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Raping children,
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We are continually propagandized with the claim that "all cultures are equally valid," and that no one has the right to criticize any practice of any non-white group, no matter how manifestly bizarre, repulsive, or insane it may be. (The converse, of course, is also true — that any aspect of white culture and civilization is fair game for any criticism, no matter how bizarre, repulsive and insane that criticism may be.) With that in mind, consider the following actual news stories.

A 55-year-old Aboriginal "elder" in Australia was convicted of hitting a 14-year-old "promised wife" in the head with a boomerang and then raping her anally. Following an "under-the-tree" legal session, at which the defendant claimed he thought those actions were allowed under tribal law, an Australian judge handed down a 24-month sentence — but the territorial Supreme Court reduced the punishment to just four weeks.

An American journalist was killed in Iraq in August because he was engaged to be married to a Muslim woman who served as his interpreter. American media interpreted the shooting death of Steven Vincent as retribution for his reporting, but the British press notes that local officials in Basra, where the killing occurred, believe it was triggered by his impending marriage. His intended bride was also shot, but survived.

A Pakistani court has sentenced a Christian to seven years' imprisonment for "insulting the Koran" by (it is alleged) putting his legs on the book while lying in bed and threatening to tear out pages and write magic spells on them. Under Pakistan's blasphemy laws, anyone who throws a Koran on the ground, touches it with his feet, or says anything derogatory about it, Mohammed, or Islam is subject to punishment up to and including death.

In March, a Saudi Arabian court sentenced a writer to four months in prison and 275 lashes after he was accused of being "corrupt" by the local Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

According to "experts," a majority of young women from some poor villages in southwestern China eagerly work as prostitutes in brothels from Thailand to Singapore in an effort to help support their families back home. "All of the girls would like to go, but some have to [stay home and] take care of their parents," proud hooker Ye Xiang, 20, told a reporter for Taiwan News Online.

Officials in the Indian state of Orissa recently discovered a 43-year-old woman who they say was locked up by her family in an abandoned outhouse for as long as 25 years. Her brother declared that she was imprisoned because her erratic behavior adversely affected his chances for marriage.

Last April, Saudi authorities arrested 40 Pakistanis and charged them with the heinous crime of celebrating a Catholic Mass in a private residence. Any worship but that of Islam is banned by "our" noble allies in the Saudi kingdom.

In its infinite tribal wisdom, a village council in Pakistan has ruled that a 2-year-old girl must be wed to a total stranger 40 years her senior — as punishment for the actions of the child's uncle. The uncle slept with another man's wife, so "justice" decrees that his niece must be married to the offended husband as compensation when she turns 16.

Under the direction of another village council in late 2004, a 4-year-old Paki girl was killed by the tribe after being declared "unclean" — because she had been raped.

Iran has arrested several Internet "bloggers" for their cyber-activities. One man was sentenced to 14 years in prison, another received a six-month sentence, and a third was still awaiting trial at last report.

Police in Berlin, Germany, arrested three Muslim brothers in March for murdering a 23-year-old Turkish woman in an apparent "honor killing" — because she had shamed her husband by taking their child and fleeing from him. According to a BBC report, children at a school playground near the murder site spoke approvingly of the crime because the victim had "lived like a German." This was the sixth "honor killing" in a six-month period among the city's 200,000-member Turkish community, and the 45th in Berlin since 1997. Ozcan Mutlu, a Turkish member of the city council, whined that German authorities do not give sufficient attention to such crimes.

A 25-year-old Hindu woman, married to a Muslim, told Indian authorities that she was doused with kerosene and set on fire by her husband, his mother, and a cousin because she was "too devout" in her devotion to Islam. Other villagers affirmed that the mother-in-law had been jealous over the victim's popularity in the community as a result of her careful observance of her new faith's traditions.

Last year, a Saudi court found a woman guilty of bigamy — and sentenced her father to prison for accepting a dowry from the second husband.

Ignoring her claim that she was kidnapped and raped, an Iranian court has ordered a teenage girl to suffer 100 lashes of the whip for having sex. Two young men involved received sentences of 30 and 40 lashes.

Some excerpts from the teachings of Islam, the world-famous "religion of peace":

§  To offer greetings to a Christian at Christmas — even to wish "Happy Holidays" — is "a practice more loathsome to God ... than imbibing liquor, or murder, or fornication."

§  Muslims who convert to another religion "should be killed because [they] have denied the Koran."

§  Jews "are worse than donkeys" and are the corrupting force "behind materialism, bestiality, the destruction of the family, and the dissolution of society."

§  "Democracy," whatever is meant by that, is "responsible for all the horrible wars" of the 20th century, and for spreading "ignorance, moral decadence, and drugs."

Some may protest that Islam isn't wrong on all subjects in every respect, but I am going to press on.

Alim Hassan, 31, a Guyanese Muslim, has been charged with killing his pregnant wife, her sister, and her mother, who were all stabbed an "extraordinary" number of times. Authorities believe the slayings stemmed from Hassan's complaint that his wife (of Guyanese Hindu descent) was not converting to Islam quickly enough. The murders took place in New Jersey — all praise to Allah for the succulent fruits of diversity!

January 5, 2006

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