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Editor's note. Owing to an unavoidable hiatus in editorial operations, I was unable to post Mr. Olson's column before Mrs. Clinton ended her campaign. I post it now because it is much too good to lose — and because the issues raised here are still alive and pressing. Except for the title, Mr. Olson and I have not sought to update the piece. — Nicholas Strakon

The speech Hillary should have made
to the superdelegates


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HILLARY CLINTON: Thank you for that kind reception.

Superdelegates, I thank you for coming tonight and listening to what I have to say. Time is short, and this is our last chance to save our party from the blackest disaster.

Nothing less than the future of the entire Democratic Party is at stake in the battle between myself and Senator Obama for the nomination. If I am not the nominee, our party will lose the White House during a year that is an absolutely "perfect storm" for Democrats.

In case you haven't noticed it, my opponent is ... an African American. A black man. A Negro. And, in the minds of more voters than we like to believe, he is ... a nigger!

Recently, when I quoted an Associated Press story to the effect that I was the overwhelming choice of "hard-working Americans ... white Americans," I was pilloried as "racist" for even bringing up the subject of white voters.

Some idiot even went so far as to whine that "nobody can win without the African American vote." That is demonstrably untrue, of course, since the Republicans have kicked the crap out of us in most presidential elections in the past 40 years when the only black votes they got were probably by accident. It is true that Democrats cannot win without the black vote — but neither can they win with only the black vote.

When President Lyndon Johnson forced the Voting Rights Act through Congress in 1965, he supposedly chortled, "This will keep the niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years." Certainly he was correct that it has cemented African Americans to our party for well over a generation.

But it also drove whites from the Democratic fold in droves, especially in the states of the old Confederacy, which today have a total of 154 electoral votes — well over half of the total required to win. The "Solid South" of Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy moved virtually overnight into the vote columns of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush. Democrats made that happen. We handed those states to the Republicans by taking up the cause of 13 percent of the population and deliberately turning our back on the other 87 percent. It's one of the stupidest, most counterproductive things we ever did. And now we are the prisoners of our own "political correctness," forbidden to make any open appeal to the people who matter, while being forced to publicly kowtow to a loud and ungrateful minority in a way that utterly repels the majority of voters and drives them farther and farther from our camp.

As badly as many in our party hate and despise white people, and as easily as large numbers of whites are routinely deceived and manipulated by us and our allies in the mass media, whites are not stupid enough to elect an arrogant, elitist black man with no executive experience, a minimal legislative record, a questionable commitment to Israel, links to domestic (and maybe foreign) terrorists, and a shadowy, anti-white background filled with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and his vicious, America-hating wife — plus who-knows-what-else waiting to be revealed.

Any Democrat who can't get more than 28 percent of the Democratic primary vote in West Virginia, one of the truest and bluest of all the blue states before we drove it into the Republican column in 2000 and 2004 by tacking too blatantly to the left, simply can't win the general election. Any Democrat who can't even win the Democratic primary in a single one of the big blue and battleground states — New York, California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, or Massachusetts — can't win the general election.

Look — white people are not going to vote for this guy in the numbers necessary to win, even if he gets 120 percent of the black vote (which is always possible when Democrats run the polls). We may think white people's refusal to vote for him is immoral and racist, and we can complain about it all we want, but it's true and it's not going to change. Any politically correct pretense to the contrary is just plain damn foolishness.

If Barack Hussein Obama is the nominee, not only will whites flee our party but also a large number of Jews will abandon us for John McCain, who has already advocated that the United States go to war to protect Israel — even if that is not in our own national interest! And those Jews are going to take their money with them. We need that money. But even more, we need to make sure it doesn't go to McCain.

Now, nobody wants to admit it, but we all know why so many Democrats, especially those numbered among the superdelegates, have endorsed Barack Obama: It is pure, naked fear. Fear of bring un-PC; fear of being called "racist"; fear of riots and burning cities if American blacks are denied the candidate they want; fear that blacks will leave our party or stay home not only for this election but possibly for years to come. Some Democrats are ready to nominate a man who will inevitably lead the party to disaster in November — simply because they are afraid to disappoint black people.

We are in the same position today as the Republicans who nominated Bob Dole to run against my husband and me in 1996. In their hearts they knew for a certainty that he could not win. But it was "his turn" to run. Rather than fight, they cheered a man they knew was a loser. They wasted millions of dollars in a hopeless race — a campaign even more incompetent than the ludicrously inept campaign that George H.W. Bush mounted against my husband and me in 1992.

Is our party going to be as stupid in 2008 as the Republicans were in 1996? Are we going to be spooked by the specter of black voters turning their back on the party that gave them racial preferences, "protected" status in virtually all of their dealings with whites, welfare, Food Stamps? Face it, blacks have nowhere else to go. They are to the Democrats what the conservatives are to the Republicans. Screw 'em!

Only I can win this election. Only I can appeal to women, and Hispanics, and gays, and poor people, and — even — whites! Only I have the background, the experience, the fortitude, the toughness, the determination, and the destiny to be president.

If you choose Barack Hussein Obama, you're leading the party to destruction. I am your only salvation. I can provide free national health care, and free education through college and graduate school; and the Hillary Youth corps will blanket the nation, spreading our message and informing on those who refuse ....

BILL CLINTON: Grab her — quick!

(Commotion and babbling voices. The microphone reverberates as someone strikes it.)

HILLARY CLINTON (her voice sounding farther and farther from the microphone): And I can promise that any of you who betray me will find yourselves in Fort Marcy Park, just like what's his name .... If you think I'm going to let that nigger beat me after all the ....

BILL CLINTON: Put your hand over her mouth, goddammit!

June 20, 2008

© 2008 by Douglas Olson. All rights reserved.

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