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Large-scale attack
on Iraq coming



America and Britain are preparing for a large-scale attack on Iraq. Iraq, of course, has become a pariah nation in the eyes of the American people, and to some extent, "the world" — at least that part of the world dependent on U.S. support. Iraq is also incapable of defending herself from attack. By Clinton foreign-policy standards, officially demonized countries that are too weak to defend themselves are the ideal targets for attack in the pursuit of political gain. And the aim this time would be to overthow Saddam. An August 26 article from Agence France-Presse out of Amman, Jordan, states: "Washington is striving to win UN backing to charge Saddam with war crimes to accelerate efforts to overthrow him and at the same time harassing top officials of his regime."

A war at this time that actually eliminated Saddam would provide an immense boost both for Bill Clinton's historical reputation (as determined by the Establishment) and for Albert Gore's election chances. A war agenda thus should enjoy great support from all Democrat Party pros. Having the Clinton-Gore team achieve something that Big George failed to accomplish would certainly strengthen Gore vis-a-vis Li'l George.

The elimination of Saddam would win applause from pro-Zionists. That would not only represent a knee-jerk reaction but would also be in line with current Israeli foreign-policy thinking. Although Saddam has already been greatly weakened, many influential Israelis still believe that Saddam poses the greatest threat to Israel. In contrast, they believe that Iran can be dealt with. And Israeli Prime Minister Barak seems to be seeking detente with Iran. Gerald M. Steinberg, writing in the Jerusalem Post on August 20, presents that position. Moreover, the overthrow of Saddam might even be desired (or, at least, would not be strongly opposed) by those — the Iraqi military, Russia — who want a stronger Iraq. A Saddam-less Iraq would be under less U.S. scrutiny and thus might be able to acquire "weapons of mass destruction" like other countries.

In essence, a war to eliminate Saddam would offer immense personal and political benefits for Clinton, Gore, and the Democratic Party; would find support from Zionists; would provoke little foreign opposition; and could probably be won with small American losses. It would be the ideal Clinton war. Antiwar.com has announced a "red alert" for war. Stratfor, however, does not think that war is imminent: "London and Washington have no reason to strike Iraq now, but they may be setting the stage to strike later." But Stratfor does not seem to discuss the all- important domestic political reasons for such an attack.

August 28, 1999

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