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The witch is dead

Susan Sontag, the Jewish "intellectual" lionized by the Left for defaming the white race as "the cancer of human history," died in December — ironically after a battle of nearly 30 years against that same disease in one form or another. As Noel Coward wrote in his diary on the death of Gandhi, "In my humble opinion a bloody good thing but far too late."

The full Sontag quote is as follows: "The white race is the cancer of human history; it is the white race and it alone — its ideologies and inventions — which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself." Her tribe, of course, has gloried for thousands of years over its legendary "eradication" of "autonomous civilizations" in Canaan and nearby areas, and is still working furiously (although it is using less-direct means) toward the same goal today.

Too white to matter

Funding for the very popular guided walks in England's Lake District National Park has been axed by the UK and the European Union because they attract only "middle-aged, middle-class white people." The move is part of a three-year plan to meet government "targets" (read "quotas") for dragging ethnic (read "nonwhite") minorities, "inner-city" (read "nonwhite") children, and the disabled to the park — apparently whether they have any real interest or not.

No jail — you're Jewish

Three ultra-orthodox Jews in Australia, who have admitted participation in a $90 million tax-evasion/money-laundering scam, will not go to jail — because of their religion. Judge Michael Strong sentenced Nachum Goldberg, 58, to five years in prison for masterminding the scheme (he will be out in half that time), but gave his wife and two adult sons only suspended sentences because jail would be "extraordinarily difficult" for them.

The judge determined to his satisfaction that the family members were genuinely devout in their beliefs, eschewing TV, radio, movies, tobacco, alcohol, and even newspapers, except for a few Jewish publications — too bad they didn't shun crime! — and expressed concern that "delivery of kosher food to the jail and concerns about its contamination would be a constant issue — and absolutely vital for the prisoner." Even worse, imprisonment would place the Goldbergs "in situations which [they] would regard not only as traumatic but as deeply humiliating, degrading, and offensive to [their] religious beliefs and [their] cultural background," and they would be prime targets for "discrimination and abuse or worse by other prisoners because of their unusual appearance." Christian prisoners facing certain homosexual rape and other violent abuse are apparently not entitled to similar consideration in Judge Strong's court.

The Goldbergs made at least $800,000 by using a phony Israeli charity to move as much as $90 million to the Promised Land illegally. Goldberg refused to name his wealthy clients — obviously co-religionists — or help the authorities in any way. "When the investigators tried to follow the money trail," Judge Strong observed, "they hit a brick wall in the form of the refusal of the Israeli government or the Israeli banks to cooperate." Certainly no surprise there!

Truth may be hazardous to your health

Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, was arrested on "hate" charges in December, after the BBC broadcast a documentary (hatchet job) in which he was taped without his knowledge referring to Islam as a "vicious, wicked faith." Truth, of course, is no defense in the UK. BNP founding chairman John Tyndall, 70, was also arrested as a result of the skullduggery by Britain's official Ministry of Truth. What a vicious, wicked faith is "equality"!

One damned fool can make a difference

Laws in so-called democracies are far too often made by knaves at the instigation of fools. In other cases, the motivation is even more insidious. Here are a few new legislative idiocies and nightmares that went into effect on January 1:

Thanks to a jackass who raised a tiger in his Harlem apartment — until the 400-pound beast sought to snack on his leg — no one in the state of New York may now have a wild animal as a pet.

Maine's ambitious program of socialized medicine took a giant step forward by implementing coverage for small businesses and the self-employed. Under this scheme, health-care premiums are based on one's ability to pay, which means all of the state's taxpayers are footing the bills. Somewhere, Karl Marx is making a little holiday in his heart.

Missouri has expanded its mandatory DNA-collection program from "violent" felons to all felons. This demonstrates once again how popular violations of the rights of the most loathsome among us are inevitably expanded, one step at a time, to enslave everyone in the end. Or does anyone really think the process will end here?

Old wine in new bottles

The full resources of the FBI are being brought to bear against the anonymous writer of a series of "hate" letters threatening prominent interracial couples, including entertainers, athletes, business leaders, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Authorities in New York, Connecticut, Los Angeles, and Ohio are also trying to catch the "hater," who has sent at least 70 missives to black men who are intimate with white women. The letters threaten the males with castration, shooting, or being set on fire. Shockingly, reports the New York Daily News, "in each case, the letters call the black man a sellout or traitor to his race for dating or marrying a white woman." Well, well ... the times, they really are a changin'!

Smile when you say that!

The Canadian Supreme Court has been asked to decide whether use of the term "kemosabe" — Tonto's famous greeting to the Lone Ranger — is racist. The case involves an American Indian woman who complained that her supervisor's use of the word — which is supposed to mean "friend" — is a racial slur and has poisoned the atmosphere at work. (She never indicated to the boss that she was offended, nor did she ask him to stop using the word — at least, apparently, until the possibility of a nice payday reared its seductive head.) The Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission spent a whole day looking at old Lone Ranger TV episodes to verify that the word was never used there in a derogatory way. An appeals court has upheld a finding of no discrimination, but the commission — for the first time in its 37-year existence — is asking for Supreme Court review.

January 15, 2005

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