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The man who murdered America


"He has committed every crime that does not require courage."
       — Benjamin Disraeli, speaking of a political opponent

According to reports, Senator Edward M. "Ted" Kennedy (D-Mass.) has a malignant, inoperable, and apparently fatal brain tumor. As an antidote to the whiny, sycophantic, and shamelessly phony praise issuing even from his political enemies, I can only echo Noël Coward's sentiments on hearing of the death of Mahatma Gandhi: "In my humble opinion a bloody good thing but far too late." Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment.

When and if the true history of the United States of America is written, Ted Kennedy will be acknowledged as having been more responsible than any other individual for the degeneration and collapse of that once mighty country.

More than any other figure of the 20th century — more than Franklin Roosevelt, or Martin Luther King, or Earl Warren — Kennedy stands as a malignant and fatal presence. He has been the primary purveyor of perversion, the unequaled master of disaster, a colossus of corruption and chaos.

No life that Kennedy touched, directly or indirectly, remained unscathed. Time and time again, with virtually every official action, he has betrayed his family, his class, his political party, his church, his state, his nation, and his race.

He was the Senate floor manager for the 1965 immigration reform act, which opened the floodgates for the scum of every nation to seek a free ride. Whatever one thinks of forcible immigration restriction, Kennedy's lies and treacheries were despicable: he solemnly promised that his legislation would not change the ethnic composition of the country, and demonized as "bigots" those who knew better and dared to oppose him. And for nearly two generations, though a sworn government official, he has opposed every attempt to enforce the government's own laws against this dark deluge, and led every attempt to grant the invaders medical care, welfare, the vote, and all the other government-granted privileges for which Americans are raped every April 15.

More than any other single person, Kennedy bears the blame for the death of more than 40 million American children who were murdered in the womb. Owing in large part to his efforts, Americans have been bled for trillions of dollars that have been flushed down a seemingly infinite number of rat holes dedicated to foolish, impossible propositions — including efforts to bring "equality" to those who are not equal by dragging down the superior, and to enrich those unwilling to work and incapable of self-discipline by confiscating the wealth of the diligent and prosperous.

During Kennedy's 46 years in the Senate, the traditional locally based educational system has been nationalized and destroyed; our industrial infrastructure has been dismantled; our national wealth has been squandered; our freedom of speech has been lost; our liberty, insofar as it survived the assaults of earlier tyrants, has been strangled; and our white children, grandchildren, and their descendants have been deprived of their heritage, dispossessed of their futures and made subservient to the aliens who gleefully infest their ancestral home.

Still unfinished on Kennedy's agenda are homosexual marriage, confiscation of all guns from private citizens, the complete socialization of the health-care industry, and even more Draconian schemes of taxation. His acolytes will continue their sacred work of destroying America — look for the long-awaited government takeover of health care to be approved overwhelmingly by Congress as a "tribute" to his putrid memory — and somewhere in hell Kennedy will smile in vast satisfaction when our last shred of freedom is finally extinguished.

After this lowlife rat bastard finally dies, and the maudlin, media-enforced orgy of official mourning has faded away, I hope one day to visit Kennedy's burial site and express my true sentiments about this arrogant, smiling betrayer of freedom and the white race. I plan to pour a full bottle of fine, vintage wine over his grave.

But I'm going to drink it first.

July 26, 2008

© 2008 by Douglas Olson. All rights reserved.