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One of the primary requirements for a regular columnist at The Last Ditch is a "contrarian" personality — one must see the world entirely differently from the way the vast majority of his fellow homo sapiens see it. I found myself reflexively composing a violently contrarian column while listening to coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre on the afternoon of April 16, and when our editor asked that night whether I would comment on the event, I was fired up and ready. If anyone is left unoffended by the time he reaches the end of this piece, let me apologize to him in advance.

Yes, it is a tragedy when a madman shoots and kills 32 other people. But it is far less a tragedy than the killing of roughly 3,500 infants by abortionists each day in this country. It is not a whit more tragic than the killing of an increasing number of Americans by illegal aliens in automobile accidents, or the slaughter of innocent victims by aliens and native Negroes every day during the commission of rape, robbery, and other violent crimes — or simply because they are white.

But the latter victims are deliberately swept under the media rug by our elites, whose agenda is ruled by immigration not just uncontrolled but positively promoted, by racial integration, and by miscegenation. We see no public mourning, Blacksburg-style, for the endless chain of white girls and women brutally raped and murdered by minority savages, for the husband and father struck down by a hate-maddened black bandit, or for the family devastated when their breadwinner is smashed to pieces on the highway by a drunken, uninsured Mexican invader.

Am I exaggerating? Recall the national explosion of press attention demanding sympathy when a Montana homosexual was killed by two drunken young yahoos whom he propositioned. Then reflect on the fact that hardly any media outlet in the nation even mentioned the story of the two homos who stuffed underwear down the throat of a 13-year-old boy and then raped him while he died of suffocation.

Our mass media will never admit it, of course, but its members desire and hope (I would say "pray," except that so many are atheists) every day for an event such as the Virginia Tech massacre. It allows them to pontificate, to bask in their own importance, to promote their hidden agendas (in this instance, gun control, the "racism" frenzy, and class envy, among others), and to uncover new media superstars. Remember, Dan Rather was an unknown and undistinguished reporter who would likely never have gained any national attention if he had not happened to work in the city where John Kennedy was shot.

"If it bleeds, it leads" is not an idle boast in the news business. These spectacles allow our media elite to wallow in faux anguish and compassion at the same time they gleefully anticipate their increased celebrity, bonuses and promotions, and the Pulitzers and uncountable other prizes passed around like peanuts in their never-ending circle-jerk of self-praise and self-promotion.

Right behind the media are the politicians, putting the legal profession's ambulance chasers to shame with their speed and venality. Before the 33 corpses were cold, Nancy Pelosi was raging against guns and freedom on the floor of the House, and Virginia Senators John Warner (R) and Jim Webb (D), and especially the odious Rep. Jim Moran (D), were desperately seeking to capitalize on the geographical coincidence of their residence to insert themselves into the situation. Later in the afternoon, Nanny-in-Chief of the United States George W. Bush chimed in, and then performed an encore at the weepy, whiny "convocation" service the following day.

Like the media vultures, our pols lie in wait for such calamities so they can show off their "compassion" and demonstrate with their Clintonesque grotesqueries how intensely they "feel our pain." Virtually every media-ite and politician has referred to the incident as "senseless." Whenever such a chorus declares something "senseless," rest assured they have carefully chosen that term to obscure the fact that it was done for a reason that they do not want the public to know or understand.

From the information so far provided, the "massacre" is absolutely none of the federal government's business. It does not appear that a single federal law was broken, or even bent, by the shooter in his rampage. Nevertheless, even before the bodies were buried, national politicians began to work in the names of the victims to take away still more of our rights — our rights to own guns, to purchase ammunition, and to be left alone by the professional meddlers in our federal and state governments.

I am old enough to remember when America raised monuments to its successes. Today, the country is wretchedly eager to memorialize only its failures and tragedies. As in the 9/11 attacks, millions of dollars will be spent to memorialize this loss of people who simply happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. They will be lauded as "victims" — the highest class to which an ordinary citizen can aspire in today's perverse society.

Then there is the inconvenient truth that the shooter was an Asian, from South Korea, and not a hated white man. Even more inconvenient is that the female object of his affection, who may have triggered his rampage, was white and, given her name, may even have been Jewish.

Those of us who oppose race-mixing, who join Kipling in his warnings against the mixing of East and West, can feel some vindication. But we know that this aspect of the case will be ignored or played down to insignificance. There is nothing more disturbing to our ruling elites than for people like us to be proven right.

April 25, 2007

© 2007 Douglas Olson. All rights reserved.

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