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Conspiracy madness


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A "conspiracy" is basically an effort by two or more people to accomplish a goal. Often that goal is a crime, and even when it's not, the goal is frequently accomplished through shady, if not illegal, means. So are there conspiracies? Yes, of course. There are conspiracies to rob banks. There are conspiracies to commit acts of terror. There's a conspiracy going on right now to overturn the country's white majority and another one to elect Hillary Clinton.

The Right has no monopoly on finding conspiracies. Several times in the past few months I have heard some idiot on C-SPAN or talk radio ranting that "the government needs to force oil companies to take some of their massive profits and build new refineries." Leaving aside the indisputable fact that the federal government takes about three times more in taxes on every gallon of gasoline than the oil companies make in profits, every sane person knows that oil companies would love to build new refineries — but the government won't let them! Because environmental lunatics control that aspect of national policy.

But some people — more on the Right than on the Left, I suspect — believe that literally everything is a conspiracy, that nothing on the world or national political scene ever happens by accident, by chance, or just because of somebody's inattention, stupidity, or incompetence. To them, everything is a kind of "Mission: Impossible" script, where every person — even if he's not in on the plan — always plays his part or reacts in the exact way necessary to further the scheme. Every conspiracy is insanely complicated, and involves dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people. But the plans never, never, never fail, and nobody involved ever, ever, ever breathes a word to anybody about it . . . even decades later . . . even if they are later betrayed or murdered with terminal cancer, as the conspiracy mavens say was done to Jack Ruby after the John Kennedy and Lee Oswald assassinations. Come on, people: that is simply not human nature.

Now, I am always willing to listen to someone's arguments, and I am willing to be convinced that something is going on behind the scenes if he gives me persuasive arguments. But they have to be based on provable facts and evidence — not on conjecture, not on ad hominem attacks, and not on "Well, it must have happened this way" because that fits in with his personal, paranoid worldview.

The miraculous anti-Holocaust at the World Trade Center

A classic accusation along this line is the claim that 4,000 Jews who worked in the World Trade Center were notified ahead of time not to come to work on September 11, 2001, and escaped death by not showing up. At a meeting I attended some years ago, someone asked the late Samuel Francis why he didn't put that "fact" in his newspaper column. He gave the same answer I would have: "Give me some proof that it happened. Proof." He then joked about what miserable work it must have been for somebody to call all those thousands of people the night before and convince them that he was not kidding and was not crazy.

Think about it. Would you skip work, taking a chance of losing your job, because someone called on the telephone and said: "You don't know me. I can't tell you who I am or what this is all about, but you must not go to work tomorrow or you'll die. And you must not call any of your co-workers to warn them; they'll just have to die."

Most people receiving such a call would immediately contact the police — but in the world of conspiracies, not a single person does. The conspiratorialists would have us believe not only that some were willing to stay away from work in response to such a call but also that every single one of those naturally suspicious New York-area Jews was willing to risk his livelihood in response to a vague, anonymous warning. On top of that, not one of those 4,000 people cared enough about a co-worker to warn him or her to stay home.

Ah, you say that the calls came from fellow Jews, from people they knew? For that to be even logistically possible, then the number of active participants in the conspiracy had to be in the thousands. There is no small, tight-knit group that could give credible individual, personal warnings to all 4,000 — who, after all, worked at hundreds of different businesses and did not even know each other. In fact, just thinking logically about the obstacles to simply acquiring the names and home telephone numbers of every Jew working in the World Trade Center makes it obvious that there could not have been such a telephone campaign.

And there's an even more important point for those who have a good understanding of the Jewish psyche. Can anyone who knows them really believe that 4,000 New York Jews could have escaped death in such a dramatic, almost miraculous way — but, in the ensuing six years, not a single one ever told anybody about it? Never boasted to friends how he had been "chosen" to live when all those goyim died ... Never talked about how special and important that made him ... Never — and this may be the most telling point — never tried to make any money by writing a book or selling an interview exposing the amazing conspiracy? No ... if you really think about it, you can't believe that. So, as a logical person, you must conclude — no matter how much you want to believe it — that there was no such conspiracy.

That is the way we need to look at the world. Question — always question — anything that looks strange or unusual. But always remember that questions are not proof. Take all the facts you can get and analyze them honestly — honestly, not with the preconceived notion that it had to be a conspiracy. Don't try to take the puzzle pieces and make them fit into a conspiracy. Analyze them reasonably, dispassionately, and try to find the real truth.

Magic bullets and other insults to intelligence

The JFK assassination is another excellent example. I was in grade school at the time, and I watched the aftermath on TV for days, like most people. I had questions then, and I have questions now. I read several of the early conspiracy books on it. I do not for a minute believe the Warren Commission report — in fact, I think it is an insult to our intelligence, and anyone would have to be an idiot to believe it.

I know that Lee Harvey Oswald's sharpshooting record as a Marine does not indicate he could have made those shots with the speed and accuracy claimed. Every law of physics I ever heard of says that no human body shot from the back can possibly react by lunging backward — in the direction of the bullet — as Kennedy demonstrably did in the films. And I know there is not a bullet ever manufactured that could have penetrated Governor Connolly's arm and broken a bone, then turned in midair to hit Kennedy, shattering more bones, and been "discovered" on a stretcher at the hospital in pristine, unfired condition. So I will never believe that there was only one shooter, and I will always believe that the Warren Commission covered up important facts. But can I get from that to the alleged "fact" that Fidel Castro — or the Mafia — or the Russians — or any other specific person or entity was behind it? No, I can't — and neither can you.

The biggest beneficiary, of course, was Lyndon Johnson, and we know he was fully capable of murder. Next came the American Left, which was able to pass the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, and all that godawful "Great Society" legislation over John Kennedy's corpse ... as a "tribute" to his memory. On a strictly "Qui bono?" basis, one would have to assume Johnson and the Left were responsible. But can we prove it? No.

One of the 9/11 theorists offered the snide remark that it was impossible to believe "some guys in a cave in Afghanistan" were able pull off the attacks. That is not just arrogance, but dishonest arrogance, because he knows as well as the rest of us that al Qaeda is an Internet-savvy, technologically advanced group, and not just "guys in a cave." What do you think English conspiracy theorists would have said after America won its independence in 1781? "How in bloody 'ell could a gang of colonial peasants — without even a duke or an earl among 'em — force the mighty British Empire to relinquish its prize possessions in North America? It has to be a conspiracy!"

There's one accusation about the World Trade Center attack that just drives me absolutely nuts — because the people pushing it have experiences in their own lives that disprove it. It's the claim that because Larry Silverstein, the guy who had recently bought the building, had heavily insured it, he must have known the attack was coming.

If you believe that, then answer this: Have you ever bought a house, or even a car? When you got your loan, didn't the lender make you sign a promise to get and keep insurance on it until it was paid for? Well, don't you think that any lender that's going to put up $3 billion for the World Trade Center would do the same thing? Then shut up and stop making a damned fool of yourself.

Always ask, always question, but always analyze dispassionately and don't jump to conclusions because that's what you want to believe.

The most sinister conspiracy of all

Finally, there's a question of what is a conspiracy and what is simply the result of fear and terrorism. Is "political correctness" a gigantic conspiracy? No, it's just people reacting with fear to the threat of reprisal for speaking forbidden words.

I don't believe there is a conscious, articulate conspiracy among the leftist media. There are no meetings held by the heads of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post to plot strategy against anti-leftists and sanity — and there's no need for them. There is no commissar in every newsroom to give orders or edit stories — and there's no need for one.

The media skew leftward because every editor, every reporter, every person in the chain of publication knows — without anybody ever having to say a word — that his livelihood and chance for advancement will come to a sudden end if he strays too far from the fold. They all know that heads would roll if anybody dared to report the truth about black-on-white rape and other interracial crime, dared to tell why senators really supported the immigration-amnesty bill, dared to expose Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton for the scum they are, dared to say anything unhysterical about David Duke.

Nobody has to stand over their shoulder and whisper warnings, or dangle a noose in front of their face. It all goes without saying — and isn't that the most dangerous, most sinister conspiracy of all?

August 23, 2007

© 2007 Douglas Olson.

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