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Unthinkable thoughts


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A 2002 article in the Yale Daily News, criticizing what the student writer condemned as "anti-Semitism" at the United Nations, brought a sharp reader response that deserves wider circulation for both its insight and its audacity:

I recently attended a forum focusing on the Israeli/Palestinian issue. Both sides made very valid points, but there was a moment of heated exchange when the pro-Israel side initiated the "anti-Semite" slur and completely ended it for me. I am sick and tired of Jewish people always smearing those that merely disagree with their views as "evil." I never thought I'd say this but a lot of what the so-called white supremacists are saying are [sic] proving to be more accurate than I feel comfortable admitting.


Isn't it finally time to stop pretending that Haiti has any prospects for "democracy" — or, indeed, any prospects at all? Achieving its independence 200 years ago by slaughtering all of its resident whites and virtually all of its mulattoes, the onetime jewel of France's colonial empire has sunk into a degeneracy so vile and disgusting that use of the adjective "Stone Age" is an insult to our caveman ancestors. From 1804 until U.S. Marines took over the country in 1915, only one of Haiti's multitudinous emperors/kings/presidents actually served out his term and left office peacefully. Every other ruler died, was murdered (sometimes quite spectacularly), or fled the country just one or two steps ahead of a junta or a mob screaming for his blood.

According to a Heritage Foundation backgrounder, occasioned by President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's recent departure in his country's traditional method of regime change, charity (thoughtfully prettied up as "international assistance") had accounted for 70 percent of the Haitian government's budget — until much of that largesse was suspended owing to Aristide's too-blatant violations of "human rights." Under the principle that everyone has his favorite government program, I will go ahead and confess mine. Every penny of swag spent by the United States and other nations foolish enough to contribute to Haiti is robber-loot exceptionally well spent. After all, it's really the only thing that keeps the island's entire population from coming here.


While 90-year-old men who were conscripted into the German army during World War II still quake in fear of being accused of "war crimes," Communists who enslaved and butchered millions walk free and immune from any thought of prosecution. On college campuses and similar fortresses of arrogance, those who advocate and abet terrorism, totalitarian revolution, antiwhite racism, mass colored immigration, and other trendy causes may do so with impunity, but "conservatives" — outnumbered at least 10 to 1 on faculties and in administrative positions — are by and large afraid even to open their mouths. Minority rapists and murderers of the vilest sort are often lionized, and the public is urged to forgive their youthful "indiscretions" and "give them a chance," while anyone even suspected of harboring positive feelings about the white race and Western civilization is forever beyond the pale. Today's arbiters of "society" have no enemies on the Left, and no friends, or even admitted acquaintances, elsewhere.

In March, the Academy Awards briefly honored Leni Riefenstahl, one of the first female motion-picture directors — and the only great female director — who died in 2003 at age 101. Naturally, the Academy's recognition set off a cry of rage from Jewish interests because Riefenstahl had directed "Triumph of the Will" and "Olympia," and both of them were "Nazi propaganda films," period. But in fact, both films were also revolutionary for their era, as well as lasting tributes to Riefenstahl's exceptional talent and artistry. Most inconveniently, both films remind the astute observer that Adolf Hitler was willing to allow a "mere" woman carte blanche on such important projects at a time when the (Jewish) Hollywood establishment still viewed females — and especially shikshas — as good for only two things: box-office revenue and fornication, willing or coerced. (Well, well, the more things change, the more they stay the same!)


According to several reports, the feds are trying to crack down on the misuse of government credit cards by bureaucrats, which the General Accounting Office says amounted to $2.7 million in 2001. That sounds like just the tip of the iceberg in light of the Defense Department's admission in 2003 that 182 of its cardholders "expended about $5 million in scarce resources on potentially fraudulent and inappropriate transactions." One employee of the Forest Service used his card for five digital cameras ($2,960), six computers ($6,019), three Palm Pilots ($736), several Sony PlayStations ($6,101), plus $1,976 in jewelry. A Navy worker made 59 purchases for a total of $132,000, including plastic surgery, two automobiles, and a motorcycle. An Education Department bureaucrat spent $11,700 to send herself and a co-worker to college for courses unrelated to their jobs. And one genius used his card 52 times during an eight-week period to finance a single purchase of $551,000. (What the hell was he buying — a house?)

Clearly, those people made the most momentous, outrageous decisions with no thought to the eventual consequences of their actions. How did they get presumably responsible jobs with the federal government in the first place? As bigoted as it may sound to some, such heedlessness is a primary characteristic of certain "affirmative action" employees, who are almost certainly vastly "over-represented" in this particular dragnet against fraud and abuse. Any chance that the GAO would be willing to document that aspect of the scandal? When pigs fly.


Stop the presses! The New York Times has endorsed racial profiling — as long as those profiled are Arabs. According to an editorial on April 12, 2004, once George W. Bush read the notorious August 6, 2001, presidential briefing memorandum uncovered by the 9/11 blame commission, he should have "rushed back to the White House, assembled all his top advisors and demanded to know what, in particular, was being done to screen airline passengers to make sure people who fit the airlines' threat profiles were being prevented from boarding American planes."


Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has introduced legislation to abolish all federal income and payroll taxes, and replace that revenue with a national sales tax "on all new goods and services purchased for personal consumption." King promises that "every consumer [will be] contributing via the sales tax, rather than a crushing payroll tax on the few." He says his scheme would bring in revenue from "Teenagers who spend money like water.... Tourists visiting our shores. Illegal aliens, who pay few taxes today. The trillion-dollar underground/criminal/drug/porn economy...."

But then he goes and spoils it (assuming you don't think it's already spoiled on account of its being, you know, a tax). He retains the deliberately mistermed "progressive" nature of the current system by promising that "retirees (and anyone else) living at or below the poverty level will receive a rebate that zeros out any sales tax they would otherwise pay." That would be even worse than the current system, in which those who pay no income taxes are still forced to "contribute" to the Social Security/Medicaid pyramid scheme. Nearly half of the country is already riding almost for free in the wagon, which the rest of us are forced to pull. Further separating these people with so many "rights" from all responsibility of paying for their ride will only hasten the inevitable disaster.

Come to think about it, maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea after all!

May 28, 2004

© 2004 Douglas Olson.

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