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Blood and chocolate


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Although New Orleans is now much smaller and somewhat less overwhelmingly black than before the ethnic cleansing administered by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, its Negro element is even more decisively in charge. Most recently, the city has captured the distinction of being the murder capital of the nation for 2006. Last year New Orleans saw 161 homicides — a rate 30 percent higher than any other U.S. city — and about two-thirds of them have gone unsolved. In the first month of 2007, another 18 people were killed in the "chocolate city" demanded by its openly racist mayor, Ray Nagin.

Not insignificantly, 131 of those 161 victims were black men. "Most of the suspects," admits the New York Times reluctantly in a February 5 story, "were also black men." ("In New Orleans, Dysfunction Fuels Cycle of Killing," by Adam Nossiter and Christopher Drew)

The Timesmen blame "the murderers' brutalized childhoods, the often ineffectual police intervention, a dulled community response, and a tense relationship between the police and prosecutors that lets many cases slip through the cracks." As usual in the Times, everyone is to blame except the actual killers.

Note the disconnect between this puerile analysis and reality: Virtually nothing cited in that paragraph except the "childhoods" — and what can the Times know about the background of murderers who have not been caught, unless it is making a blatantly racist assumption? — has anything to do with preventing murders. The "community response" and prosecutors are all ex post facto considerations. And any attempt by police to "intervene" in the lives of Negroes, we have been told by this same newspaper on countless occasions, is racism per se.

Nossiter and Drew go on to wail about a "dysfunctional" city where 3,100 people who were arrested last year, mostly on drug charges, went scot free because the prosecution deadline passed without charges being filed — nearly three times the rate before Katrina. Over 500 more were released in January, including one suspect in a murder case and two being held for attempted murder.

"By the time the investigative report is presented to our office, a good number of witnesses are no longer available or have gotten afraid to testify," complained district attorney Eddie Jordan, a Negro. "That's the biggest problem in murder cases."

The Times writers bemoan the killing of five teenagers in a drug feud. The 19-year-old suspect, arrested 11 times since 2004, had been acquitted on an attempted murder charge in another case, and was out on bail for gun and drug offenses at the time of those killings.

The article blames many of the murders on illegal drugs. "Many of the drug gangs dispersed after the hurricane have since regrouped, ending the brief lull with a greater intensity of infighting now concentrated in fewer neighborhoods," Nossiter and Drew write, without noting that the gangs are overwhelmingly black.

As the article makes quite clear while carefully avoiding mention of race, the simple, overwhelming truth is that negritude — not drugs — is the real cause of the mass murder.

"The killing is integrated deep into the community. Residents say the routine nature of the violence stifles a sense of outrage, for reasons of physical and mental self-preservation," the writers report. All that is needed for murder is "a misdirected look, an epithet, or a turn down the wrong block into an alien neighborhood."

So much for the benefits of "diversity"!

"People right now, they're not scared to kill now. That's how they rockin' right now. Killing is in," observes Terrol Wilson, a former convict and lifelong central-city New Orleans resident. Wilson asserts that he has seen people shot in the streets since he was a child, and has known those who did the deed. Now, as the reporters paraphrase his words, "residents have little interest in helping investigators."

"They get their first hit [killing], it's like, they can do anything," says Wilson. "It's like shooting marbles for them."

New Orleans suburbs saw 78 murders last year, a new high for the past two decades. "The police said evacuees from Hurricane Katrina had been involved in many of them," we are told, which says volumes more than the Times could possibly have intended.

We are also treated to the story of one Ivory Harris, also known by the delightfully appropriate nickname of "B-Stupid." He was arrested twice for murder before the hurricane, the first time at age 16, for a killing in his housing project — but was never put on trial. "He was trying to gain respect on the street," noted a friend. B-Stupid was picked up for murder again in March 2006, at age 20, but the Times chose not to chronicle his life experiences beyond that date.

While the city is whiter, its concentration of blacks is much more dangerous. Many responsible Negroes displaced by the hurricane have remained in the cities to which they fled, where they are able to make a life outside the black-on-black violence and crude anti-white racism of officials such as Nagin. Thus, a higher percentage of New Orleans's black population is necessarily of the lowest class — drug sellers and users, thugs and gangsters, racial warlords.

Former Georgia Governor Lester Maddox (D) once bemoaned the prospects of improving his state's prisons "until we get a better class of prisoners." In much the same way, the new celebration of New Orleans's negritude, the post-Katrina emphasis on the ascendancy of blacks there, and the rule of such open racists as Nagin are fatally colored by the abysmal quality of its remaining Negro population.

Although they cite all the evidence necessary to understand, the Times's Nossiter and Drew still cannot face the brutal fact that wanton murder and naked fear are universal in "chocolate cities" worldwide, wherever blacks are totally unrestrained by white morality, white authority, white power.

"I mean, most of these murders are in front of people," complains Rev. John C. Raphael, Jr. "You have children out there, older people, and this person will come into the community and shoot an AK-47." Yet Raphael complains that the police are "part of the problem, not the solution," according to the Times. He describes them as "an occupying force."

After losing two family members to murder, Annie Randolph called the police, but feared to be seen with them. "I said, 'Don't come to my door.' Because if they come to my door, whoever did the killing is going to see it."

After a white filmmaker was killed, thousands turned out for a march on City Hall — "a majority of them whites." But, says Raphael, when "99 percent of [murders] were black-on-black ... we did not march. As a community, we could not bring ourselves to respond to that."

Neither can the New York Times bring itself to respond to that, except to blame whites for something that is in reality nothing but natural, unrestrained negritude in action.

February 20, 2007
Mardis gras

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DOUGLAS OLSON — Unthinkable thoughts #3


The Olson file

Unthinkable thoughts #3


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A big story for white racialists in June was that the African nation of Mozambique is considering legalizing abortion. It is currently illegal there except when employed to save the life of the mother — a relic of the Portuguese Catholics who tried and failed to civilize the area and its indigent populants. The majority party in Parliament has endorsed the idea. Many racial realists will wish that all of the Dark Continent could be persuaded to share this "enlightened" view.

Mexico, too, is moving toward legalized infanticide, although the Catholic Church is fighting it much harder there. I can't help quoting Noel Coward, who wrote in his diary upon learning of the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi: "In my humble opinion a bloody good thing, but far too late."


Legalizing abortion will place Mozambique and Mexico on an equal footing with the United States, which has seen the murder of some 45 million babies (mostly white) since a woman's right to kill her unborn child was discovered hiding in the "penumbra" of the Constitution — squarely between the right to live in luxury off the labor of other people and the soon-to-be announced right of homosexuals to marry each other under state law.

The sham decision in Roe v. Wade, together with the development of a safe oral contraceptive, have brought all that was once Western civilization to its knees, both in America and throughout the white world. Even worse, after holocausting their own children, those who control the West now shriek that we must import nonwhite aliens to take their place, or risk losing the social welfare "benefits" we have so irresponsibly voted for ourselves over the past two generations.

A recent computation alleges that legalizing the 12 million (more like 20 million) illegals already here would cost American taxpayers $42 billion, but would generate $48 billion in taxes. However, most of that "income" would be in payroll (Social Security) taxes, which would be spent by our venal pols in the short term instead of being saved or invested to meet future obligations created by those taxes. That would only derail the most successful Ponzi scheme in history even sooner than it is already scheduled to come unglued. As it has been said, if Social Security were a private scheme instead of a government program, it would be illegal in every state, as well as under federal law.

No one has yet explained how importing unlimited numbers of illiterate, unskilled, often criminal aliens, who will work for less than American whites — and to whom we promise the very same educational, welfare and Social Security (more welfare) benefits — can possibly make the economy prosper and generate enough taxes to fund all these programs. Only a total moron could give such a concept even a passing serious thought.

No country with an advanced economic system can possibly sustain itself by turning itself into a Third World country. Far better that our country should collapse now than that all of our great-great-grandchildren and their progeny be mud-colored mongrels living in some wretched 22nd-century version of Port au Prince, Calcutta, or Zimbabwe, located somewhere near what used to be Omaha.


Temporary runner-up for best news in June — in the eyes of our more-authoritarian racialists — was a press report that California was planning to mandate sterilization for mongrels. But it turned out to be a rude example of the old "bait and switch" technique: while the headline was enticing, the text revealed that the legislature was talking only about four-legged mongrels.

Assembly Bill 1634 would require dog owners to have their pets spayed or neutered — while exempting registered, purebred animals.

How fascinating that our first Third World state shows such concern for the racial purity of animals, while it has worked so unceasingly for generations to make purebred whites an object of scorn, rape, and plunder.


Is it just a coincidence that there are no white countries in the "Third World"? And no African nations in the "First World"? Don't give me that cr*p about colonization "holding the black man down." There is not a single African country (including Haiti) that has not degenerated in every way imaginable — per capita income; life span; literacy; access to food; murder, rape, and other crime rates; government corruption; infant mortality; clean water; sewage and sanitation; free enterprise; political freedom — since the white "oppressors" were slaughtered or forced to flee.


I have opined more than once in these pages that Americans would truly rather see their daughters raped and their sons murdered by Negroes than suffer the worst misfortune that can occur to a white person today — to be called a racist. As usual, the reality is worse than I had imagined: to avoid appearing racist, a rape victim has now tried to help her attackers get away with it.

Recently in Niagara County, N.Y., a 15-year-old white girl testified why she initially did not report being raped by three Negroes, and sodomized with a broom handle by one of them. "At first I had it look like everything was willing [consensual] because I didn't want to lose all my friends, I didn't want it to look like I was racist," she said. "I tried to hide the truth to keep them from getting in trouble."

When one of the savages, Dartaine Ubiles, wrote and asked her not to implicate him, she responded: "Why are you mad at me? I did everything you told me to. I swear to God I didn't tell anyone. You are a nice friend." In court, this demented young woman stated, "He was the one I cared about the most."

News reports carefully referred to the unnamed young woman as the "alleged victim" — a courtesy not extended to the defendants in the Duke lacrosse rape farce. A Google search turned up several accounts of the trial — about half from Websites of American Renaissance, National Vanguard, and similar sources, and the rest from local newspapers in the Niagara County area. No national "mass media" source was located, and only a single story was found that reported the verdict — the Lockport Union-Sun and Journal.

Ubiles, the one she "cared about the most," was convicted of first- and third-degree aggravated sexual abuse for using the broomstick. Nicholas Smith was found guilty of sexual misconduct. The third, Dontre Woods, was declared not guilty. Sentencing is pending.


I strongly recommend that everyone buy and read Neal Boortz's new book, Somebody's Gotta Say It!  Although Boortz, a nationally syndicated talk show host, is a Big-L Libertarian and utterly worthless on racial matters, he speaks volumes of good, common sense on many other topics in a way far more palatable to the average person than yours truly. He does touch in a tangential way on a number of our subjects, and more often than not comes down on our side. And he is not afraid to offend.

He is the first, as far as I know, to refer to Hillary Clinton as "Hitlery" — and that is not meant as a compliment to a certain German ex-chancellor. Boortz is loudly intolerant of "government" (not "public") schools and their brainwashing policies, taxation and the redistribution of wealth, "feel good" social(ist) legislation, the two-party system, "racial warlords" (his word) such as Sharpton and Jackson, the United Nations, censorship, and idiots who screw things up for all the rest of us.

Boortz refers to himself as "the High Priest of the Church of the Painful Truth," and it is an institution we all should join. The best thing we can do for our unenlightened brethren might be to share Boortz's book and let him entice them into the fold of contrarian thought. Once they are sufficiently acclimatized to his "unthinkable thoughts," which are far less radical than those at The Last Ditch, perhaps our friends can eventually be initiated into the world of people who are really willing to abandon all convention and think for themselves.

July 4, 2007

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