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Big brother loses count

A column by Rebecca Hagelin, of the Heritage Foundation, makes a chilling point about freedom in the United States: "America started out with just three federal laws — treason, counterfeiting, and piracy. In 1988, the American Bar Association counted more than 3,300 separate federal criminal offenses on the books — more than 40 percent of which had been enacted in just the past 30 years. These new laws cover more than 50 titles of the U.S. Code and encompass more than 27,000 pages. Today, the Congressional Research Service says it can no longer even say how many federal crimes exist." ("Criminal?",, October 8, 2003)

Sob story

Pity poor Ulysses Rice, Jr., who worked for the Public Service Electric and Gas Co. in New Jersey for 36 years. He says he was fired by the $28 billion firm after serving as director, one step below vice president. "Wiping away tears" at a news conference, according to one ultra-sympathetic report, he moaned that he was "unable to crack that glass ceiling." Rice is one of eleven current and former employees suing the company over alleged racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. But just how bad could it have possibly been for Rice, if he hung around for 36 years?

There's not room at the top for everybody, and director must certainly be a respectable, well-paid position — but since Rice is black and failed to achieve VP or better, it can only be "discrimination," we are assured. How many whites have toiled for PSE&G for decades without even coming close to his level? Does anyone want to bet that Rice wasn't even minimally qualified for director but was promoted to that slot to meet a quota?

An admission of guilt

"If John Kerry is entrusted with the presidency, he is committed to building an administration that matches the high standards set by Bill Clinton," declared Marcus Jadotte, Kerry's deputy campaign manager.

Legally stupid

• In December 2001, Robert Levin, a freelance photographer, sneaked on top of a truck at the former site of the World Trade Center to get some photos of the 9/11 cleanup. Unaware of Levin's presence, the driver moved the vehicle, and the photog fell to the ground. Levin is now suing the company that owns the truck for $50 million, complaining that it violated his "rights as a pedestrian."

• A 17-year-old New York idiot, driving 80 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone, illegally passed a number of cars until he lost control of his vehicle and was killed. His parents have sued the last driver he passed, accusing that individual of causing the accident that claimed their innocent little darling's life.

• The mother of a drunken 19-year-old, who was killed when he drove into a light pole at 90 mph, is suing Coors Brewing Co., asserting the company failed in its "duty" to prevent underage drinking. She is also seeking compensation from the boy's girlfriend, who let him drive her car, and the girl's mother, who furnished the vehicle.

The mother's own duty is apparently not at issue.

Bullies really are cowards at heart

Americans United for Separation of Church and State is seeking to have the tax-exempt status of a Texas church revoked because it rented space to an anti-abortion political action committee for a fund-raiser. The church itself had no role in sponsoring the event. The Washington-based AUSCS is brave in this case, but it hasn't got the guts to say "boo" about the Negro churches where Jesse Jackson, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, and others have actually campaigned and raised money during "religious" services.

"Democracy" be damned

In a March referendum at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, two-thirds of the 13,000 students participating voted to retain "Chief Illiniwek," the school's American Indian mascot. In an attempt to overturn that inconvenient exercise in democracy, about a dozen protesters blocked entrance to the administration building in April, demanding that the school eliminate the mascot, apologize to anyone offended by the chief, and — of course — "increase funding for Indian and other minority programs."

Self-hating whites

• The latest city to sing the phony praises of Martin L. King, Jr., is — Omaha, Nebraska! Mayor Mike Fahey unveiled a nine-foot bronze statue in April, putting the finishing touch on a plaza named for the "slain civil rights leader," which is situated beside the City-County Building.

• The U.S. Department of Agriculture has helped broker an agreement with Marriott Hotels and Resorts to buy produce from minority farmers. Those who still think the department's mission is to assist "farmers" in general are hopelessly behind the times.

It's a queer world

The chief lawyer for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association once described America's neighbor to the north as "a pleasantly authoritarian country." It may be much less pleasant if the legislature passes a pending bill to add "sexual orientation" to the "hate propaganda" statute. Any public criticism of homosexuality, homosexual marriage, or any other political goal of organized faggotry would then be prosecutable as "hate." The Saskatechewan Human Rights Commission has already decreed that a newspaper ad containing Bible passages critical of homosexuality was a "human rights offense," and a British Columbia court upheld the suspension of a high school teacher for writing letters critical of homos to the local newspaper.

In Sweden, church sermons are specifically actionable under law, and a Pentecostal minister is already facing charges for quoting the Bible on homosexuality. In England, an Anglican bishop was "investigated" for comments made to a newspaper, and the Irish Council for Civil Liberties has said that circulation of a Vatican statement against homo marriage could be considered "incitement to hatred."

May 22, 2004

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