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The real haters

Eric Moore, a black Milwaukee police officer, has filed a lawsuit charging discrimination by black superiors because of his "association with non-blacks." Among other specific charges, Moore claims that a former deputy chief advised that Moore would never be promoted because he "runs around here talking to those damn white people."

Pastor Kendra Ford of the First Unitarian Society of Exeter (N.H.) is among a couple dozen "ministers" of her "religion" who say that they will refuse to issue marriage licenses for heterosexual couples until they are legally permitted to do the same for homosexual couples. The media mavens in charge of making such determinations will undoubtedly declare that she and her comrades are solidly in the "mainstream," but more rational people will ask why the state has any right to be involved in marriage at all.

A white student at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, was found guilty by the college of "disruption of a campus event" for attempting to post fliers advertising a speech by a black conservative. Seven complainants, five of whom admitted that the "disrupted" meeting had actually not yet started, were "offended" by the flier. The young man's real crime, of course, was BWOC: being white on campus.

October 16 brought press admissions that two separate alleged "hate crimes" against black students were actually hoaxes perpetrated by the "victims":

• A black female student at Rowan University in Glassboro (N.J.), who had asserted that a man made racial slurs and used threatening language, finally admitted that "key elements" of her story were made up. Police, who had been dragged into the incident, said the case would be turned over to the university, an eventuality that would not have occurred had the false-police-report-filer been white.

• Authorities say anti-black graffiti and swastikas in a bathroom stall at Wellesley (Mass.) High School were the work of a 16-year-old black teenager in a desegregation program. The Associated Press quotes his attorney describing him as "confused ... feeling pressured and emotionally distraught" — a far more sympathetic characterization than any white who goes similarly off the rails can expect to ever see in print.

Note that both incidents took place in the "enlightened" North, rather than the hopelessly redneck, racist South.

Some are less sheeplike

Italy is in a furor over a court order to remove a crucifix from a school because it offended a Muslim. Unlike America and most other Western nations, which rolled over as their religious and historical heritages were stolen and distorted, Italians are fighting back. Minister of Justice Roberto Castelli has started an administrative investigation of the judge, because Italian law specifically authorizes the display of such religious relics in public places. Cardinal Roberto Tucci of the Vatican complained that "in present-day Western democracy, a certain tendency is being verified of the dictatorship of minorities.... It is thought that, in order to respect this minority, the majority must be offended, and I don't think this is democracy."

The sacred mantra

The Iowa State University student government has voted to fund a campus organization called Cuffs — an unabashed sexual bondage and fetish group. "Receiving the money is a triumph for diversity," gloated Duane Long, Jr., president of the kink club.

Importing strife

Whatever you think about the state's immigration policies, you can't deny that mass non-Western immigration risks the importation of alien feuds and frictions. November's gubernatorial election in Louisiana demonstrated that when the candidacy of Bobby Jindal (R), native-born son of immigrants from India, provoked a massive outpouring of support for his Democratic opponent on the part of Pakistani interests. An October 21 fundraiser by the Pakistani-American Business Association of Louisiana resulted in a $50,000 haul for Democrat Kathleen Blanco's campaign.

"I think it's a kind of unforeseen fear that if Bobby Jindal gets elected, he might push things that are against the Pakistani interest," declared Ashraf Abbasi of Port Arthur, Texas, head of the Pakistani-American Congress. Dark-tinted Jindal, who lost the election, was touted in Esquire magazine as "the new face of Southern politics." Thomas Jefferson must be whirling in his grave.

None are so blind

A Louisiana woman complains that she repeatedly identified Derrick Todd Lee, now charged with the murder of six women, as the serial killer, but was ignored by police because he is black and they were seeking a white man. It was not until three murders later that law-enforcement authorities agreed to consider suspects of any other race. In the end, it was an investigator for the state attorney general, not a member of the police task force, who matched Lee's DNA to the evidence, finally resulting in his arrest.

Although it has been largely suppressed by the media, a similar refusal to consider any suspects but white males occurred during the Washington, D.C., sniper shootings of October 2002. Initial reports of a black gunman were deliberately ignored by the multi-jurisdictional task force headed by Montgomery County (Md.) Police Chief Charles Moose, who is black. Moose received considerable favorable publicity despite his inability to catch the snipers (they were apprehended after a motorist followed them to a highway rest stop and called police), and is currently flogging a book extolling his alleged accomplishments.

Whose child is it, anyway?

After Dr. Cheryl Clark got religion (Christianity) and left a lesbian relationship, a Colorado court awarded visitation and "shared parenting responsibilities" for her child to the former paramour, who has no actual kinship. The court further ordered Clark to "make sure that there is nothing in the religious upbringing or teaching that the minor child is exposed to that can be considered homophobic."

Cheering the beasts

Raymond and Vanessa Jackson of New Jersey, adoptive parents to four boys who were discovered starving at their home in October, were given a standing ovation at the Come Alive New Testament Church on November 2. They were hailed as "saints" and "heroes," and the pastor put up $5,000 of his own money and took out a lien on his house to bail the couple out of jail.

The children ranged in age from 9 to 19; none was over four feet tall or weighed more than 50 pounds. The Jacksons claim that the kids, who are not related to each other, all happen to suffer from severe "eating disorders."

November 24, 2003

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