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In "Not My War," Lew Rockwell points out that Bill Clinton cannot bask in the glory of a victorious war and that the Yugoslav war was not popular with the masses:

"The aftermath of the war on Yugoslavia is not following the typical pattern. Usually, the commander in chief basks in the glow of victory. Medals are handed out, parades organized, speeches given to the masses. Veterans are heralded as preservers of freedom. The national soul swells in patriotic fervor. The merchants of death gain a new lease on life.

"Not this time. This is no victory glow, no parades, no flag waving."

But Clinton is being praised by the Establishment elite. And the elite writes the history and constructs a president's legacy. That was the reason, I believe, that Clinton wholeheartedly opted for war. And it worked. To the Establishment, it was a "good war." After all, Establishment types don't seem to care much about the bombing of Serbs or their postwar expulsion.

Let's look at an analogy. World War II did not achieve the democratic world that Franklin Roosevelt promised. Soviet control replaced Nazi control. The Allies did terrible things during the war and afterward. Still, the Establishment presents it as the preeminent "good war."

June 21, 1999

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