Last] week, CNN threw a hissy fit when one of its technical directors was caught on hidden camera boasting about how the network intentionally acted as an arm of the DNC to flood the airwaves during the 2020 election with misleading and factually incorrect negative coverage of Trump while crafting Soviet-style propaganda to make Biden look beatific. In a series of videos courtesy of James O'Keefe and Project Veritas, recorded when CNN apparatchik Charlie Chester thought he was on a date, the poor bastard rants on and on about his network’s underhanded attempts at election interference.

Worse still, he brags about how CNN purposely tries to inflame racial tensions by covering up black misdeeds while highlighting any negative crime stories about whites.

And wouldn’t you know it? As CNN and the rest of the mainstream media barked and howled about the evils of “undercover videos” and “surreptitious recordings,” Twitter banned James O’Keefe and Project Veritas from the platform.

Comment from the managing editor: This item will remain a permanent entry on this page, as an example of the perfidy of the the media, of which we should never lose sight.
• Posted April 16, 2021

Ryan McMaken scores again, connecting the practices of today’s state-manipulating “Woke” billionaires with those of past plutocrats.

But, as historian Ralph Raico has explained, the idea of exploitation of one class by another was, in fact, pioneered by the classical liberals. It was these liberals who well understood that the power of the state could be harnessed by one group for the purposes of extracting resources from another group.
Comment by RNN: Ryan links to an indispensable essay by Raico in which he reminded us of the path-breaking work of the 19-century French libertarians Charles Comte and Charles Dunoyer. Read it and be proud of the traditions that you uphold.
• Posted April 14, 2021

By Fraser Myers.

According to an Edelman survey of 35 countries, 64 per cent of customers say they would reward firms for taking ... [an anti-white leftist] stand on social issues. Brands like to win over consumers young so they can stay loyal for life — and many young people are uncritically supportive of BLM.


[There] is more to all this than cynicism and wokewashing. Many of the ideas about race being pushed by BLM — particularly the ubiquity of structural racism — are now part and parcel of corporate culture and the white-collar workplace.

How could they not be, given the Dark Suits’ surrendering control of the culture to the Red Guards, decades ago?

This is interesting:

According to leaked emails, insiders at Amazon-owned Whole Foods consider the 'racial diversity' of its workers in each branch an important metric in determining how likely they are to form unions.

In other words, Diversity makes it less likely that employees will unite in a push for unionization. (By the way, who knew that Amazon owned Whole Foods!)

Looming over the apparently voluntary deformations in the corporate world that Myers describes is the official Thought Police, growing out of the great federal suppression of free association in 1964.

TLD is a forum of opinion, edited by hard-core market anarchists, that does not flinch from any of the most pressing issues of our time. We are especially interested in questions of culture and ethnicity, our Polite Totalitarian ruling class, and the homicidal humanitarianism of the U.S. Empire.

Our writers include anarcho-pessimists, Old Believers in the West, unreconstructed Confederates, neo-Objectivists, and other enemies of the permanent regime. We are conscientiously indifferent to considerations of thoughtcrime. Thus, from individualist and Euro-American perspectives, we confront the end of civilization — and do our level best to name its destroyers. (More about who we are.)

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"If this government cared about ideas, it would crack down on The Last Ditch. It could be called The Joy of Thinking."

Joe Sobran

"Whoever said 'Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty' didn't realize it, but he was thinking of The Last Ditch."

— Jared Taylor, editor of American Renaissance

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