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Quotas kill four in Atlanta


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No one else will put it so bluntly, but four people are dead in Atlanta because of idiotic hiring quotas and America's suicidal refusal to face racial and sexual realities.

Brian Nichols, a Negro — a fact carefully left unsaid in all the coverage until his photo was eventually broadcast — was on trial for rape and various related violent crimes in Fulton County (Atlanta) on March 11 when he pulled off a dramatic escape, shooting and killing four people in the process, according to police. His success is directly attributable to America's current racial and sexual madness. If Nichols had tried the same thing in a sane nation, he would probably be enjoying a well-deserved dirt nap instead of his current celebrity status.

To keep the jury from being "biased" by seeing him in safety restraints, a guard took Nichols to a private room where he could change into a suit for the court proceedings. Just days previously, he had been caught with two sharpened "shivs" in his shoes when arriving for court. Nevertheless, he was alone in the dressing room on March 11 with a single armed guard — a black, five-foot-two, 51-year-old grandmother whose weight was carefully unspecified, though informed sources advise that she was in the neighborhood of 250 pounds. And apparently not all of that was muscle.

It was during that procedure, according to press reports, that Nichols overpowered (but did not kill) the black female guard. Then, as the story goes, he sought out Judge Rowland Barnes, who had been presiding over his trial, and used the guard's gun to murder Barnes (a white man) and a white court reporter in the judge's chambers. According to police, as Nichols ran from the building, he shot and killed a black sheriff's deputy who was pursuing him. Once outside, authorities report that he pistol-whipped a white newspaper reporter and killed a white off-duty customs agent, taking that officer's gun, badge, and vehicle, and making good his escape.

At least two of the whites were killed wantonly; the only black murdered was the deputy who threatened Nichols's escape and had to die for purely tactical reasons.

The Fulton County courthouse has been African territory for more than a generation, and any honest lawyer [sic] who spends time there will testify to the degeneration of that facility in all its aspects. After the event, it was revealed that the judge had requested extra guards in the courtroom because of the violent nature of the prisoner — but none of the black Einsteins in charge had extrapolated that to a need for greater security in other, even more critical areas.

Also according to reports, the dressing room had surveillance cameras, but the affirmative-action hires paid to monitor them apparently did not note or report anything unusual. None of the individuals who aided and abetted the murders through his incompetence will even be seriously reprimanded, much less dismissed from his post.

The most telling part of the story was revealed in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article after Nichols turned himself in. An unnamed law-enforcement official stated that the Negro saw himself as "a soldier on a mission" when he overpowered the guard and that he "considered himself a wrongly accused man in a legal system unfair to African Americans."

After his recapture, the story stated, "Nichols said he was angry that many of the inmates around him were also black and he wondered how many were innocent. 'He called it systematic slavery,' the law enforcement official said." Apparently as a result of this racial animus, Nichols allegedly sought out and killed the judge even though he later "told authorities he thought Barnes had been fair to him during court proceedings."

So, although the media will continue trying mightily to hide it, the motive was race: anti-white hatred generated by pitiful and unrealizable fantasies about "equality." Anti-white hatred fanned by paranoia and media lies about the "unfairness" of a legal system that tries more Negroes than whites — because, in fact, Negroes commit vastly more serious and violent crimes than whites. It's no secret that every group suffers under the heavy hand of governmental "justice," but it's difficult to believe that the most criminal element in society bears a disproportionate share of this burden — especially when it has an active support system that infiltrates juries and "nullifies" punishment for those so obviously guilty as O.J. Simpson.

The greatest tragedy is that this is nothing new; it's just more flashy and immediate than the rest of the long, lethal legacy of modern American race-mixing.

The Atlanta deaths are simply another cost of doing business in an affirmative-action nation, a price paid by the Establishment to put off the inevitable day of racial reckoning, just as it pays ransom in the form of welfare, food stamps, public housing and "education," contracting set-asides, college-admission quotas, hiring preferences, minority congressional districts, and other tribute. Millions of whites know this and go along to get along, praying that they are not the ones — like the judge and the court reporter and the customs agent — who have to pay in a personal way.

Similarly, it cannot be determined how many children have died as a result of school integration, but it is not unusual at all to see a story about a Negro "youth" beating his white girlfriend to death. Fifty years ago, such girls would never have come into contact with Negroes in social situations that could have led to dating and sexual relationships, and they would still be alive.

Neither is there a listing of white boys annihilated for defending females of their race, for coming unexpectedly across some black crime scene, or simply for bumping into the wrong Negro at the wrong time. In saner times, they were never forced into such deadly confrontations.

The absolute worst thing that can happen to someone today is to be called a "racist" — regardless of the truth or falsity of the charge. White Americans would truly rather see their daughters raped and their sons murdered than risk having their precious reputations smeared by minority savages, Majority renegades, and racial warlords such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. And this shameful genocide will continue as long as racial wimpery remains the national pastime of white America.

May 5, 2005

© 2005 Douglas Olson.

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