That truth should be silent I had almost forgot.
Antony and Cleopatra,  Act 1, Scene 2

Unsilent Truth
July 13, 2020

Progress in chess, the useless Tenth, and the promotion of ‘experts’


TO SHOW SUPPORT for BLM, I propose that changes be made to the rules of chess. First of all, of course, the player with the Black pieces should move first. Giving the first move to the player with the White pieces is an obvious expression of white supremacy. Also, if at any point of the game the player with the White pieces should have a material advantage, the player with the Black pieces should be able to demand reparations.

Exactly how those reparations should be worked out, I leave to the imaginations of FIDE, the international governing body of chess. They should require that all players in a tournament solemnly repeat at least three times before beginning to play: "Black Pieces Matter."

They should probably consider renaming the Pieces, to be rid of the feudal overtones. At least one of the Pieces should be a Community Organizer. And they should probably take under advisement whether or not to rename the titles given to world-class players. It has to be hurtful to ordinary Negro players to know that there are players who are their superiors in the game to whom they must refer as "Chess Masters" and "Grand Masters."

Finally, it would be a good idea if the publishers of chess books would stop capitalizing the word "White." "Black," of course, following the wisdom of the New York Times, should be capitalized.


Antifa and BLMers should be more careful whom they pick for allies. Surely, some day Indians ("the indigenous peoples") will be telling them to get out of their country and go back where they came from. Maybe they'll develop parallel epithets. Instead of "Uncle Tom," the Indians will call collaborators with BLM "Squantos." Who knows? They may even turn on the Hispanics, though that would surely be a more difficult proposition to work out.

Great fun when they finally turn on one another.


Getting back to reforming chess, once Whites (excuse me, "whites") have been driven from key positions of power, and Indians have started to reassert their rightful place in American polity against Black oppressors and invaders, it should become standard that the pieces of chess be Red and Black. Instead of giving one ethnic set an advantage over the other with the first move, the matter could be solved by flipping a coin. But not a Buffalo nickel or an Indian-head penny. And certainly not the Unsilent Truth's Columbus half-dollar. Maybe a medallion could be struck with an image of Geronimo on one side and an image of Claude McKay on the other. The Geronimo side would be heads and the McKay side ... No, that's just too cheap a shot.


When American state governors successfully prevented free-born American Christians from openly celebrating Easter together this past year under the shabby authority they claimed to have to keep everyone "safe," they accomplished what the most ruthless Soviet and Nazi dictators never even attempted.


Speaking of the governors, their tyrannical rule over the last three months has shown that even if the Tenth Amendment were taken seriously, it would be no bulwark of liberty.


From time to time in these "Columbus coin" UTs, I shall include extended quotations from material I come across. This column's quotations come from E. Michael Jones's book Monsters from the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film (Dallas: Spence Publishing Company, 2000), which is itself quoting René Wormser, Foundations: Their Power and Influence (New York: Devin-Adair Company, 1958):

"The politically minded manipulator often is rewarded with eminent status, whether he is a true scholar or not. The symbol of academic prestige is not necessarily an evidence of learning or of sound judgment. Once an academician is selected to act as an 'expert,' he becomes one in the public eye because he has been so chosen. He may have succeeded in coming into that office chiefly because he had developed good 'public relations.' If that was the case, he is likely to support whatever fads and foibles enabled him to succeed, rather than the thoughts of truly creative minds." (Wormser, page 39; Jones, page 210.)

"Inflamed by the fad for social progress and reform, we have given up the teaching of social idealism and have embarked on what we call 'liberal movements.' We are achieving social progress by legislation. Instead of persuading men, we command them. In our moral judgments we have gone over into the enemies' territory because while not denying God it is becoming very common to deny any higher law. We have substituted an opportunistic and relative ethic for the absolute. We are becoming a compromising, relativistic, uncertain people recognizing no absolute right or wrong, no higher law." (Ralph Cooper Hutchinson of Lafayette College, quoted by Wormser as above; Jones, page 211.)

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Thou sayest: In a faux "documentary" showing us the peaceful, harmonious commune of CHAZ, one of the denizens therein explains to the faux-documentarian (at 1:20) the governing of CHAZish society: "There's no individual. There's only the community." In so few words he told us everything we need to know about what made CHAZ a threat to civilization, decency, prosperity, and fellow-feeling.

There is community only when you have individuals. Ω

July 13, 2020

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