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One down, one to go

The chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is Margaret Marshall, a white South African who boasts that she demonstrated against Apartheid as a high-school and college student in the 1960s. She came to the United States in 1968, got a law degree from Yale, and became a citizen in 1977. Having helped send her native country into anarchy and savagery, Marshall is now actively working to do the same here by promulgating such ludicrous decisions as the ruling that the 18th-century Massachusetts constitution requires state endorsement of homosexual "marriage."

Democratic bigotry

Conspiracy weirdo Lyndon LaRouche, running yet again for president as a Democrat, was (of course) not permitted to participate in the unending series of debates between the candidates, although he has raised enough money to qualify for $840,000 in federal matching funds — more than "approved" joke candidates Sharpton, Kucinich, and Moseley Braun combined. LaRouche has received matching funds in every presidential race since 1976, including 1992, while he was in federal prison for fraud and conspiracy to default on $34 million in loans for previous candidacies.

The truth hurts

A federal appeals court says former Lt. Carey D. Lohrenz, one of the Navy's first two female combat pilots, can't sue a group that questioned her qualifications. Lohrenz claims that the Center for Military Readiness, which opposes the assignment of women to combat, ruined her career by alleging that the women were substandard pilots, promoted for "diversity" reasons and not capable of flying F-14s in combat. The other female pilot, Kara Hultgreen, validated the accusations by killing herself while attempting to land an F-14 on the deck of an aircraft carrier.


ABC "Nightline" host Ted Koppel recently complained on the air that Vice President Dick Cheney had appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press" but would not book an appearance on his show. Koppel has yet to note that Hillary Clinton has, for more than a decade, absolutely refused to appear in any public forum that is not tightly controlled and moderated by an abjectly sympathetic host — such as Tim Russert (former aide to Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan), Chris Matthews (ex-flunky for notorious House Speaker Tip O'Neill), or George Stephanopolous (an ex-staffer for Hillary's husband).

Desperately seeking the asylum

In England, a pantomime show called "Snow White and the Seven Asylum Seekers" was threatened with closure because the title was declared "racist" by the Devon and Exeter Racial Equality Council and the Commission for Racial Equality. The show itself was described as "quite sympathetic to asylum seekers. It was never a dig at them, but at the government." The villain of the piece is an evil queen, whose son, Prince Charles, revives Snow White with a kiss after being dumped by his girlfriend, Camilla.

The real haters

• When a white woman ran for office in the District of Columbia Ward 8 Democratic Party, she was openly denounced at a public meeting as "poor white trash" and "white trailer trash" by the ward's august "First Vice President," Mary Cuthbert — who, like 92 percent of Ward 8, is black. According to witness accounts, Cuthbert first screamed out the insult and then chanted the mantra over and over again. Not a single person rose in outrage, and when the chairman asked Cuthbert to calm down and leave the room, she refused. A letter was later drafted asking Cuthbert for an apology, but the party leadership voted 7 to 5 not to send it! D.C., of course, is the city where a white city employee resigned under fire after he was so foolish as to utter the word "niggardly" in front of ignorant Negroes.

• Homosexual activists in Spain have sued the Catholic Cardinal of Madrid because of a homily he delivered during a service in December. The Popular Gay Platform group contends that His Eminence's remarks on marriage and the family were "slander and an incitement to discrimination" against those who practice the "love that dare not speak its name" — which just can't seem to shut its mouth these days.

Idiots in charge

• Following the recent earthquake in Iran, that nation rejected a proposed U.S. "humanitarian" delegation to be led by Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.), the former head of the American Red Cross. Any sentient being knows that Muslims would be insulted to have to deal with a woman at such a high level, but our "diversity" mavens, who unceasingly demand that we be "sensitive" to every primitive, superstition-ridden "culture" represented in polyglot America, somehow missed that obvious truth. Maybe sensitivity to "diversity" isn't meant for export.

• A British prison officer has been fired for making an unflattering remark about Osama bin Laden following the September 11 attacks. Prison officials were all a-twitter because three Muslims were visiting the facility at the time and might have taken offense, although an investigation failed to prove that they even heard the comment. According to a newspaper report, the investigator did not track them down and ask because he felt the issue was "too sensitive" even to be raised. Some "investigator"! Nevertheless, Colin Rose, 53, who had an unblemished 21-year career, was dismissed.

• Health officials in the District of Columbia are placing more than 50 free condom dispensers in city government buildings in an effort to halt the spread of AIDS. "They're going to be as common as water fountains," boasted Ivan O. Torres, interim director of the D.C. HIV/AIDS Administration (sic).

• To protest the District of Columbia's lack of voting members of Congress, D.C. officials scheduled a presidential primary for January 13, the first in the nation. Quite appropriately, the vote was absolutely meaningless and did not award any delegates, so few serious candidates wasted time there. Although Howard Dean won with 43 percent of the vote, some 46 percent of voters demonstrated their fundamentally racist nature by choosing Al Sharpton or Carol Moseley Braun simply because they are black. More than one percent of the ballots were blank or spoiled, but in this instance there were no accusations that those too stupid to vote were "cheated" out of their precious "rights."

January 23, 2004

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