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"Diversity" is disaster:
The Bible tells us so


Over the past decade or so, the United States has been swept by a mania for "diversity" — a concept as nonsensical and dishonorable as it is unmanageable and destructive. No clear and honest definition of the term has ever been offered, and the Supreme Court has provided no assistance in this regard. No vote of the people has ever been taken to determine whether they wanted their nation changed in such a dramatic and irreversible way. Just as the promotion of mass immigration became the policy of both political parties despite the consistent and continued opposition of more than 70 percent of the population, so "diversity" has been imposed from above, without the advice and consent of the governed.

The primary beneficiaries of the "diversity" scam are recently arrived aliens, people who have invested little or nothing in America, and who, in many cases, have already demonstrated their utter contempt for the laws that actual Americans are required to observe by illegally crossing the borders and remaining in the country in direct violation of law. The czars of "diversity" have sacrificed the interests and endangered the very existence of honest, hard-working Americans solely to reward freeloading interlopers and a caste of unrepentant criminals.

"Diversity" is actually a fallback position for those who seek to remake America in some bizarre alien image. It was adopted for two reasons:

First, the sheer mass of aliens coming in rendered the traditional "melting pot" concept of assimilation — which, we had long been assured, would resolve the crisis — an obvious impossibility. Our controlling elites suddenly reversed their course, attempting to put the best face on a disastrous situation by advocating the "celebration" of differences so profound that they actually subvert the very concept of an American nation.

Second, the "diversity" concept was embraced because other programs and terms used to unmake America — "civil rights," "integration," "affirmative action," "tolerance," "sensitivity," immigration for "family reunification purposes" — had lost their altruistic tone and become a stench in the nostrils of many Americans. That is a natural result of continued forced implementation of programs distasteful to the vast majority of citizens, and it is similar to the progression followed with professional freeloading in our society, through which the original concept of "charity" became "relief" during the New Deal, giving way to "welfare" in the 1950s and '60s, and morphing into "entitlements" in more recent years.

In the 1960s, we were told that black children could not learn unless they were sitting in schools next to white kids. Now it has been divinely revealed that it is impossible for poor benighted Caucasians to get an adequate education in the absence of "critical masses" of aliens of other ethnicities.

Our elites unblushingly tout the "benefits" of diversity — but never provide a list of such wonders. They preach that "diversity is our strength" — but haughtily ignore any requests for an explanation of how such a thing can be. What on Earth is made stronger by dilution? What does one get when he mixes a glass of clean water and a glass of dirty water? In a natural and healthy society (but certainly not in the United States), bonds of family and blood outweigh every other consideration, with shared religion and culture close behind.

How can "celebrating" and cultivating differences possibly benefit or strengthen any business, school, or other group that must work together toward a common goal? The ultimate end of such foolishness is an office or factory where no two people speak the same language or have any other interests in common — and where very little productive work can possibly be accomplished. Let the place catch fire and the result will inevitably be a charmingly "diverse" pile of corpses.

The best-known historical example of the "diversity" extolled and practiced today can be found in the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. In the very early days, the few people on Earth gathered together to build a great city and "a tower with its top in the heavens":

And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, "Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down, and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they left off building. Therefore its name was Babel, because there the Lord confused the language of all the Earth.... (Genesis 11:5-9)

As far as the God of the Old Testament is concerned, it is homogeneity — uniformity of ethnicity and language — that strengthens. With such unity, "nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them." Diversity divides and makes success impossible, as it brought to a screeching halt forever construction of the great city and its tower.

The Bible imposes strictures against diversity: "You shall keep my statutes. You shall not let your cattle breed with a different kind; you shall not sow your field with two kinds of seed; nor shall there come upon you a garment of cloth made of two kinds of stuff." (Leviticus 19:19). Further,

Say unto Aaron, None of your descendants throughout their generations who has a blemish may approach to offer the bread of his God. For no one who has a blemish shall draw near, a man blind or lame, or one who has a mutilated face or a limb too long, or a man who has an injured foot or an injured hand, or a hunchback, or a dwarf, or a man with a defect in his sight or an itching disease or scabs or crushed testicles; no man of the descendants of Aaron the priest who has a blemish shall come near to offer the Lord's offerings by fire; since he has a blemish, he shall not come near to offer the bread of his God. He may eat the bread of his God, both of the most holy and of the holy things, but he shall not come near the veil or approach the altar, because he has a blemish, that he may not profane my sanctuaries; for I am the Lord who sanctify them. (Leviticus 21: 17-23)

Clearly, then, the Lord doesn't just oppose "diversity." He even refuses to endorse the Americans with Disabilities Act.

March 20, 2004

© 2004 Douglas Olson.

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