Tony Pivetta

Anarchist, pessimist, Latin Mass atavist; gold bug, Teutonophile, lover of the Lost Cause; decentralist, secessionist, individualist; Austro-libertarian, anti-homicidal humanitarian; Holodomor hysteric, Good War heretic; neo-Confederate, abolitionist, and disaffected baseball fan — Tony Pivetta is a crank! He favors resurrecting Byzantium's Constantine V for Global Emperor. While the name of any other ruler would smell as rank, "Copronymus" strikes him as especially apt.

• Very well: we expect the Hive not to understand the distinction between freedom and coercion. But libertarians? Are we to be spared nothing? In his latest lively essay, Tony Pivetta administers a deserved spanking to some who have gone astray: "Strained parallels: These libertarians should know better."

I especially got a kick out of the thought experiment he ends with. (February 15, 2014)

• There's never a bad time to investigate the defamation of the unanointed in our Polite Totalitarian society, but right now is a perfect time. Mr. Pivetta, a partisan of liberty and the West, adduces good examples and offers penetrating analysis in "Cow the Catholics, waylay the West." (June 24, 2013)

• When I saw the Obamunists' "Life of Julia" slide show, I found myself echoing Winston Smith's anguished plea, "Do it to Julia!" And not to the rest of us! Now Mr. Pivetta imagines what it might look like when Julia is fully done to: "The Obamanization of Julia." (May 10, 2012)

• A longtime friend of TLD, Mr. Pivetta offered this deft analysis of the moral (or immoral) aspects of what I call "statish thinking" in his first appearance in our pages: "Agape's abattoir." (April 7, 2010)