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Evil weapons
and that all-virtuous country



The monstrous evil of alleged Iraqi possession of chemical and biological weapons brought the United States to the brink of war. But, of course, Iraq is not the only country in the Mideast that is rumored to possess those diabolical weapons. Not only Syria and Iran are said to have them but also that alleged exemplar of peace and virtue, Israel. Israel manufactures nerve and mustard gases, according to reports from numerous sources, including the authoritative Jane's Sentinel. There is less certainty about biological weapons, but Jane's claims that Israel possesses the capability to manufacture them in her biological research plant in Nes Ziona (also spelled Tziona and Ziyyona), a city about 25 miles south of Tel Aviv.

Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky has something to say about the secretive Nes Ziona plant, which is hidden by high walls, in his The Other Side of Deception (p. 188). Ostrovsky claims to have taken Palestinian prisoners on one-way trips to the Nes Ziona facility. He was told that the Palestinians were used as human guinea pigs in weapons research.

The American Jewish establishment has castigated Ostrovsky as an egregious liar. (That explains why Jews have attempted to ban the publication of his writings and have made death threats against him.) However, it is more difficult to explain the concern of another Israeli, who would seem to be in a position to know something about the situation — the mayor of Nes Ziona. According to a Reuter report of February 1997, Mayor Yosai Shvo called for the removal of the biological institute from his city because of the danger that it posed to the citizenry.

Now, none of that information "proves" that Israel is manufacturing biological weapons. However, if the United States finds it necessary to threaten war to compel Iraq to allow full inspection, it would seem that some concern should be shown about the rumors that Israel, too, manufactures such horrendous weapons. And if Israel is as virtuous and peace-loving as is frequently claimed, she should voluntarily open up her Nes Ziona facility for international inspection.

Only jesting, here, because as we know, Israel is never expected to abide by the standards applied to other nations — you can check out that rule in the Talmud. Anyhow, since Israel possesses a gigantic arsenal of nuclear weapons, the ultimate "weapons of mass destruction," along with other weaponry of that ilk, it is not too difficult to understand why her neighbors seek something comparable — not for the purpose of attack, which would be suicidal, but for deterrence.

Posted June 11, 2003

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