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My religion — your problem!


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Western civilization has come a long way in the past two generations — all of it straight downhill.

Religion is a notable example of this degeneracy. Starting about fifty years ago, European and European-descended nations enacted strong bars against the influence of Christianity, their peoples' traditional religion, in governmental deliberations and actions.

Once that was accomplished, those godless governments quickly began to grant special consideration and influence to every religion except that of their own forefathers, gleefully making their own brethren second-class citizens while further empowering the invaders and despoilers of their countries. In case after case, the most nonsensical and obstructionist beliefs and rituals are being granted official protection by our rulers.

Space permits me to detail only a fraction of the offenses collected over a period of just a few months, and the trend is definitely accelerating in what seems like geometrical progression.

Open wide and say "Allah"

A Muslim dentist employed by Britain's National Health "Service" told a patient he would not treat her unless she wore a head scarf, in keeping with his religious practices. Dentist Omer Butt had previously been involved in official hearings regarding the harboring of an Algerian terrorist who was convicted of stabbing a police constable to death in 2003. He is also the brother of onetime Islamic extremist Hassan Butt, who said he had "no problem" with terrorism, and felt that the 9/11 attacks "served the pleasure of Allah." Hassan has since recanted those statements and now calls for non-violence from his co-religionists.

Exempting cruelty

After a complaint from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a special prosecutor has been named to investigate charges of animal abuse at a kosher slaughter plant in Omaha, Nebraska. The group claims that cows are permitted to writhe in pain for as long as two minutes after their throats are cut, and that workers tear the animals' necks with hooks and rip tags from their ears while they are still alive.

The plant operates under an agreement between New York's Sholom Rubashkin family and the Oglala Indians of South Dakota's Pine Ridge Reservation. The Rubashkins also own the world's largest kosher slaughter plant, in Postville, Iowa. Previous PETA complaints against this latter installation resulted in no charges being filed by federal officials.

Rubashkin claims the process meets legal requirements, and asserts that kosher slaughter is exempt from the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act "as long as the certifying authority verifies that it is in keeping with those procedures of that religion. Then it is, by definition, humane."

He also, naturally, called the complaints an attack on his religion.

Pork derangement syndrome

British Muslims are fighting plans for a new pet-food plant near Rugby, because they fear pork smells wafting from the facility and pork extracts that may "rain down" from the factory's 100-foot chimney. "Because of the way in which this meat material will leave the factory and given that the area can be 'rained upon,' we will be consuming pork via inhalation of this 'rain,'" ranted one local Muslim. A plant spokesman noted: "If Muslims are unhappy about it, then Jews may complain for the same reason, and Hindus may complain because of their beliefs about cows being sacred animals." Ah, "diversity" is such a strength!

Somali Muslim cashiers at a Target store in Minnesota are refusing to touch bacon and other pork products — although, of course, the products are fully sealed and these troublemakers are no closer to touching pork than they are to touching sanity. Dr. Shan Khan, of the Islamic Center of Minnesota, has urged locals to tolerate this intolerance: "Many of these people are refugees. They may have been tortured. And they came here never having held a book in English. They are already adapting to our [sic] society. We need to adapt to them, too."

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has reinstated the lawsuit of a Muslim against Dunkin' Donuts for requiring him — as a condition of his employment — to sell breakfast sandwiches that contain pork.

In a slight nod to sanity amid a sea of lunacy, U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman has summarily dismissed a Michigan Muslim prisoner's lawsuit contending that his being served pork in the prison violates his First Amendment rights: "He has merely alleged that he has a constitutional right to pork-free meals. He does not," wrote the judge. Friedman also noted the "incredibly speculative" claim that the prisoner knows he was served pork because he got "a headache and fever" after eating some meat. The suer, Karim Koubriti, is an alleged member of an Islamic "sleeper cell." He was convicted in 2003 of supporting terrorism, but that conviction was overturned by another judge who found prosecutorial misconduct.

A Lewiston, Maine, middle-school student was suspended and could be charged with a "hate crime" for placing a bagged ham steak on a lunch table where Somali Muslim students were gathered. Dramatizing the event for the press, a 14-year-old "victim" claimed: "At the school the next day, I didn't feel safe. I felt like everybody was against me. Before I felt like I fit in, and everything was normal.... But for the rest of my life, when I remember middle school, this will pop up right away."

Not only was the matter treated as a serious "hate" incident but the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence was even called in to create a "response plan" to brainwash the student body. "Incidents like this that involve degrading language or conduct are often said by the perpetrator [to be] a joke. I know that conduct is never static," melodramatized Center executive director Stephen Wessler to justify his pay, "It's part of a process of escalation."

Witches, yes; Jesus, no

A federal court in Pennsylvania has upheld an elementary school's decision to ban Bible reading but to allow teachers to suggest books about "witches and Halloween." The case arose out of an assignment in which parents were invited to read in class from their child's favorite book, but were denied the opportunity to use Christian scripture for that purpose.

The Department of Defense has settled a lawsuit filed by practitioners of witchcraft, and will henceforth allow five-pointed pentacles to be carved on government-issued headstones of fallen soldiers as "emblems of belief" in Arlington and other military cemeteries. Additionally, as part of the settlement, taxpayers will cough up $225,000 for the pagans' attorneys.

Invaders rule!

The Muslim Council of Britain has demanded sweeping changes in the country's educational system — demands that demonstrate the incredible arrogance of Islam and its total disregard for any other faith or belief system.

In a report titled "Towards Greater Understanding: Meeting the Needs of Muslim Pupils in State Schools," these invaders are demanding a ban on all "un-Islamic activities," including playground games, vaccinations, science lessons dealing with sex, and exams. During swimming lessons, they declare, boys must be covered "from the navel to the neck" (and at least somewhat below, we hope), and girls must be covered completely at all times, except for the face and hands. Only single-sex groupings would be allowed to participate in contact sports or field trips. Muslim kids must be taught Arabic, and the Koran must be recited in music classes. Muslim students would not be allowed to draw people in art classes, as their "holy book" forbids that.

Perhaps the most outrageous demand is that all students must be taught about Islam (favorably, of course), but Muslim students must be allowed to opt out of classes on Christianity and other religions. This special treatment is necessary, claims the council, because Muslim students would otherwise feel "excluded" from school activities.

The group claims to speak for all of Britain's Muslims, and was courted by former Prime Minister Tony Blair and other politicians after the 9/11 attacks.

Preying on the sabbath

Orthodox Jews, who make up about 85 percent of the owners in one condo unit of a South Florida retirement village, voted to impose a special assessment on all residents for renovations to make the elevator automatically stop on each of the four floors during the Jewish sabbath. This, of course, to evade the Talmudic edict against "work" on the sabbath, which includes pushing a button. (How lazy can you get?)

"I respect their desires, but why does the building have to pay for this?" moaned part-time resident Nicki Goldstein, 69, about the $11,000 cost. Sandra Bronner, an Auschwitz "survivor," likewise objected: "It doesn't matter if I have to push the button or not," she said. "If a majority of people are religious, let them pay for it. And I'm Orthodox." But, obviously, either not fanatically Orthodox, or a cheap one.

In 2006, a fight over a similar "sabbath elevator" in Baltimore resulted in a city council member's introducing legislation to bar condos from adopting rules that deny "reasonable accommodation" for practicing one's religion.

No legal "activism" here

Lina Joy, dubbed Malaysia's best-known Christian convert, has lost a six-year legal struggle to officially leave the Muslim religion. "You can't at whim and fancy convert from one religion to another," declared Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, chief justice of the Malaysian federal court, ruling that "the issue of apostasy is related to Islamic law, so it's under the sharia court. The civil court cannot intervene." The dissenting judge in the 2-1 decision was, not surprisingly, the only non-Muslim on the bench.

The woman had sought a change on her mandatory government ID card. As long as she is officially a Muslim, the state will not permit her to wed her Christian boyfriend.

Punch line: Malaysia is considered to practice a "moderate" brand of Islam.

Airport madness

Muslim cabbies at Chicago's O'Hare Airport are squealing because they're being ticketed for illegal parking near a "prayer trailer" that has been set up to accommodate their cult's requirements. They complain particularly that the city provided them with the facility, but not parking. Next they will be moaning that Chicago has failed to cough up 72 virgins for each of them.

Kansas City International Airport has installed four foot-washing benches to accommodate Muslim preparations for prayer. According to a World Net Daily report, terrorism experts say that pious suicide attackers must go through an "ablution" ritual, including foot-washing, before they become martyrs, and that the 9/11 hijackers did so before entering the terminals. Catering to these rituals at airports, some fear, could actually facilitate new terror attacks.

Flushed with pride

The Ninth Circus [sic] Court of Appeals has refused to permit an Arizona ski resort to use treated sewage to make snow on a federally owned mountain that several Indian tribes claim is "sacred." Both the Forest Service, which manages the federal land, and a lower court had approved the proposal — after all, don't most of us drink similarly treated water? But, citing the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act, the Notorious Ninth reversed, delighting Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Jr. (such a traditional "Native American" name!), who exulted, "The court has said that my rights, my religious rights, need to be protected." This is the same court that has been trying for more than a decade to remove a cross from a California mountain simply because it is a Christian symbol.

Lessons in tolerance

During a demonstration against the Pope in London late last year, Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary threatened: "Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment." The 39-year-old attorney (!) had previously organized mobs against the famed Danish cartoons depicting Mohammed, with placards declaring, "Behead Those Who Insult Islam."

A Qatari sheikh delayed an airplane in Italy for almost three hours, forcing 50 of 115 passengers to miss connecting flights, because three of his female relatives were seated next to male strangers — who were, no doubt, less than thrilled about the proximity. When His Nibs finally took his complaint to the pilot, that worthy captain ordered the troublemaker and his whole entourage of seven off the plane. Bravissimo!

An ethical dilemma is facing gynecologists in France, and elsewhere, who are increasingly being asked for plastic surgery to recreate the missing maidenheads of Muslim brides. "We get more and more women coming in and saying that their brothers or fathers will kill them if they find out they've slept with a man," declared Chairman Jacques Lansac of the French National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians. "But it's important to say no, because if we don't, we're giving in to the fundamentalists." Other doctors, of course, have different views, and many do perform the "hymenoplasty."

Stanislav Shmulevich of Brooklyn was arrested in July and charged with "hate crimes" for allegedly throwing two copies of the Koran into toilets last year at Pace University. The technical charges are "criminal mischief" and "aggravated harassment," although the source of the books is not made clear in press reports. If the books belonged to Shmulevich, then he had every right to do whatever he wished with them, and Muslims can shove their outrage right up their fatwas.

Fliers declaring: "Kill Jews and Christians if they don't believe in Allah and Mohammad" were found on cars in Macomb, Michigan, in late September. Ah, we are truly blessed to have so many practitioners of the religion of peace in America!

Corrupter of the Faith

Catholic Bishop "Tiny" Muskens of Breda, in the Netherlands, has suggested that Christians should use the Muslim appellation of "Allah" to refer to their god, in an effort to "ease tensions" between the two religions. He points approvingly to Indonesia and Middle Eastern Muslim nations, where he claims that Christians already use the term — although this utter jackass will not admit that it's done there out of fear rather than respect or comity.

Subsidizing hate

Although an estimated 80 percent of U.S. mosques are funded and controlled through the Saudi Arabian government, the federal government has awarded "terrorism" grants to some of them, including $15,000 for the Islamic Society of Baltimore to upgrade security at its facility. The extremely aggressive Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has been urging its members to apply for the millions in grants made available to organizations "deemed high-risk for a potential international terrorist attack." Although even the terminally wimpy European Union has announced that it will examine the training and funding sources of mosques in its member nations, the United States is not undertaking any similar effort.

And, on the other hand ...

The Minneapolis Metro Transit authority says it was wrong in trying to accommodate an infidel — I mean Christian — bus driver's religious objection to driving vehicles carrying pro-homosexual ads. After allowing the woman to drive only buses that did not carry the advertisement encouraging passengers to "Unleash Your Inner Gay," a spokesman declared that Metro Transit would probably not make the same decision over similar ads in the future.

October 6, 2007

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