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The president is a liar,
and impeachment must be considered


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No one can deny that this president has gotten the United States into a hell of a mess.

We are now fighting two wars at the same time. One is the result of a vicious surprise attack on our nation. Whatever the historical context of the attack, Americans can understand why that war is being fought.

But the president has also embroiled our brave soldiers in another war — a totally unnecessary conflict against a country that never initiated a single warlike move against the United States. Americans were overwhelmingly opposed to this war, and many believe it is primarily a result of the president's personal animus against the Leader of that nation.

People are asking why this second war is being fought ... why it is being given official priority over the other ... why so many flag-draped coffins are coming home to America in a conflict that is so utterly unnecessary.

It is understandable that people are angry about it — that bereaved mothers whose sons have perished in this very avoidable war want to know what we are fighting for and how long the senseless slaughter will continue. "Why did my son die?" is a certainly legitimate question, and that man in the White House has a positive duty to meet with the grieving mothers and fathers, to comfort them in their time of sorrow, and — most of all — to answer their questions honestly and forthrightly.

The president has been shockingly irresponsible in committing the United States to these conflicts without enough trained soldiers and sailors to accomplish the mission, without the support and assistance of all of this nation's allies, and without a crystal-clear exit strategy and a firm timetable for withdrawal.

Americans deserve to be told what the president knew about the surprise attack on the United States, and when he knew it. There are a number of nasty rumors floating about Washington that he was well aware of the assault before it happened and did not lift a finger to avert this infamous massacre of innocent Americans. An independent commission must be convened to learn the truth about his actions — or the lack thereof — in this matter. Impeachment proceedings must be initiated if even a single one of the accusations is found to be true.

The current conflict is all about oil — the direct result of the president's deliberate, arrogant actions in foiling a sovereign nation's efforts to gain access to fuel for its fleet. That is tantamount to an act of war, making our president the aggressor in the conflict and nothing less than a war criminal. With that in mind, we certainly must give the benefit of the doubt to those who attacked America in response to those actions. Rather than condemn their actions in a knee-jerk fashion, we must attempt to understand the motivations and passions of those who ordered and carried out the attack.

Further, it must be frankly admitted that the president has, without question, already shown himself to be an utterly shameless liar — a harsh description but an accurate one. He lied his way into another term by stating that he "hated war," even as he was taking deliberate steps to provoke the current conflict. He lied during the campaign when he promised, "Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign war." And he may well have lied when he pretended not to know about the impending attack.

Yes, we have heard nothing but lie ... after lie ... after lie ... from Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

December 7, 2005

© 2005 Douglas Olson.

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