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Freak show #27
All hail the "religion of peace"
— or face death, you infidel dogs!



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No sooner had the World Trade Center towers collapsed, with the Pentagon still smoking, than the White House came forth with admonitions not to hold Islam or its adherents responsible — actually calling the violent and demented gutter cult a "religion of peace."

To further subvert Americans' righteous anger against Islam, mainstream media outlets have conspired to suppress all showing of the September 11 attack footage, and repeated instances of "instant jihad" by Muslims against average Americans throughout the country have been deliberately played down as unconnected, individual peccadillos.

Remember that Bosnian Muslim who took an automatic weapon and a backpack full of ammo into a Utah shopping center, where he shot and killed people at random until he was slain by an off-duty policeman? That was nothing but a slow-motion "suicide bombing," infinitely more ambitious and potentially more deadly than a bomb strapped to some idiot's body. Despite the man's clear intent of murdering as many "infidels" as possible, our elites steadfastly refuse to call his assault the act of terrorism that it was. Instead, we hear only pleas not to blame "Bosnians" for the act of mass murder, because our politicians and media are fearful even to breathe the word "Muslim" in connection with this and a number of similar outrages.

Obviously, the Western world's cowardly pols and media people have been paying more attention to the ongoing worldwide jihad than they want the average person to know:

     Tufts University has found a conservative campus magazine guilty of "harassment" (thought crime) for printing a full-page supplement headlined: "Islam — Arabic Translation: Submission." And here we thought truth — as demonstrated by the very submission of these gutless officials — was a defense! Greg Lukianoff of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) noted that the decision "appeared not even to raise the issue of whether or not the statements ... were true, but turned only on how they made people feel." He called on the university to honor "its moral obligations to protect freedom of speech."

     A fast-growing group of apostate Muslims in Germany has received a number of death threats, prompting police to offer plainclothes bodyguards to high-profile members of the National Council of Ex-Muslims. The "radical" agenda of the group, according to spokesman Mina Ahadi: "We are going to get involved in politics, oppose women wearing headscarves, oppose building plans for mosques. We'll stop honor-killings, stop people being stoned to death." Another commented: "We cannot remain bystanders, as if we were in a theater, when we see what religion is doing to people." They are certainly far braver than America's alleged "leaders."

     A female Christian teacher in Gombe, Nigeria, was beaten to death in March by Muslim secondary-school students, allegedly for "desecrating" the Koran. At least five individuals were killed and several Christian churches burned last year in another Nigerian state after a Christian teacher confiscated a Koran being read by a student during class. The confiscation was circulated in the community as a "desecration" and set Muslims on a deadly rampage. At least 15,000 people have been murdered in political, religious, and community violence since military rule came to an end in Nigeria in 1999.

     Brussels, Belgium, capital of the European Union, is host to hundreds of organized demonstrations for various causes each year, and rarely rejects any request for a permit to hold one. Only six applications, out of more than 3,000, have been denied in the past five years. But Mayor Freddy Thielemans has turned thumbs down on a proposed September 11 march against the Islamization of Europe — for fear of offending the Muslim invaders (or should that be "rulers"?). Thielemans is a member of the pro-Muslim Parti Socialiste, the largest in the city, which holds 17 of 47 council seats — and 10 of those 17 are Muslims! The racially aware Brussels Journal ( describes Freddy as "an atheist who is fond of Muslims, not because he respects religious people, but because he hates Christians."

     Employees of Britain's National Health Service have recently been ordered by the agency's Equality and Diversity Officer not to eat at their desks during the Muslim "feast" of Ramadan, to avoid "offending" their fasting colleagues who are followers of the Prophet. Such "insensitive" behavior might be especially offensive to the National Health Service's apparent multitudes of Muslim immigrant doctors, and could even distract some of them from planning and executing still more terrorist attacks against their host country.

     Norwegian-Iranian (one shudders to think) Mamand Mamandy fled his native Iran for Norway as an asylum seeker in 1999, and is currently awaiting a decision on citizenship. Despite claiming to fear for his life, he recently returned to the nation of his oppression and drank two beers there. When Islamic police got wind of the transgression, they gave him 130 lashes on his back — or so he claims. There is nothing like new "oppression" to speed an asylum claim forward in a bleeding-heart racial-suicide cult such as Norway, even if one seeks it out and invites it so blatantly.

     In a new video, al Qaeda honcho Ayman al-Zawahiri urges all nonwhites across the world to join in his religion's holy war against the white West. "Al Qaeda is not merely for the benefit of Muslims," he says. "That is why I want blacks in America, people of color, American Indians, Hispanics, and all the weak and oppressed in North and South America, in Africa and Asia, and all over the world."

Well, whom does that leave? That pretty well defines the real target of this one-sided war, doesn't it?

August 30, 2007

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