Stephen J. Sniegoski on the anomalies of September 11 -- update and afterword

September 11 and the origins of the "War on Terrorism":
A revisionist account

by Stephen J. Sniegoski — first update

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The Israeli spy ring
and September 11



The smother-out

Reinforcing the proposition that actual journalism survives only on the Net and in the foreign press, the recent leaking in those venues of a classified DEA report on the activities of "Israeli art students" has caused the dam to burst regarding Israel's spying operation in the United States. [1] Although the established media in the United States have been able to maintain a near blackout,[2] the dam-break was significant enough to force the Jewish Forward, at least, to adopt a riskier and less-absolutist tactic, which I will dub a smother-out. [3]

Whereas Israeli apologists had previously denounced references to Israeli spying as totally fallacious and anti-Semitic,[4] the Forward admitted in its story of March 15 that Israel had in fact been engaging in a spy operation in the United States. But imposing the most pro-Israeli spin possible, the Forward emphasized that all of the spying had been directed not against U.S. government agencies — the very idea! — but rather against "radical Islamic networks."

Moreover, the Forward solemnly assured its readers that the Israel spies had obtained no foreknowledge whatsoever of the September 11 attack plans. As proof, the Forward cited FBI statements that interrogation of the Israeli agents had provided proof, absolute proof, that they knew nothing, absolutely nothing, of the September 11 plans. In other words, the FBI claimed the spies claimed ignorance. Well, that settles that! The word of the FBI should be more than sufficient to clear the Israeli agents of engaging in any harmful activities toward the United States — though there remains the slightly dissonant fact that Israeli apologists had previously cited U.S. government sources to the effect that all allegations of Israeli spying were totally baseless. [5]

The Forward's rendition of the Israeli spying activities implies that all patriotic Americans should commend Israel for her effort to help the United States ferret out Islamic terrorism within her own borders. Think of it! — even with all the problems that the Israelis face in their own country, they were magnanimous enough to travel thousands of miles to help their closest ally. And they did all of it in secret without seeking any public acclaim — just like the Lone Ranger!

One would think that this kind of spin control, dependent as it is on a lack of any critical faculty among its consumers, shouldn't work in an "advanced society." But it must have some impact else intelligent Jews wouldn't practice it.


Collusion and demolition

What is the meaning of all of this vis-à-vis September 11? In my main article on September 11, I cited some of the apparent connections between Israel and the September 11 atrocity. New evidence shows that the Israeli spies actually lived in close proximity to many of the Islamic terrorists of 9/11. For example, Mohammed Atta lived at 3389 Sheridan Street in Hollywood, Fla., only a few blocks from the residence of some of the Israeli spies at 4220 Sheridan Street. Some robots at Florida's own Disney World warble deliriously that "It's a small world, after all," but it isn't so small that such extreme residential proximity can simply be attributed to pure chance. [6]

Furthermore, the Israeli spy corps included not only experts in electronics but also explosives experts. Now the reason for including electronics experts is quite simple — to keep tabs on possible Islamic terrorists and also, it appears, on U.S. government officials. But what possible purposes would demolition men serve? My imagination is impoverished, no doubt, but the only purposes I can think of are blowing things up or providing aid to others interested in blowing things up.

The ever-insightful Justin Raimondo draws the following conclusion from the Israeli spy operation:

At the very least, the mechanics of what is obviously a covert operation directed by Israel imply a certain degree of foreknowledge. At worst, the details of this complex and by-no-means completely uncovered spy ring may wind up pointing to active (albeit one-sided) Israeli collusion with the mass murderers of 9/11. While the first conclusion is a virtual certainty, the second is, admittedly, speculation. What's scary is that such theorizing is not without a certain basis in fact. [7]

Let's repeat what Raimondo said: Israeli foreknowledge of the September 11 attack is a "virtual certainty." Moreover, Israeli "collusion" with the terrorists is "not without a certain basis in fact." What else but collusion, at least intended collusion, could account for the Israeli demolition experts? Those experts must have been secretly in the United States either to aid Islamic terrorists or to set off explosions that could be attributed to Islamic terrorists. (As I reported in my main article, a recent study by the Army's School of Advanced Military Studies expressed the belief that Israel might engage in such deceptive terrorism against the United States.) Perhaps they were sent to provide backup for the Islamic terrorists. If the Islamic terrorists were unable to perpetrate a sufficiently impressive crime, the Israeli demolition experts would blow up something in an act that could be represented as the work of Islamic terrorists.

I have heard the contention that the Israeli demolition men might have been here to aid American security — in defusing bombs, for example. However, such security work would hardly have to be covert. In fact, it would be much more effective if it were performed out in the open, with American authorities, at least, if not the American public, being aware of what was happening. When you tackle a technical job, it usually helps to know you're being helped. For one thing, it prevents wasteful duplication of effort.



How does the Israeli spy ring mesh with the idea that high U.S. officials sought a rationale for the "war on terrorism"? One reasonable explanation would be that American officials tolerated Israeli covert operations inside the United States because they served the interests of those officials. There exists a symbiotic relationship between Israel and the U.S. government with respect to Israeli covert activities. The U.S. government allows, even encourages, Israel to conduct covert operations here and elsewhere because Israeli agencies can perform certain tasks deemed helpful to American interests more effectively than U.S. agencies can.

Israel's greater latitude in this area owes very much to the established U.S. media, which programmatically underplay Israeli operations. It is simply taboo to show Israel in a negative light (and the owners and controllers of Big Media are themselves among the creators and enforcers of the taboo). Consequently, Israel enjoys much more leeway to engage in dirty work than the United States does. It was for that reason that the Reagan administration relied on Israel to undertake certain covert activities in Central America. Those activities were little noticed by the media's dominant Establishment liberals, who likely would have screamed to high heaven had those same activities been undertaken by U.S. operatives.

But it might be asked: If Israel was acting in concert with U.S. interests, why was the spy ring eventually broken? For one thing, Washington was not in harmony with the entire purpose of the Israeli spy operations, which, contrary to the Forward's spin, did involve intensive spying on U.S. government agencies. U.S. officials would not have supported those activities any more than they supported the spy operations of Jonathan Pollard.

The spying was tolerated to the extent it was because, overall, it served the interests of U.S. officials. Once the goal of the American officials had been reached — a casus belli — Washington actively moved to eliminate the spy ring because now its continued activity would be largely hostile to U.S. interests. Of course, since Israel has so much support in the media and in the government itself, the breaking up of the Israeli spy ring had to proceed in the gentlest manner possible, and with no publicity.

What about arrests of Israeli agents prior to September 11? First, the U.S. government wanted to keep tabs on the Israelis, not give them free rein to subvert the United States. Quite understandably, no higher-up would have put his name on official orders forbidding lower-level federal agents from arresting any of the Israelis they were keeping tabs on. Thus, some arrests were made — but not enough to destabilize the overall spy operation, since destruction of the spy ring was not a high priority.


There is no conclusive evidence for the preceding scenario. It is speculation. But it is speculation of the informed sort, and certainly the evidence suggests its plausibility. It could serve as a hypothesis for further study by a host of scholars and investigators, though such a flourishing of free inquiry is doubtful in light of our society's dominant taboos.

April 14, 2002

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