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Freak show #23
Stupid Negro tricks


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Yes, before anyone asks, I know that people of all ethnicities make horrendously stupid decisions, and ruin not only their own lives but also the lives of others. I need not be reminded of George W. Bush, or of the United States Senate's effort to utterly destroy this nation with its recently passed version of immigration legislation. But it certainly appears that Negroes are prone to make spectacles of themselves far out of proportion to their numbers, and in far more shocking and unforgettable ways than other people.

So, disclaimers out of the way — now, from your very own Ripley of racism, a choice selection of (drum roll, please) stupid Negro tricks!

• On the syndicated People's Court TV show this past season, viewers were treated to the spectacle of a mixed couple — black male and white female, of course! — all upset and suing because the person from whom they purchased their dog could not provide papers proving it to be a pure-breed. Quite obviously, they do not care a fraction as much about the pedigree of their own children.

• The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently issued a glowing article about a young summer intern who "is not a farmer, not the typical gender [sic], and not of the industry's majority race." The intrepid Negro lass is studying business with an emphasis on marketing and plans to work in the agriculture sector. Her name — Maladee Packer. Why in God's name would anyone saddle his or her daughter with a moniker that's a synonym for disease, even if it's deliberately spelled wrong?

• Recently I was at a supermarket checkout counter manned by a whitish woman wearing a Muslim-type head scarf. Business was slow, and the Negress at the next register, who had no customers, was lounging against her stand and babbling almost nonstop at her co-worker while the latter tried valiantly to ignore her and take care of business. As I departed, I heard a vintage whine: "Why doan' you like me no mo'? Is it 'cause I'm bleck?"

• A Washington, D.C., Negro was arrested after he stormed into a police station and demanded to know why his photo was being shown on television. Seeking to identify a suspect, the cops had furnished local TV stations with a store surveillance tape showing an unknown black man using a credit card belonging to a person who had been robbed and murdered.

• When she decided to run for the Alabama state legislature in a majority-black district, Patricia Todd naively expected that her lesbianhood would be an issue. But after she defeated Gaynell Hendricks, a Negress, by 59 votes in a Democratic primary runoff, she learned the reality of "diversity" in America: the real problem with her victory was the fact that she is white. At a news conference, the loser's supporters accused "white people" of stealing the election. The loser's mother-in-law filed a challenge to the election with the Party, but Todd says expenses related to the challenge were paid by Joe Reed, head of the state's Black Caucus, who had circulated a letter during the campaign urging Todd's defeat because she is white. Reed also demanded to be placed on the Party committee that will adjudicate the dispute — and the power to appoint two of the other four members! So far, he has been unsuccessful in that incredible power grab. No Republican, of course, bothered to run in the 54th House District, so the winner of this dispute will be automatically elected in November.

• His pastor says it's "a huge miscarriage of justice" — namely, the conviction of Florida State Senator Gary Siplin (D-Orlando) for stealing thousands of dollars by forcing three state-paid employees to spend official time working on his 2004 re-election campaign. Rev. Randolph Bracy, Jr. — who has obviously failed to effectively communicate basic biblical tenets to his flock — ranted: "There is a reason to question whether the judicial system is unjust and unfair to black men who speak for the downtrodden, disinherited, and dispossessed." According to an Orlando Sentinel report, more than a dozen local ministers and members of the Florida Civil Rights Association joined Bracy, who is chairman of the Social Justice Commission of the African American Council of Clergy, at a news conference to defend his congregant's blatant violation of the Eighth Commandment. (The Sentinel reported the pastor's ludicrous remarks with the equivalent of a straight face, demonstrating anew just how effectively race has replaced reason in America.)

• Kevin Holder, 41, brought additional credit to his race on August 14, when he was arrested for the 226th time in Lincoln, Nebraska — on this occasion for breaking into at least four automobiles and stealing items inside them. Described understatedly by the police chief as a "prolific career criminal," Holder boasts a rap sheet (such a fitting term!) going back to 1980 and recounting instances of trespassing, theft, assault, resisting arrest, child abuse, and many more crimes, but he has spent a total of only six years in jail. Apparently still unaccustomed to dealing with marauding Negroes, Nebraska does not have a 225-strikes-and-you're-out law.

• A 12-year-old Milwaukee girl has been charged with negligent homicide in the shooting death of her 13-year-old boyfriend. According to authorities, the incident occurred after the boy had provided a demonstration on how to use the 9mm Ruger handgun. His 14-year-old brother, from whom he had apparently obtained the gun, faces ten counts on weapons violations, including one for pointing a .357 Magnum at elementary-school children earlier this year. Since they are all minors, no photos were made available, but considering the brother's actions and the fact that the victim's first name was Romell, we must consider all of the players guilty of negritude until proven innocent.

• Eric Miller was the first black to attend the exclusive St. Stephen's School in Alexandria, Virginia, where he graduated with honors. His law degree was from Harvard; he was an up-and-coming attorney with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission; he coached the athletic teams of his two children. Last year, at age 45, he was beaten to death with a lead pipe in an Alexandria motel room, after which his killer and a lady friend sat over his dead body and smoked the crack cocaine he had brought with him. At the trial of Dana Moro (who was convicted), it was revealed that all three had been on a weeklong crack binge at the time of the murder and that Miller was killed because he didn't want to share his drugs. As his father noted, Eric "didn't pick friends very well."

• Former terrorist, now President-for-Life Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has finally admitted that his murderous policy of seizing farmland from whites and giving it to ignorant Negroes has been a failure. "If farming is not in your blood, switch to what you're good at," he has at last exhorted. "We want those with land to use it. We don't want to keep begging for food." Although the nation once exported fabulous quantities of food, it has since 2001 largely depended for sustenance on charity from the World Food Program, thanks to the insanity of its brutal leader. The country's economy has shrunk by almost 40 percent over the past six years, and its inflation rate is nearly 1,000 percent. Mugabe's government recently announced that it would take steps to fight inflation — by printing more money.

September 5, 2006

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