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The "good Negro" strikes again

Flush from victories in which the Republican Party seized control of Congress in 1994, Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich made specific public promises to eliminate "affirmative action," which they very properly denounced as blatant discrimination against whites. Then the topic suddenly disappeared from the political radar screen, and legislation offered by a few who took them at their word died without even a hearing in committee.

Legend has it that this effort was scuttled by Rep. J.C. (Julius Caesar) Watts (R-Okla.), the only black Republican in Congress at the time (or since), who warned the weak-kneed Dole and Gingrich that such action would lose the GOP that one black vote in twelve that it manages to get (mostly by accident, no doubt).

In December, Watts, since resigned from Congress and making lots of money as a token, tame Negro for business interests, was again up to his old tricks. Speaking at a GOP fund-raiser, he falsely told Republicans that their party could not survive unless it successfully courted blacks and other minorities. Over the next several years, he counseled, they must appeal to Negroes by focusing on home ownership, education, and other issues in which the federal government actually has no legitimate business whatsoever.

In fact, as the late Samuel Francis so ably pointed out, if the GOP could increase its share of the white vote by just one or two percentage points, it would not need a single vote from blacks or Hispanics to remain in control. The increase could easily be achieved by championing true immigration control, real welfare reform, the end of affirmative action, and many other white-friendly issues that never see the light of day — all for fear of the ungrateful and unnecessary minorities.

Houston rewarded

Houston, Texas, the city with such a big heart that it took in the lion's share of New Orleans' "refugees" from Hurricane Katrina, has been suitably rewarded for that humanitarian effort.

In the first 51 weeks of 2005, the city saw 324 homicides — an increase of 24 percent over the same period in 2004. More specifically, the "refugees" began arriving in late September and October. Fifty-one of the killings occurred in November and the first three weeks of December, representing a fantastic 70 percent jump over the same period in the previous year — making it impossible to believe that the massive influx of New Orleans Negroes was not a primary contributing factor.

Houston Mayor Bill White is demanding that the feds fund a $6.5 million task force to fight the rise in crime, which he attributes to increased gang activity and "population growth" from Katrina. "We had criminals here before the evacuation, and we had some more criminals here after the evacuation," he stated obliquely.

"Some people who preyed on the vulnerable and broke the rules in Louisiana have gravitated to certain apartment complexes which already had a high concentration of crime," noted police chief Harold Hurtt, who came closest to admitting the truth of the situation.

Exceeding the quota

In 2004, fully a quarter of all the world's airplane accidents occurred in Africa, although that region accounts for less than 5 percent of global air traffic. In the first 50 weeks of 2005, 15 of 57 worldwide air crashes occurred in the Dark Continent, claiming 390 of the 1,229 total fatalities, says the International Air Transport Association. In a story on this phenomenon, the BBC asked, "So, why is Africa prone to air accidents? As air companies rush to take off are they and governments ignoring safety? Should some pilots and planes not even be in the sky?" The BBC asked, but it doesn't really want to know the answers.

A loss for American "diversity"

A federal appeals court in St. Louis has denied asylum to a man from Zimbabwe who claims he will be persecuted there because he is queer. William Kimumwe, now living in Minneapolis, admitted he was expelled from school in his black-racist, socialist-paradise homeland when he was 12 for having sex with another boy. At age 15 he was detained for two months over a sexual "encounter" with another male, achieved by getting his victim drunk. The court ruled that Zimbabwean authorities were reacting to his actions, and not necessarily to his homosexuality — which has been illegal there since 1998, when President-for-Life Robert Mugabe declared homos "lower than pigs and dogs."

Same old story

Every year, the Morgan Quinto Press ranks the "most dangerous" U.S. cities, based on crime statistics. Every year, these cities are the most overwhelmingly black areas of the nation. Somehow, nobody but this writer — as far as I know — has been "insensitive" enough to make that very simple and obvious correlation, and to state it in print. See for yourself:

Most dangerous cities — 2005

1. Camden, N.J.
2. Detroit, Mich.
3. St. Louis, Mo.
4. Flint, Mich.
5. Richmond, Va.
6. Baltimore, Md.
7. Atlanta, Ga.
8. New Orleans, La.
9. Gary, Ind.
10. Birmingham, Ala.
Any questions?

Murder — intentional and "unintentional"

     Eighteen-year-old Lakeisha Adams was arrested in Bogalusa, Louisiana, in December and reportedly admitted putting her 3-month-old son in a clothes dryer and running it until he had burned to death. Zenadia Franklin, described in the media as "the girlfriend of the dead baby's father," faulted local authorities: "I told them y'all need to watch 'Keisha, but they wouldn't listen."

     A black mother and grandmother in Florida are facing homicide charges after deliberately dunking a 3-year-old boy in scalding water as punishment for misbehavior. The mother, Valerie Kennedy, 30, had lost custody of Jaquez Mason because of abuse and was not supposed to have contact with him, but her mother — who was raising five of Valerie's eight kids — allowed her to come for a Christmas visit. Within hours of her arrival, according to reports, the mother inflicted second- and third-degree burns over half of her son's body, then took him to her home, where he suffered untreated for a week before dying.

     Carlos D. Williams, 27, a Virginia Negro, was convicted in December of "unintentional murder" and feticide for beating his girlfriend to death in an attempt to kill their unborn child. According to a witness, Williams beat her on the stomach with a baseball bat, then taped her ankles and wrists in duct tape and stomped on her. If the baby had died and the mother had lived, the most authorities could presumably have prosecuted him for is practicing medicine without a license.

The best and brightest

A newspaper in Jamaica printed a letter in November from a teacher at an "upgraded high school" on the island, who told the following story:

I met a student recently who could not spell the words "mother," "cat," or her last name, albeit the name is a bit difficult. When I asked her to spell "me," she asked me what is me. She did not understand or recognise the word "me"; neither could she spell it! I was amazed!...

There are students in the system who don't even know the letters of the alphabet much less spell a two-letter word. [sic] Believe me, I am not joking....

Ah, the good old days!

The black African nation of Malawi has enjoyed a multiparty political system and a free press since "President-for-Life" Hastings Banda's term was finally ended by his murder in 1994.

When Banda, who wantonly tortured and killed his enemies, was dispatched, the country was suffering from 30 years of food shortages brought on by his idiotic one-crop cultivation policy, and per capita income was about $200 a year. Nevertheless, Banda had provided a "safety net" for farmers, furnishing subsidized seed and fertilizer, and guaranteeing world-market prices for native-grown corn.

Today, after eleven years of "freedom," Undule Mwakasungura, director of the country's Centre for Human Rights, moans, "We are poorer than we ever were." Only about 1 percent of the nation's arable land is irrigated, and an estimated 20 percent of the population is infected with HIV/AIDS. The United Nations World Food Program has requested donations of $150 million in food aid to keep Malawians from starving. "Banda was dictatorial, but at least he made sure that people never died of hunger," Mwakasungura fondly recalls.

February 17, 2006

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