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Nicholas Strakon

1. In regard to the treatment of Taliban prisoners, the Office of Legal Counsel of the Justice Department has opined that the "Taliban and its forces were, in fact, not a government, but a militant, terrorist-like group." Rowan Scarborough, "Powell urges POW status," Washington Times, January 26, 2002,

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5. Patrick Martin has written an excellent series of articles on this issue on the World Socialist Web Site:

6. The United States has established a pliable government under Musharraf Karzai, who is already talking of developing the pipeline. See "Musharraf, Karzai agree major oil pipeline in co-operation pact," The Irish Times, February 16, 2001, .html.

7. Actually the condition of the Palestinians is far worse than that of South Africa's Blacks in the Bantustans of the former white-ruled South Africa. Compared to the Bantustans, the preserves for the Palestinians are tiny and are lacking the necessary elements for survival — most crucially water. In reality, the Palestinian reserves fall somewhere between a Bantustan and a Nazi concentration camp, sans homicidal gas chambers.

8., the intelligence Website, devoted an article to showing how Israel was the big winner from the Sept. 11 tragedy: George Friedman, "The Israeli Dimension," September 11, 2001. The piece cannot be accessed gratis at Stratfor (, but it is posted in the news groups.

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Also see "Iran, Israel and Nuclear Weapons in the Middle East,"

10. The pro-Zionist American media have recently been presenting anti-Iranian stories implying that Iran has actually protected al Qaeda members. If true, that would be quite ironic since Iran fought the Taliban for years.

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"'It's taken us 13 years to get here, but we've arrived,' the evening's host, Frank Gaffney, the head of a hawkish Washington thinktank, declared to applause and murmurs of agreement":"200"?IFRWIDTH="200"?IFRAMEBGCOL="000000"?SPACEDESC=popupbig38.

14. Members of these two groups can, of course, also be proponents of the interests of Big Oil or of Israel.

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Kurtz, of course, tries to account for this improbability in his own way.

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