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Aside from their many other sheeplike qualities, conservatives are even easier to lead astray than their ovine counterparts. Whenever an important issue arises — especially something that will make the rightist minions uncomfortable sticking to their alleged principles — they are invariably led in another direction by their leadership, the media, their enemies on the Left, or some combination of the three, who throw out pornography for conservatives.

It's not really pornography, of course, but the "respectable" rightist version of it — "throw-away" issues of no real importance that really hit the right-wing G-spot. They make conservatives sweat, salivate, probably get sexually excited (if they are capable of that), and lose all perspective and awareness of other events occurring around them that actually do affect their lives in profound ways.

Such "right-porn" issues are legion: Janet Jackson's bare mammary gland, sodomy, flag-burning, school prayer, homosexual marriage, marijuana, legalization of prostitution, Hillary Clinton's election prospects, the Confederate flag, sex in the Oval Office, fluoridation, the Bilderbergers, and many more, including — in the old days — Jewish ritual murder. There is barely an issue among these that actually touches the life of any conservative in a directly detrimental way, but these chimeras are guaranteed to divert attention and monetary resources away from serious issues and toward frantic fantasies and symbolic shibboleths.

The Supreme Court practiced just that kind of "bait and switch" tactic in the summer of 2003 when it issued its decision in Grutter v. Bollinger (colleges may discriminate against white applicants to achieve a "critical mass" of "diversity") on a Monday — and, three days later, granted official sanction to homosexual sodomy. Instantly, style utterly crushed substance, and conservatives snapped like a light-switch from anger over exclusion of their children from college to fear that (gasp!) "gay marriage" would be the end result of the sodomy decision! As a result of that pornographic diversion, there are today several proposals in Congress to ban homosexual marriage but not one to defend the rights of qualified whites seeking admission to college.

Neither is the Right serious about stopping illegal immigration, vote fraud, uncontrolled federal spending, the USA PATRIOT Act's trashing of fundamental constitutional rights, "campaign-finance reform" that has eliminated the First Amendment, and other disasters that truly threaten the American way of life. But conservatives are absolutely determined to stick their noses into the bedrooms of strangers, put prayer back in schools, and ensure that Hillary never again sees the inside of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Millions of dollars will be poured into that kind of foolishness while the few entities truly dedicated to controlling immigration and voter fraud — two ongoing disasters that are literally changing the country before our eyes — go begging.

Are conservatives idiots?

Well, their hearts are generally in the right place, but their heads are far too often ensconced securely within their posteriors. They will quietly pay half of their income in tribute to their oppressors and avowed enemies, timorously warn their offspring not to protest outrageous and discriminatory treatment, meekly go to bed under the watchful gaze of Big Brother — and then shiver sleeplessly under the covers in fear of the "monster" in the closet.

Many go to church every Sunday and listen to overpaid, far-left priests and ministers denigrate and demean their core values, the nation they grew up in, and the few laws and rules remaining that are meant to separate men from the animals. Afterward, they shake the hands of those traitors (or aliens) and congratulate them on their "thoughtful" sermons, and then hurry home for an orgy of football watching and beer-drinking to drug themselves into forgetting, for just a little while, about the endless, uncountable indignities they suffer every day without protest simply because they are white.

Even in death, they are pursued by their frantic, unreasoning fear on racial matters. An attorney friend once told me of a terminally ill, widowed, childless client who had him draw a will leaving his $1 million estate to entities that advocated white rights — Jared Taylor's American Renaissance, Wilmot Robertson's Instauration (since folded), David Duke, and so on. When it came time to sign the document, the client relented, admitting that he was worried about what people would say about him after he was dead! His money went instead to the local library, various churches, the American Legion, and other "safe" and ineffectual — if not actually subversive — organizations.

Whites in general and conservatives in particular are simply overwhelmed by today's universal dread of the most awful thing that can happen to someone in today's America — being called a "racist," regardless of the patent falsity of the accusation or the obvious antiwhite bigotry that motivates the accuser. They would truly rather have their daughters raped and their sons murdered by minority "youths" than whisper a word in defense of their own race and the nation that formerly protected their once-proud heritage.

February 20, 2004

Editor's note. Veteran TLD readers are familiar with the iron rule I enforce in these pages against any endorsement of state action. That being so, the preceding column deserves a little context-setting. Mr. Olson is commenting on those who consider themselves conservatives. As is obvious to all, the conservative approach is premised on employing vast state power in an effort to attain the conservatives' purported social goals. That includes even power seized by the Central Government in defiance of the Constitution, for example, the power to regulate immigration and college admissions. Mr. Olson is concerned here to show that conservatives aren't even serious about applying their own premises.

Now, as for that little crack about the Bilderbergers ... Oh, never mind — I've probably just got a touch of the swamp fever.

Nicholas Strakon

© 2004 Douglas Olson.

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