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Out of the mouths of gays

Sometimes the most interesting news items are found in the strangest places. Metro Weekly, a Washington, D.C., homosexual publication, ran a story (March 27, 2003) about a debate held at the National Press Club on the Lawrence v. Texas sodomy case then pending before the Supreme Court. Sponsored by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, the event pitted Patricia Logue, an attorney for the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, against Peter Sprigg, a Baptist preacher and officer of the Family Research Council. The debate isn't worth going into here, but one question from the audience is.

The MW reporter noted that Chris Bull, Washington correspondent for The Advocate, a national homosexual magazine, "grilled Sprigg on how he reconciled his belief that gays have a disproportionate gravity of influence and power in American society with his belief that the percentage of people who are gay is grossly overestimated, and is actually only one or two percent."

In response, Sprigg "insisted that gays exert their influence through the power of the media."

Bull then "asked him if he felt the same way about the Jews."

According to the account, "Sprigg looked at the ceiling while emitting a long 'Uhh...' before eventually answering with one word, 'No.'"


Vampire liberation?

Robert Meltzer, a Jewish lawyer, sued the town of Framingham, Massaachusetts, because his precinct polling place was a Methodist church, and the voting booths were situated directly underneath a large cross (horrors!). In response, the town agreed to stop using the church, although voting in such facilities (including synagogues) is permitted under state law and is common throughout New England.


Just shut up!

Joyce Murdoch and Deb Price, a lesbian couple, are apparently determined to stay on the "cutting edge" by making an unending series of attempts to legitimize their relationship — while wringing maximum publicity from their pitiful ventures.

In 1993 they were the first queer couple to sign up for the "domestic partnership" registry in their sick, sick home town of Tacoma Park, Maryland, which also allows illegal aliens to vote. They tried to obtain a marriage license in Maryland in 1995 but were denied. In 1999, on the very first weekend that "civil unions" were available in Vermont, the pair traveled there for a ceremony before a justice of the peace. On June 27, after the Canadian legal apparatus went insane, they were "married" in Toronto, and on July 23 they became the first homosexual couple to be featured in the wedding section of the Washington Post — probably not coincidentally, since they were both reporters at that very paper when they met 18 years ago and began their current fairy-tale existence.

September 9, 2003


Editor's note. The High Anarchs of TLD naturally support the de-statizing of marriage along with the de-statizing of all other social institutions. I blanch to report that this is one issue (I hope one of very, very few!) on which I agree with the neocon William Kristol. Kristol proposes that couples who wish to form a household make whatever civil contracts they find appropriate and then proceed to seek the separate endorsement of whatever communion they may be members of.

Even minarchist libertarians may be expected to oppose all state licensing: if they oppose licensing doctors and lawyers, it seems they ought to oppose licensing husbands and wives. In any case I think it is a sad and revolting travesty to see a clergyman handling a "marriage license" issued by the bloody state. — Nicholas Strakon

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