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Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once sagely observed, "God helps those who help themselves." He would understand that 400 years of white Americans taking care of blacks has fostered a dependency mindset that is well-nigh unbreakable, especially when our misleaders continue to spend their time and our money encouraging and facilitating that self-defeating relationship.

Negroes were first brought to these shores in chains in 1619 — arguably the most horrendous event in American history. The crime was committed for the same stupid reason that white South Africans allowed blacks to pour into their relatively empty country until the latter conquered it by sheer numbers (with the help of white race-traitors in other nations) — because the whites were too lazy to pick their own cotton or clean their own toilets. The result has been national and racial suicide for South Africa, and the United States is following suit in slow motion.

While slaves in America were forced to work, they were not required to fend for themselves in obtaining the basics of life. Food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and other basic necessities were supplied by the master, much as food stamps, welfare payments, Social Security, public housing and housing vouchers, and Medicaid/Medicare are provided today by an all-powerful state that laughingly pretends to be utterly unable to quash such "entitlements" or at least hold down their incredible costs. Just as when Negroes were chattel property, whites continue to pay for the basic necessities of blacks — who today enjoy the status of a privileged, "protected" class.

At the same time they demand "equality," and even super-equality through racial preferences, black "leaders" deliberately cultivate an attitude of helplessness within the black community as a way of avoiding all responsibility for the wretched conditions in which their followers wallow. Those Negroes with enough brains and drive to make something of themselves are also smart enough not to be led by rabble-rousing race warlords such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Their success — outside the artificial advantage of affirmative action and other quotas — proves the falsity of that paradigm.

The "helplessness" whine is a continual mantra, even though it repels many who might otherwise buy into the "white guilt" fantasy. It not only demeans the very people the whiners are claiming to defend but also undercuts any rational arguments — if there be such — for treating the average Negro as the actual equal of the average white.

Three recent cases in point:

Katrina and Rita

The national showcase for black dependency and incompetence was Hurricane Katrina. Scores of thousands of Negroes deliberately ignored governmental pleas, and then governmental orders, to leave New Orleans before the storm hit. The city's incompetent black mayor failed to carry out the most basic provisions of his own evacuation plan (but did manage to get his own family out). Then, after the long-warned disaster occurred, an incredible mass wail went up that the government had "abandoned" these people, had totally "failed" them. (Blame naturally was centered on the feds, and particularly on the hated George W. Bush, because the idiot mayor and the nitwit female governor were both Democrats, the party that has been foremost in deliberately keeping blacks dependent for generations.)

Personal favorites among those broadcast wailers include a hefty black brood mare who stood with her children on a highway in Louisiana and squealed, "Nobody come along and tol' us where to go," and two former residents of the Superdome who complained vehemently to Fox News about conditions there. Asked if they had been fed, one replied angrily, "Yeah, they fed us. But we didn't get no hot meals!"

Even more revealing was the coming of Hurricane Rita a few weeks later. Armed with fresh (and endlessly repeated) knowledge of the disastrous effects of inaction in the Katrina debacle, the usual suspects easily managed to perform down to expectations. KOMO-TV of Houston provided a true public service by spotlighting the spectacle there.

"I done called for a shelter, I done called for help. There ain't none," declared a black woman in front of a check-cashing store a full two days before Rita was due to strike. According to KOMO, "more than 100 people, all of them black or Hispanic, fretted in line" to exchange checks for money — because they were apparently unequal to the responsibility of dealing with banks and ATM cards.

Eddie McKinney, 64, described as having "no home, no teeth, and a torn shirt," was drinking a beer outside a pawn shop. "I thought about going to Dallas, but now it's too late," he said. "I got no way to get there." But Eddie was optimistic: "A nice white man gave me a motel room for three days. Just walked up and said, 'Here.' So my buddy and me will stick it out.... We got a half-gallon of whiskey and a room."

It just don't get no better'n that, does it, Eddie? As long as the white man is always there to help, of course!

The tobacco buyout

The federal government is now in the process of passing out more than $10 billion in compensation for eliminating the exclusive right to grow tobacco that it granted for free to certain farmers in the 1930s. For three generations, those men and their descendants have been guaranteed an income through the "tobacco quota" monopoly, and now they stand to gain yet another obscene windfall. All of these quota holders were notified of the impending buyout and given a deadline for signing up to participate in this latest orgy of financial outrage.

But black tobacco producers, whimpered John Boyd, president of the National Black Farmers Association, needed extra time to sign up for the program. It wasn't enough that black quota-holders got the same notifications as all others and that the feds advertised the giveaway through farm publications, newspapers, and broadcast outlets in rural areas. Boyd claimed that only about 60 percent of his alleged 12,000 eligible members had signed up — compared to 90 percent of all eligible participants in Virginia, for example.

When the Department of Agriculture refused his demand for a 30-day extension of the sign-up deadline for stragglers, Boyd complained, "The department has chosen not to help us." Holding Negroes to the same rules as whites was "insensitive," according to Boyd, and he threatened to pursue "legal remedies" — but never did.

Obviously unaware of the inherent comedy of the statement, Boyd assured his followers that his organization would "continue to fight for equal treatment"!

Black AIDS

A 1994 study by the Centers for Disease Control found that 21 percent of black men who were having sex with other men were infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. In 2000, a new survey placed that figure at 30 percent. In the latest update, that number has soared to 46 percent — almost half.

"Many people are taking from this data that gay blacks are engaging in riskier behavior; but that's not the case," asserts Phill Wilson, chief executive officer of something called the Black AIDS Institute. "HIV prevention in the black community was delayed, which is why there's higher incidence."

Wilson blames the federal government, specifically the CDC: "The prevention program was designed for white gay men, and we were told to make it work for gay black men. It didn't."

Again, here is a classic case of Negroes utterly refusing to take any responsibility for their own actions, even when they are literally killing each other — and whites — with AIDS (Anally Injected Death Sentence). Along with black-on-black crime, low academic achievement, poverty, political corruption, illegitimacy, and every other Negroid failing, this is a problem that the white community is loudly faulted for not solving.

Wilson and 49 other black homos signed an angry open letter titled, "Nearly Half of Us May Already Be Infected. Who Gives a Damn?" In that missive, they called the black HIV infection rate "genocide." They then professed to be "shocked" when no one gave a damn. There was no reaction, wailed Wilson, "Not from the black community, gay community, or straight community. This data demanded front-page coverage."

Among the demands issued by Wilson and his pals — not one of which involved action on the part of blacks — was the establishment of an office within the CDC dedicated exclusively to black homosexual health issues. Can you say, "black separatism"? Also, Wilson said he was challenging the CDC "to reduce HIV among gay blacks by 50 percent in the next five years."

Challenging the CDC? What about challenging the subhumans busily spreading their deadly disease every day and night? Only gay blacks can reduce HIV among gay blacks, just as Negroes are the only ones who can reduce crime, illiteracy, poverty, corruption, mass bastardy, and idiocy in their own communities, assuming those things can be reduced.

But it's so much easier to sit in front of the TV camera and whine — like the woman in Louisiana ... like John Boyd ... like Phill Wilson ... like Jesse Jackson — until some "nice white man" is stupid enough to come along and accept responsibility for your problems.

February 24, 2006

© 2006 Douglas Olson.

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