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September 11 and the origins
of the "War on Terrorism":

A revisionist account




Part one
March 11, 2002

Part two
March 14, 2002

Part three
March 18, 2002

Part four
March 22, 2002

First update:
"The Israeli spy ring
and September 11"

April 14, 2002

Second update:
"September 11 and
the war in Palestine"

April 23, 2002

Third update:
"The changing story
and the conspiracy of inaction"

May 20, 2002

Fourth update:
"Ye shall know them
by their fruits"

May 28, 2002

Fifth update:
"Alibis and new revelations"
June 12, 2002

Sixth update:
"The Roberts Commission, redux"
July 5, 2002

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"The war on Iraq:
Conceived in Israel"

(in five parts)
February 10, 2003

"Translating the shock of Michael Kelly
into the comfort of the Establishment"

June 2, 2002

"The United States:
God's instrument — or God?"

June 4, 2002

"Pearl Harbor: facing facts"
June 11, 2001

"The Nuremberg game
(Rules may not apply to your local empire)"

August 7, 2001

"Back door to war, reopened: Afghan chaos shows Middle East to be Empire's primary goal" — revising Dr. Sniegoski's original analysis of imperial war aims.
October 12, 2001

"Keep your eyes on the Caspian
or, None dare call it imperialism"

From TLD 18, September 1997

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