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Freak show #28
Dueling privileges,
or, Ain't diversity wonderful?


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In these days when everyone except heterosexual white males enjoys special "protected" status — a semantic illusion designed to disguise the blatant demotion of straight white guys to second-class citizenship — nothing is more delightful than to watch a confrontation between members of two privileged groups, each acting on the arrogant assumption that his group is "more equal" than the other:

Race generally trumps sex, but not in St. Louis, where a jury turned thumbs down on a black American Airlines employee who was fired for using an anti-homosexual slur. Lamonte Young admitted the charge, but claimed his co-worker had first slurred him with a derogatory term for a Negro. (Gee, wonder what that could have been, and what might have provoked it.) Under its zero-tolerance policy for "hate-based" comments, American has fired more than 100 workers in the past five years. Comments by whites against blacks were reportedly the most common reason for dismissal, with anti-queer epithets second. How likely is it that anybody has ever been booted for an anti-white slur?

Attempts by the European Union to legislate an outright ban of the Swastika as a reminder of Hitlerism are being strongly opposed by immigrant Hindus, who point out that the Hakenkreuz has been a religious symbol in their faith for millennia.

The idiots who run the government schools in Westbury, N.Y., called out the police to keep a 14-year-old deaf boy from bringing his "helper" dog to class. It's hard to believe that they would have treated a sightless person the same way — but even a blind man can see there's basically no difference under today's "disability" laws.

In March, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids demanded that the group trying to establish a U.S. National Slavery Museum return a $200,000 donation from tobacco purveyor Philip Morris USA. By taking the donation, "the museum is joining forces with a company that continues to target children for another form of slavery," thundered anti-tobacco melodramatist Matthew L. Myers. To no one's surprise, Vonita Foster of the museum, which is trying to raise $165 million to perpetuate its whining, said there are no plans to send the money back.

Environmentalist fanatics inundate us every day about the desperate need for "alternative" energy sources such as solar energy and wind power. But neighbors near 126 British "wind farms" are complaining bitterly that the constant hum and loud "whooshing" noise made by the turbine blades are destroying their property values and quality of life. In a survey of those living within 1.2 miles of the facilities, three-quarters of respondents complained, some blaming the turbines for severe lack of sleep, migraines, depression, heart palpitations, and other disorders.

Claiming she is "severely sensitive" to perfumes and other cosmetics, a city employee is suing Detroit because officials will not stop a co-worker from using a "strong scent" and a room deodorizer at her desk. According to her suit, this work environment violates the Americans With Disabilities Act, which was deliberately written as an open-ended license for malcontents and lunatics to sue over any real or imagined "disability."

Claiming his religion prevented him from associating with dogs because the Koran says they are "unclean," Vancouver (B.C.) taxi driver Behzad Saidy, a Muslim, refused to pick up a blind fare because the man was accompanied by a guide dog. Three days before a hearing with the British Columbia Human Rights Commission over the incident, the taxi firm settled with this victim of Muslim terrorism for $2,500. Part of the settlement was a ludicrous order that settles nothing: the company must bar any driver from turning away certified guide dogs — unless the driver is allergic to dogs or has an "honest religious belief" that does not allow him to transport canines. In the latter case, the driver must call for the next available cab and remain with the blind person until it arrives.

The blind man complained that he has endured such treatment since 1985, when he got his first guide dog. The Muslim driver claims the incident constitutes discrimination against him because the judge who granted him citizenship 15 years ago told him he could practice his religion and culture. "This is torture for me," he moaned — but he's not suffering nearly as much as Canadian civilization.

The Jewish community of Melbourne, Australia, is up in arms about a baseball-bat attack on two Jewish teenagers by two men, at least one of whom was alleged to be a Sikh. "They pulled out two baseball bats and started whacking me from either side, calling me a f---ing Jew," complained one victim. As always, local Jewish groups denounced the attack as "senseless," which is Newspeak for "done for a reason we don't want people to know." Does anyone really believe that there would be any appreciable number of Sikhs in Australia without the relentless, decades-long push by Jews for special treatment of racial minorities to create "diversity" in every country on the planet — except Israel?

September 16, 2007

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